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Just a quick right up for a tattoo I'm thinking of allowing a player to use. The problem I'm having is coming up with a reasonable cost using the item creation rules.

traveler's tattoo:

Traveler's tattoo
Price: ? Aura: moderate conjuration
CL 9 weight -

This tattoo allows the bearer to create a mundane piece of equipment as a standard action.The item created must be one that can be easily carried, weigh no more than 5 lbs, and be made of stone, basic metals, or vegetable matter. The created item appears in the bearers hand and is outlined in a faint shimmering light. It is otherwise of masterwork quality and lasts for 1 hour before dissappearing. This power can be activated 3 times per day.

Construction requirements
Inscribe magical tattoo, major creation

Pricing formula below
Command word: 5th level spell X 9th level caster X 1800gp = 81,000gp

Charges per day: 81,000/5 X 3 = 48,600gp
Slotless item: 48,600gp X 2 = 97,200gp

It seems way excessive. Even if I make the item 1/day usage I still end up with 32,400gp. Thoughts?

Also feedback on the quickly generated item is welcome.

Please cancel my adventure path subscription. Thank you.

Tonight we had the chance to run a one off adventure using the new classes. This was a very non-optimized party since we ran.. We Be Goblins Too.

Goblins are obviously not ideal races to build a playtest around but it's what my players wanted. The characters were very flavorful and everyone had fun role playing (not something they're good at or do that often).

We actually ran 6 players so I modified all the encounters slightly to account for the increased players. We had a Cleric and Sorcerer plus the Bloodrager, Skald, Brawler, and Shaman all at level 3.

The Bloodrager was basically a barbarian at this level. He chose the elemental bloodline (fire) for his character. With no spells there wasn't much of anything to distinguish him from a regular barbarian. I thought blood sanctuary would come into play with all the shenanigans that came with playing Goblins but it unfortunately never came up. There was also a question on whether at later levels why a fire based elemental bloodline would be able to take the form of a water elemental and whether that was an oversight or not.

I start off by saying I think the Brawler was hurt by being unable to obtain a high strength do to being a Goblin and not having access to Rage. Many of the problems stemmed from this issue alone. The Brawler had serious problems inflicting any reasonable amount of damage. The upside, Martial maneuvers is cool but it would have been nice to be able to use it more than once a day. Twice/day would have been nice given the amount of combats involved.

The Shaman was one of the more useful party members alongside the Cleric and Sorcerer. I'm not one to go on about caster non-caster disparity but they felt stronger. The Shaman wasn't as useful as the Cleric in melee Combat and without wildshape or an animal companion it felt kind of like a Druid without it's key Abilities. The Hex's didn't bring much to the table (flame spirit) but she did make use of Touch of Flame. Also having a Pig familiar wreathed in flame was good Goblin fun. Not really a complaint but it felt weird having a Shaman wearing breastplate.

So this may have been the most disappointing class of all. It was played by someone who normally runs barbarians and he went through feeling very unimportant throughout the whole night. He opted not to use his Rage Song much because he wanted to save it when it was important. When we finally faced the owlbear he activated his Raging song and everyone but the Brawler declined to accept it. Even with the bonus the difference it made with the reduced bonuses was slight. The declines were repeated again during the final encounter vs Pa. In other fights he struggled to be a relevant combatant compared to even the Cleric and relied on casting Bard Spells. His big moment of the night cane when he successfully cast Hideous laughter on Pa but it wasn't enough for my player to feel as if he contributed. Plus it was a Bard Spell.. Not a unique ability to the Skald. That I think is the big takeway. None if these classes felt like they brought anything really unique to the table.

Overall it was an enjoyable night but we all walked away feeling a little let down by the classes. The Bloodrager is fun in the sane way a barbarian is fun. But it really needs a better way to distinguish itself. I'm not pushing for early casting but it needs something less.. barbaric.

The Brawler might actually be okay if a higher strength could have been obtained. Maybe a little more use out of Martial maneuvers.

The Shaman was fine power wise. Not too powerful not too weak. But it's missing something. Not sure what really.

The Skald probably has one of the most flavorful Abilities of all. But with the drop in bonuses at early levels he seems subpar in Combat still even with the Martial proficiencies.

Can you please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Campaign setting, tales, and comic book lines. Thank you :(

I might have screwed up my order when I tried to add rise of the runelords and some other items last minute. I just want to make sure the pending items ship eventually. the shipped portion arrived today! Thank you guys, I'm sorry this last order has been such a pain.

