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I am not sure how best to flag this one so giving it a go, the influx of so many races across the year+ of Starfinder has meant that they are seeming less valued and less of an interest as a GM convention reward.

We have had the chance to get used to the core book, potential of legacy races as standard, chronicle boons unlocking races, play boons for more races and a stack of GM boon convention races (with double choices).

I would like to suggest that for GM con boons would it be possible to do a race and a featured effect instead of the double boon - I know that we are new to the campaign but we really do have a lot of choices with another Alien Archives on the way...

I know there will still be picks people will want to go for and more characters to build into but it does start to feel like we are gaining these faster than we can look up.

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Hi there, looks like this order (normal purchase of the scenario) got stuck at pending but by all accounts the scenario came through but this did not move on. Would you be able to give it a push in the right direction?



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I was looking for some clarification on replaying modules (either as partial evergreens or GM credits) and if/what was required to gain the bonus sheet for completion a second time (either as a player or GM double).

I know the descriptions for replaying and evergreens are all around the actual session/adventure but would like to check they would get the bonus sheet for having all 2/3 played again or if it needs something like another GM replay boon as this feels like a grey area.

In some ways i think this might be more of a loophole with Gallows of Madness due to the slow progression and optional order of play..

"GM Star Replay: As a GM earns GM stars, she gains a limited ability to replay adventures (see Chapter 3: GM Basics)."

"Players who play through the entire module and apply
all three Chronicle sheets to the same Pathfinder Society
character earn a fourth Chronicle sheet that must also
be applied to that character. As always, each player may
receive credit for each module once as a player and once
as a GM in either order."

I know a few of the quest runs have a cool item you get hold of - do the players get to keep hold of these and use them on the later bits of the questline?

i.e the wand, figurine, cloak, sword...

Hoping to clear it up as i have prepped it but when we played through they were left off for the later stages and looking to be sure before i run it myself.

It looks like this is what page 41 is referring to but it may just be for presenting/passing over at the end quest...