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Coordinated Shot: If your ally with this feat is threatening an opponent and is not providing cover to that opponent against your ranged attacks, you gain a +1 bonus on ranged attacks against that opponent. If your ally with this feat is flanking that opponent with another ally (even if that other ally doesn't have this feat), this bonus increases to +2.

Enfilading Fire: You receive a +2 bonus on ranged attacks made against a foe flanked by 1 or more allies with this feat.

I have a player who has been operating under the assumption that these feats stack with themselves (i.e. multiple allies threatening or flanking an opponent each generating a stackable +1 on ranged attacks).

I know that some feats, such as Shake it Off, include specific language allowing the feat to 'stack' with itself.

Shake it Off: When you are adjacent to one or more allies who also have this feat, you gain a +1 bonus on saving throws per such ally (maximum +4).

Both Coordinated Shot and Enfilading Fire lack that language.

Now, I know Coordinated Shot and Enfilading fire should stack with each other. So, if you had two allies flanking an opponent, you should get a +2 from Coordinated Shot and an additional +2 from Enfilading Fire, for a +4 bonus. However, getting +2 from each ally for both feats is a whopping +8, which seems too good to be true.

So, I guess my question is two-fold.

Does the fact that these feats LACK the language used in Shake it Off preclude them from benefiting from multiple allies?

And, since these are untyped bonuses, which stack with all other bonuses except those from the same source; are the ALLIES the source of the bonus or is the FEAT the source of the bonus?

Will there be an updated Player's Guide to go along with the new version of the AP coming out next month?