My order has shipped but still not arrived. I've waited 2 weeks and tracked them. they arrived at PO in st. Louis on the 16th. Is this the post office? I am just wanting to find where my order is.

This thing is great. Having the conditional modifiers from the skills entries and also for things like concentration checks will save so much time at our table! At first I wasn't sure how happy with this I would be but I'm officially sold on this now that I have it. I should have known Paizo wouldn't let me down!

I am having issues downloading Paizo PDF's on my Android phone. I'm using an HTC inspire and have tried multiple PDF readers including ezreader.and Adobe. When I click on the PDF it just forever says downloading but never actually makes any progress downloading the file. When I had an iPhone I could use goodreader to link to the URL and would have no problems. Is anyone else having the same issue and if not, what PDF reader are you using?

Please don't cancel. The card you were attempting to charge no longer exists. I've updated my payment methods and it should work now. Sorry it took me so long to fix!

I'm.sorry I haven't responded sooner but this was a bottom priority for me. I've had a lot of life happen. If you haven't cancelled this order already can you try and ship it now? Please and thank you.

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I was going to hold off but might as well record stuff as people are seeing them.

Page 83 - Under Witch Patron themes. The theme ancestors references a spell called choose fate which doesn't exist.

Page 121 - The Unnamed journal references a 0 level spell called jolt which doesn't exist.

Page 164 - Under Table 4-1. For 9th level spells with 2 effect words it reads 7/7 or 8/5.
It should read 7/7 or 8/6 (Unless this was intentional)

Please ship order # 1640972. Thank you.

I was happy too see two boxes of Paizo goodness. I am going to spend a good portion of tonight soaking up all this goodness. That being said I have too minor quibbles.

1) The Gamemastery item cards: Curse of the Crimson Throne Deck is missing. It must have been missed in the packing which I can understand with so much stuff.

2) My Inner Sea World Guide is torn in the upper right hand corner. I can send a pic if necessary and would be happy to ship it back to get a replacement.

You guys are the best! Now to devour some Paizo goodness.

Edit: Forgot to add order #1547477.

I think someone should make an Stephen Radney-MacFarland thread and ask all sorts of inane questions like what his favorite color is. Or even thought provoking ones such as his favorite thing to do when he isn't developing the worlds greatest RPG.

Anyway someone should make THIS thread so I can lurk it and not do it myself.

I'm sure this is going to receive a little flaming but I lurk these boards almost exclusively and am just trying to get a few opinions.

I tried 4e when it first launched playing in about a 3 month campaign. The general impression we had was eh. Didn't hate but we weren't too excited either. Some of the complaints we had were the way that there seemed very little separation between the powers and honestly the big change to spellcasters. With all the splat books (and holy s%*~ there are a lot of splat books) I'm wondering if this has changed?

Are there enough powers that you can choose from to make them feel different?

More importantly, have the rituals that I'm assuming they've released brought back any of the feeling of tradition spell casting?

I'm interested to know. I have a few new players interested in trying 4e but I'm not sure if I want to bother. I of course don't plan on abandoning my PF.

Can you please cancel my adventure path subscription? Also can you remove the Haunting of Harrowstone adventure from order #1547477 before it ships?

Thank you!

I ran an encounter in my on going shackled city campaign last night.. The party is currently going through Zenith Trajectory and I rewrote the koa toa monk/assassin as a skum ninja assassin. I had rewrote all the koa toa as skum which is why I chose the race. I have included his stat block below. Notice I had to modify the Skum stats to work due to their lack of Charisma. I did this by breaking down the Skum into a 15 point buy and restating them while trying to stay semi true to form.

Scum Ninja 4/Assassin 3.
Init +3

AC 19 Touch 14 FF 19
Hp 70
Fort 4 Ref 11 Wis 5
Resist Cold 10

Speed 20 ft. Swim 40 ft.
Melee Kama +11 (1d6+2), claw +8 (1d4+1), bite +8 (1d6+1)
Ranged Dagger +10 (1d4+2 plus poison)
SA Death Attack (DC 16), sneak attack 4d6

Str. 14 Dex. 16 Con. 14 Int. 16 Wis. 10 Cha. 16
Base Attack +7 CMB +9 CMD 22

Feats: Multi Attack, Dodge, Weapon Finesse, Toughness, Improved Natural Armor

Skills: Acrobatics +13, Bluff +10, Climb +7, Craft (Alchemy) +8, Disable Device +10, Disguise +11, Escape Artist +10, Intimidate +16, linguistics +8, Perception +12, Sense Motive +7, Stealth +15, Swim +22, Survival +5, Use magic device +8

Party consists of 5 level 6 Characters.
Barbarian level 6
Paladin level 6
Drunken brute 1/Alchemist 5
Rogue 6
Monk 6

(I know it's an unusual party as the party Wizard and Cleric died)

Here are the breakdown of the rounds.
Round 1-3. Ninja uses stealth to hide from party in shadows. After 3 rounds he stealths to the Alchemist and makes a sneak attack for 4d6+*. 20 points of damage and alchemist fails fortitude save and dies. As a swift action he uses vanishing trick to disappear.

