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Intrigue Oracle 3 (covetous curse)











Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

About Sashin

Sashin, oracle of Crossroads
Init- +2
darkvision 60 feet, Perception +3

AC 18 (+4 armor, +1 nat, +3 Dex) touch flat
HP 27(3d8+9)
Fort- +4 Ref- +4 Will- +3 (+2: arcane spells, +2- mind affecting)
CMD- 20

Favored Class- oracle (+3 hp)

power attack- -1/+2

Melee- 2 claws +6 1d4+4

Speed- 30 feet (20 in armor)
CMB- +5
BAB- +2

Oracle: spells, mystery (intrigue), curse (covetous). An oracle with the intrigue mystery adds Bluff, Disguise, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth to her list of class skills.

Assumed Form (Sp): You can change your appearance at will, as disguise self with a caster level equal to your oracle level.
Whispered Glimpses (Su): The whispers of intrigue sing to you with glimpses of insight into others’ presence and motives, granting you greater awareness than your own senses could manage. You can add your Charisma modifier instead of your Wisdom bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks.

You must wear fine nonmagical clothing and jewelry worth at least 50 gp + 100 gp per character level you have beyond 1st. If you do not have sufficient wealth to purchase this additional equipment, you feel a strong desire (but are not compelled) to sell existing items or steal from others to obtain it. You are sickened whenever you do not meet this requirement; you are also sickened for 24 hours after anything worth 25 gp x your character level or more is taken from you against your will. Use Magic Device becomes a class skill for you.

Mother's Gift-Hag Claws (Ex): You gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with your claws.
Awakened Hag Heritage-Your hag heritage racial abilities grow more powerful, granting you a +2 racial bonus on saving throws to resist arcane spells. Dreamthief Hag: You no longer need to sleep and cannot become fatigued due to lack of sleep. You can still be affected by other effects that inflict the fatigued condition, and must rest for 8 hours in order to prepare spells or regain uses of class abilities as normal, even if this time is not spent sleeping.

Bluff: +8 (+3 Cha, +2 ranks, +3 class)
Diplomacy: +8 (+3 Cha, +2 ranks, +3 class)
Intimidate : +8 (+3 Cha, +2 ranks, +3 class)
Knowledge (Local): +5 (+1 rank, +3 class, +1 trait)
Perception: +3 (+3 Cha)
Sense Motive: +8 (+3 Cha, +1 rank, +3 class, +1 trait)
Slight of Hand: +7 (+2 Dex, +2 rank, +3 Class)
Stealth: +6 (+2 Dex, +1 rank, +3 class)
UMD: +7 (+3 Cha, +1 rank, +3 class)

Creepy- Intimidate +1, class skill. +2 Diplomacy with hags.
Domineering (charm person)- Choose one 1st-level enchantment spell you are capable of casting. The DC of that spell increases by 1.
Local- +1 Knowledge (Local)/Sense Motive

oracle's kit:
courtesan's kit
masterwork armored coat- +4 AC, -3 Max Dex, -1 ACP
fine jewelry (250 gp worth)
harrow deck
bachelor snuff (10 doses)
Veil of Attentiveness: The wearer of a veil of attentiveness gains a +2 competence bonus on hearing-based Perception checks and on Sense Motive checks to interpret others’ meaning or to detect possible deception. In addition, when listening to multiple speakers’ voices, the wearer of a veil of attentiveness can understand each speaker as though she were listening only to that voice.



=SLA= (CL 3)
at will- Disguise Self

Spells Per day:
1- 6-

Spells Known:
0- Detect Magic, Enhanced Diplomacy, Spark, Mending, Purify Food and Drink
1- Cure Light Wounds, Charm Person (DC 15), Command (DC 14), Comprehend Languages, Obscuring Mist

Born to a father she no longer remembers or cares about, Sashin was abandoned to the streets of Crossroads by the dreamthief hag that bore her. Sashin isn't sure which of the hags in the Cauldron is her mother, but she has a lot of words to say to her when she eventually finds out.

Sashin spent her early childhood years struggling to survive in any way possible. Until one winter night she found herself freezing, near death, outside the door of a house of ill repute. The mistress of the house took the poor teen under her wing and practically saved her life, providing her shelter and food in exchange for Sashin performing odd jobs and keeping the place relatively clean. Sashin found herself picking up the mannerisms and habits of one used to hearing all of the gossip and juicy bits of secrets that you might find inside such a place. But even she could not avoid being sucked into the rush that the riches that flew through houses like hers, and Sashin found herself drawn to the finer things in life, particularly jewelry.

It wasn't until after her 18th birthday that her latent changeling blood started to show itself, enhancing not only her social prowess and abilites but also providing her accute combat capabilities as her claws grew beyond normal human lengths and strength. Sashin's form shifted as her mood and whims changed, providing her acces to quite a few areas (and people) she could not have dreamed of accessing.
The mistress of her house back home took quick advantage of her adopted daughters' abilities and spent the next few years training Sashin in the ways of the courtesan. Not only the physical duties but also the more...secretive aspects of the job.

Since those days, Sashin has gained somewhat of a legend around her house. The ever changing form of the mistress' daughter brings in scores of customers and interested patrons, and Sashin loves the mystery around where her powers come from. But that doesn't mean she spends every waking moment in the spotlight, and she has taken to spending time building up contacts within the Cauldron in an attempt to figure out which hag is her mother. Power, and more importanly wealth, is her goal, and allying herself with her powerful hag mother should help with that immensely.