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I was initially a little worried, but I'm coming around to this format. I do wanna see more examples, but I can see this being a really good way to set up stories for adventure paths - it tells you what people around here are likely to be and guides you towards building a character that fits into the word without being unnecessarily prohibitive, while also setting you up with what you're likely to need to be able to do. I'm glad everyone has basically agreed that "You get 1 Free Dedication Feats" as a potential way to Homebrew things.

I do think that "A Failure is a Success" is better than "A Success is a Critical Success" although that's without having played around in the new skill system so maybe that'll change.

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Weather Report wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Quandary wrote:
Polymorph wings is good reason to consider some Barb class abilities working outside of Rage.
I think it's likely that Totem abilities in general work outside Rage. None of the ones we've heard of thus far seem super synchronized with the rage mechanic, and in particular losing your ability to wield oversized weapons from your Giant Totem
How do you figure balancing oversized weapons?

About four inches from the hilt.

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Arikiel wrote:
I hope there's some kind of Fey totem. I've had an idea for an elven wild dancer for awhile now but have never gotten around to playing it.

OOoh, like a Wild Hunt Totem that gives you a few Ranger things?

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
I have actually almost never seen a barbarian that didn't have a totem, at numerous tables of PF1, in both home games and PFS games (and I know I have over 150 tables as a GM in PFS), so I based it on my experiences and those of others I've spoken with.

I mean one of the reasons I avoided Barbarians in PF1 was largely due to the problematic nature of the "Savage, Uncouth, Uncultured" stereotype that's kind of baked into the class. I get that we can't change the name of the class because of Conan, but I never really felt like I was able to do justice to "tribal societies" myself.

I mean, sure a good part of the concept for the Barbarian class is derived from Norse berserkers, some of whom are likely distant relatives of mine but the fylgjur (and hamingja I guess) are sort of conceptually distinct, since people aren't (to the norse) savage and violent because you have a wolf fylgja, they have a wolf fylgja because they are savage and violent.

So it's kind of weird, (and potentially appropriative?), from where I sit to RP as someone who has a "totem" because of the class they took even if they're just a rich kid from Absalom with anger issues who puts no particular stock in anything.

I'm gonna second the appropriative nature of the Barbarian as a whole, but it's so iconic and integral to fantasy gaming that it's unavoidable at this point. But the word "Totem" could be changed, I'm sure there's a word that fits the idea that would dodge issues of appropriation. "Catalyst" maybe? "Trigger" might also be technically accurate, although heavens to betsy using "Trigger" would probably not go over well on the internet dot com.

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Greg.Everham wrote:
No one wants to talk about how good Quick Preparation appears to be? Hot swapping Wizard spells in a relatively short amount of time removes about the only thing close to a weakness that they had.

Yeah I'm going to take this feat as soon as I can, every time. Being able to say "I have a spell for that!" is super useful, especially if it's the end of the day, or if you've just found out that the Boss is weak to this one specific thing. It encourages collecting weird and esoteric spells with diverse effects, saves, etc, which is exactly the flavor of Wizard I want.

QuidEst wrote:

*basks in the new information*

I wonder if Prestidigitation gets any heighten effects.

Gods, I hope so. It'd be a great way to get in a lot of spell effects that are cool, but not quite "Use up my limited number of spells known for" cool, especially if you could replicate lower level spells if you're casting it at a high enough level.

eg, if Darkness is a Level 2 spell, you could theoretically replicate the effects with a Level 5 Prestidigitation.

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New Fighter looks SO COOL. I love that you're trading out Bonuses Bonuses Bonuses for Fistfull 'o Dice. That's always a more fun way to play anyway, it just FEELS, on a gut level, like you're getting more bang for your buck.

One of my favorite classes from PF1, Swashbuckler, had the Parry (and Riposte) options. I was wondering if there are any thoughts about being able to build a fencer-type fighter from the get go, or is that something to look forward to further down the road?