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Hi Paizo customer service people.

I was wondering what was happening with this order? I have sent a couple of emails about this and have gotten no response as of yet, and looking at the order in my account, the authorization expires on tuesday.

Is there something that I should know about it?


Vic Wertz wrote:
Pathfinder Tales subscribers who are getting this book as part of the Kickstarter should get one copy (and the cost of it should be covered by your Kickstarter pledge).

Well that's good to hear, I was worried that I would be getting two copies. Not that it's going to be bad to have two copies of the book of course . . .

This is an Adventure Path that I have been looking forward to for quite some time, and the description of this adventure make me want it even more. Just a pity that I am unlikely to be able to play it . . .

This is going to be a great one. I can hardly wait. Although I know I have too.

yeah, he could break the game (again!) :)

I wonder if I should bring back Gremlin . . . .

Another thing to wait with bated breath for :)


Amy Pond. She overshadowed the Doctor, and made it seem like he was HER companion

wow, absolutely awesome

If it clears up anything, the decapitation was from a critical hit card. I think that the character would have gone into negative hit points as well though.

In the last session of my game, one of the characters got decaptiated from a critical hit (after also losing their hand from another critical hit). There was some debate after this whether that character can have Raise Dead work on them if the head is put on the body (there was some talk about sewing it on). Will that work, or do they need to have Ressurection cast upon them instead?

I would vote for Lora as Freiya, with a close second being Jason as Damiel

If you want an animal companionas a familiar, you might want to have a look at the Arcane Hierophant prestige class in Races of the Wild.

That is really good news

Will there be a flip mat for this adventure like there was for Crypt of the Everflame?

Any more news on this item? Also, the price seems to have disappeared.

I love the new cover

Any news on when these will be available?