Round 4. The party is not sure what to do. With no arcane caster they are very defenseless against invisibility. Party readies actions and rolls perception checks to try and locate the ninja. The Ninja uses stealth to silently creep up the walls to hide in the ceiling shadows and begins watching enemy. 

Round 5-7. 
Rogue decides to check door for traps while everyone waits for the ninja to reappear with readied actions. Ninja makes sneak attack on monk, fails fortitude save and monk dies (rolled low). Barbarian attacks ninja with readied action.

Rounds 8+ 
Ninja uses shadow clones makes 3 mirror images. Combat ensues almost kills party rogue. 2 shadow clones die while ninja uses bleeding attack and a ki point to get an extra attack. He drops the rogue and does decent harm to the barbarian before finally falling in battle. 

I know its a little light on info but it gives you an idea of how he performs. I was using vanishing trick and forgotten trick to do all the effects. By the end of the combat he was out of ki. Shadow clone was extremely useful for increasing the ninja's longevity in combat. Obviously the assassins death attack helped immensely however since the ninja can get this at level 10 and does it better, so consider it a look at things to come. As an NPC he made for a difficult encounter. However as a PC more care would need to be taken when using Ki. I could easily see going through all ki points in just 2 encounters if not  very careful with ki usage. At least with the abilities chosen. While powerful I think it's a very well put together alternate class. I will say the rogue player felt like his character was weak comparably. 

I know this will most likely degrade into another alignment debate but I am having trouble pinning a concept into an alignment. Please try to keep to the question at hand.

Jokingly me and a friend started to flesh out a concept of a person who decides to take action against the "stupid" people in the world who he feels no longer deserves to live (long days at work dealing with consumers over the holidays). Essentially he would kill those people to stop further breeding. After a couple months of discussing this we have decided a few things.

1) He will be an inquisitor. He also feels that what he is doing is justified by his deity (it doesn't matter if it is or not, he believes it is).

2) He worships Irori. This is where things fall apart a little. Depending on his alignment he might not be able to worship Irori and stay within 1 step of his alignment. Either way that is who he originally worshipped. The story being he became to focused on the self-perfection aspect and then tried to promote self perfection in others. This leads to his inevitable path of pronouncing judgement on those who will not change from their path of Gluttony, Idiocy, etc. (The concept changed a little from our original idea so he is no longer focused on stupidity)

3) There originally was this idea that he would test individuals before he pronounced judgement on them to give them a chance to change which is still a fledgling idea.

Given what you know here, what alignment would you make him? We have mainly settled on neutral evil or true neutral except we have also argued points for any of the non-good alignments. Reading the descriptions of the alignments seems to point toasted Lawful Neutral. Lawful because he is following a certain personal code and neutral because he doesn't care if they are good or evil. Anyway, we can't reach a final verdict so thought I'd ask.

Please don't cancel this order. I am in a legal dispute that I thought would be resolved by now but should be finished this week. Also, I can pay for half now except I can't seem to figure out how to split the order, if that's even possible.

I need to get this. Love Catan.

I know this won't be received well but does anyone else think the changes to spell combat were too good? I think -2 to hit is the right number. I also understand why it never gets better. My problem is with improved spell combat and greater spell combat. The bonus to concentration comes at a time when they are not strongly needed. This wouldn't be so bad except it doesn't present a strong reason to continue past level 7. Also given the ability to 5' step means you will rarely need to make the checks anyway. I'm not really advocating for the ability to get worse btw. It would just be nice to find a way to make improved/greater spell combat feel important when you get them. I currently have no suggestions but I was wondering also felt this way.

