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We started the STAD in mid May, and while we plan to finish it this summer before we all go off to different schools. However, since we're only at the beginning of SWW I don't think we'll make it.

Veil for Ugos

Aura:n\a CL: 1st
Slot: Head; Cost:2gp

This dull brown veil made of processed wood pulp covers all sides of its wearers head. The wearer of the veil has charisma 10.

Requirements: Craft Mundane Bag, shame; Cost: 1gp

One thing that bothers me as a DM, if I were to purchase a pre-made adventure, or campiagn, and it invlves psionics, what could I do as a back up. Some of the older editions jhad contingencies to using psionics. This is a major move for a large portion of the D'n'D population, the switch into psionics.

As a SM just starting a group of newbies to the game, a villian like Hetty is exatly what I'm looking ofr, without a doubt she'll be showing up at my table in a couple of weeks.
And while I may not agree with his choices about Hetty's charges, A small bit of personalization will clear that right up. THe grammer in the Tactics did bug me, I don;t really want to read that right before a combat, or during it for that matter.
Hetty is a perfect villian for a short horror campiagn, she even has offers of advancement, although I don't know how that fits in with the story, (a midwife assasin?) The fact that she can show up 4-5 levels after they have defeated her, and she can still cause the Pc's all sorts of grief is a wonderful way to provide and insure that the choices that Pc's make in one part of the game effect them latter, instead of a oneshot villian; they show up, fight, and Die. Heck, event he children she's raising could become Pc allies or antagonists depending on how this adventure goes.