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Ckorik these are great! Thanks! One question, do you (or anyone else) have advice for printing these? I hate to say it but I am not sure how to print these out without wasting lots of paper.

Thanks again!

Ckorik wrote:

Early on someone posted a 'items cards' using open office - I've updated these for the AV version and have finished Burnt Offerings - all player loot that is in the module (except coins) is represented here - enjoy :)


Thanks for the ideas. I appreciate it greatly.

This is my first game in some time and my first serious PF game. It is a CoT game and below is my character concept. A bard is the obvious choice, though rogue would also work well. I am also thinking that Paladin or a Ranger could work as well. I would appraise any interesting idea for builds. Naturally I will be taking the "Child of Infamy" trait and otherwise I am not sure what I want to do. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

Mycroft Louis Hollingberry

Character Concept Summary:

In short, Mycroft is an actor and as an actor he participates in all of the traditional pastimes of the theater; solving mysteries, going on adventures, getting laid, and being extremely fashionable. Naturally when not catching up on his sleep Mycroft does his best to make time for the occasional play.

Behind this winsome exterior lies Mycroft's deeper motives. When faced with the choice between maintaining his wardrobe and paying his exorbitant rent, Mycroft found that living simply with the ordinary folk of Egorian was preferable to appearing ordinary. Having been asked by his new landlord to wait a few moments Mycroft saw the prior residents of his new flat, a dirty lot including five children, driven from their home by the Order of the Chain, no doubt on their way to the Whipcrack slave pits. Mycroft did what any member in good standing with the actors guild would; he took the guild motto “Everything popular is wrong” to heart and began smuggling slaves out of the city.

Having fallen in with other dashing men and women of questionable loyalty to our grand Thunian state he began to hear rumors, claims that their organization extended beyond the border of Cheliax, beyond the borders of the material world itself. Before receiving news of his mothers demise he had learned well the nature of those beings who were his heretofore unknown sponsors. Now he knows their names, their thoughts and dreams, and he found that when he slept his mind and heart trod the same path as they. Their destination is uncertain and unknown but he would leave none behind in chains...

As a member of the artistic class Mycroft makes use societal expectations. He cloaks his true goals in a sward of eclectic fashion, eccentric behavior, witty repartee, and an exotic coterie of friends. It is not uncommon for actors to seek inspiration, under the pretense of being desperately poor, in the real world; cleverly disguising themselves as servants are wealthy estates, or as bartenders at rustic inns. However Mycroft finds his inspiration in the stark truths and darker corners of societies life, in the places where people do not want to look. Luckily for him these dark corridors of civilization are prime locations in which to fornicate and hide fugitives.

Character Background:

Son of the famous Wescrani actor/playwright Wilhemina Beaufort Hollingberry, Mycroft is something of an enigma in Westcrown. As a youth he had several minor roles in his mother's works; scrutinized closely by the artistic class he was rumored to have inherited her gift.

Instead of continuing his training under his mother, at 16 he was sent to train in the theaters of Egorian. After four years of apprenticeship he now returns home, to bury his mother.