Regarding Arcane Pool, Since I was a big supporter of this idea in round 1 I like this change. I also made some suggestions on integrating arcane strike into it so this was pretty close. On first read I was a little miffed at the loss of arcane weapon in it's original form but I've started to come around to the versatility this ability offers. Just to brainstorm however:

What if arcane weapon was still a class feature and arcane pool allowed someone to spend a point to gain the use of arcane strike as if they had the feat?It would last a limited number of rounds and the ability could still qualify for feats with arcane strike as a prerequisite. This change would increase the martial prowess of the Magus but lessen his versatility a little. Would this be too much?

Anyway, I'm impressed with the new magus and have yet to try this version. My suggestions come from a first read and are mainly initial impressions.

Somehow I left counterstrike out and it should be added to level 16. I'd prefer it came earlier though maybe at 12th or 13th.

Ok here it goes. I have been DMing the Shackled City hardcover and they are nearing the end of the flood festival. In the fight with the hecuva (I think that's what it's called, I don't have the book with me) the party was nearly TPK'd. Most of the party died and due to the way they dungeon has worked out, they have enemies between them and the exit that will probably finish them. The issue I have is with the way the TPK came about.

Two players cancelled due to work. Our group is large and we have 8 people total including me. We decided to start playing with 4 thinking 2 were running late, but they never showed (1 called because work held him. The other we have no clue currently). So we played with 3 players, we didn't have all the missing characters and the nights game ended in disaster. We ran it with 6 of 8 PC's.

Should I let the situation stand? I feel like the players who showed were punished by playing. Two of them had their characters die. I have an out but it seems cheesy. One of the characters has the dream haunted trait which I have been using to drive story plots (an idea taken from RPGenius). One thing is that when he sleeps I gave him a really obscure premonition from time to time and also the adimarchus dreams. I was thinking of making this nights events all a dream/premonition.

Is that too cheesy? Anyone have other ideas?

Please help! Thanks in advance.

I thought I'd add something I just drew up. I think it might be a little strong so I'll post it up here for critique. It was inspired off the 4e Warlord which I thought was a good concept.

Cavalier Archetype:

Inspiring Charge: At 3rd level, When a cavalier charges all allies within 60' who can see his banner or himself do not suffer a penalty to AC do to charging until the cavaliers next initiative.  This ability replaces cavalier's charge. 

Rejuvenating Charge: At 11th level, A cavalier can inspire men to action by leading a charge. A cavalier who charges can choose one ally, within 60', who can see his banner to make a charge attack with him as an immediate action.  The ally must be a willing target to use this ability.  This ability replaces mighty charge.  

Deadly Charge: At 20th level, A cavalier who charges can double the threat range of his weapon and automatically confirms critical hits. All allies within 60' who can see his banner also gain this ability while charging until the cavalier's next initiative. This ability replaces supreme charge.  

I was wondering how hard it was for you guys to make the forum compatible with the app forumrunner. Enworld has and it has made my forum hopping that much easier. I don't get to spend a lot of time in front of a computer so I check most things from my phone. If it isn't too hard doing this would be cool. I know I am not the only iPhone user.

Anything the Paladin can do, the Cleric can do better. That seems to be the general consensus and I agree. I think a simple fix to help distinguish the Paladin as more the holy warrior and the cleric less so would be to make the clerics armor proficiency limited to medium armor. While obviously not everything that needs to be done, it would further emphasize the Martial aspect of the Paladin and bring the Cleric closer to other spell casters. The Druid is alread limited to Medium armor, why should a cleric be able to wear heavy armor?

I've searched the threads and couldn't find any that discussed this so maybe i'm the only one that sees this as an issue but...

Detect Magic and Stabilize have proved slightly problematic in my campaign. I currently run a weekly campaign using Pathfinder rules and so both spells are at-will-orisons. While I love the 0 level at will spells I think these two spells tend to unbalance game play. Whenever my players walk into a room they just cast detect magic and begin discovering anything magical. Whether they be magical traps or magical items, it makes it impossible to hide anything, good or bad, from the players.

With Stabilize the problems comes from the inability to threaten the party. If a character falls down dying the cleric only needs to rush in and cast stabilize to prevent his death. My complaint isn't with the fact that I cant kill Player Characters. I prefer the characters live and enjoy the game, but as it stands its nearly impossible to make the players fear a characters death. Also, let me clarify that my issue with stabilize isn't with the spell itself, just that it is usable at will. I personally think the game would be better if the use of both spells was limited somehow. Possibly by making the spells class abilities usable a certain number of times per day?

I want to make it clear that I do think the 0 level spells usable at will was an improvement to the game and I also love the fact that detect magic can be used in conjunction with appraise to identify magic items. I just don't agree with those two spells being at will.