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Init 8+, HP 24, Ac 17/12/15, F 3+, R 3+, W 3+

About Sarya the Dream Merchant


female human warlock (Fey Pact) 3
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +8; Senses Perception +0
AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (+5 armor, +2 dex)
hp 24 (3d8+8)
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +3
Defensive Abilities


Speed 30 ft.
Melee 2+ dagger (1d4)
Special Attacks Mystic Blast 4+ (2d6)
Spell like abilities Pact Tongue, King of the Night
Special Abilities


Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 16 (14+2)
Base Atk +2; CMB +0; CMD 14
Feats Improved Initiative, Elaborate Contract (Loan Boon), Extra Traits, Theme Feat (Docker Jank)
Skills Knowledge (nature, arcana) +8, Knowledge (local) +9, Diplomacy +9, Bluff +10, Use Magic Device +9
Languages Primeval, Elven, Sylvan
Favored Class Bonus 1 extra skillpoint per level
traits World Traveler, Reactionary, Fast Talker, Dealmaker,
Blast Traits (Terrifying)
SQ Pact, Skilled Contractor, Loan Boon, Thrice Told, Fey Bane
equipment 3000 gp 1+ Chain Shirt (1100 gp), Outfit, Courtier's (80 gp), dagger (2 gp), 2 weeks supply of Dream Pepper (40 gp) and 1728 gp.

Sarya the Dream Merchant:

Sarya was born into the tenth Hell of poverty, raised in the endless docks as a gutter rat it seemed that she was destined for a life of toil, pain and eventually death. Then Sarya met the goblin king himself on one of his merry "excursions" from the Dreaming, desperate she took his bargain pledging to be forevermore a Dream Merchant...
The second she spoke her agreement her life changed irrevocably, suddenly she was welcomed into the halls of power and wealth. Luxuries and comforts beyond her wildest imaginings became available, all she had to do was have a tongue of quick silver and an eye on the "prize". Neither was particularly hard, especially when your grew up poor: Poverty makes you sharp...

Intersecting Interests:

The Dream Merchants are a unique fixture in Risur's political landscape, they are not the nobility nor the common people and have vast connections with the Unseen Court. Yet they enjoy exceptional relations with the nobility, monarchy and RHC. The reason for this is that everyone recognizes that the Dream Merchants have a vested interest in preserving the status quo.
The Dream Merchants also serve a vital function that everyone is aware of, they are a talent funnel. Their membership is almost made-up entirely of the underclasses, as a result people who would otherwise be plotting against the Crown are plotting for it. Risur in turn makes a point of not interfering with the Dream Merchants, taxes are rarely levied on the "special" (e.g fey origin) products that the Dream Merchants buy and sell (they do pay taxes on normal cargo).

As a result of all this political interest the Dream Merchants occasionally assist RHC providing magical contracts, truth telling and even "loans" of fey power...


Sarya wears the distinctive robes of the Dream Merchants, dark green interlaced with gold colored threads. She also wears the distinctive headdress of the Dream Merchants which occludes her hair completely.
Here is the inspiration for her face (

This is what her clothing should look like ( en_jedi.png).

King of the Night:

King of the Night
School evocation (darkness)
Spell Level 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components S, V
Range Touch
Target Object touched
Effect This incantation functions exactly as the darkness
spell except as noted here. Additionally, the caster gains
dark vision out to 60 feet for the duration of this
incantation. This dark vision functions even in magical
Duration 1 minute/level (D)
Saving Throw No; Spell Resistance None

Pact Tongue:

Pact Tongue
School enchantment (compulsion)
Spell Level 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components S, V
Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft/level) and personal
Target One creature that speaks a language
Effect The caster simultaneously learns the tongue of a
nearby creature and binds that creature to speak
truthfully. The caster learns a single language spoken by
the target creature as per the comprehend language spell
(and thus cannot speak the language himself). Additionally,
the target creature is treated as though it were within
the area of a zone of truth .
Duration 1 min /level
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

Blast traits:

Any creature struck by a mystic blast using this
blast trait must succeed on a Will save or be shaken for 1

Loan Boon:

-Loan Boon:
Some canny invokers are sure to maintain one very important
permission before they enter into their pact: the
right to sell the powers they receive to others. An invoker
with this boon may perform a ritual that takes an hour to
perform (such as rapidly growing a magical flower and
crushing its petals into a potion or writing a contract while
in view of a raven). If she does so, she may offer some
product of the ritual (such as the potion or the contract)
to another creature. If the creature accepts the product in
some fashion (such as by drinking the potion or signing
the contract) unknowingly or otherwise, the invoker may
transfer access to one of her incantations or boons (except
this one) to the creature for twenty-four hours.

During this time, the creature may use the incantation or
boon as though he were the invoker herself (using the invoker’s
caster level as his own) though the invoker may not
access the granted boons or incantations herself during this
time nor can she use this boon to grant another
creature an ability she has already “rented” to another
creature. Such power is never without price, however. At
the end of the twenty-four hours, the creature begins to go into withdrawals that last for one day per class level possessed
by the invoker. Each day that a creature is suffering
from withdrawals, it must make a Will save or take 1 point
of ability damage to an ability score of the invoker’s choice.
This ability score damage does not heal naturally until the
end of the duration of the withdrawals. Benefiting from
this boon again will instantly cure any ability score damage
caused by this boon and also ends the creature’s current
withdrawals (until the end of this boon’s new duration).

Skilled Contractor:

-Skilled Contractor:
All invokers make bargains with terrifying forces, but few
creatures are so skilled at forging contracts as the
mysterious fey. An invoker with this ability may form a
mystically binding agreement with another sapient creature
once per day. Should either the invoker or the other
creature break their end of the deal, they are cursed (as per
the bestow curse spell, caster level equal to the invoker’s
class level) and suffer some detrimental curse agreed
upon when the contract was created. The effects of a curse
created by this ability last for three days instead of being
permanent. Creatures who are cursed in this way receive
no saving throw against this effect.

Thrice Told:

-Thrice Told:
The invoker may not knowingly lie when asked a question
thrice on the same day.

Fey Bane:

-Fey Bane:
Cold iron weapons deal an additional 2d6 damage to the


Gerard: A good burglar who is Sarya's feed into the Underworld, he is addicted to Dream Pepper and Sarya is the only one who can re-sign his "prescription" each month... Gerard is located in either the Nettles normally or after something "big" (robbing a noble's mansion or so forth) he lurks in the Cloudwood.

Lukas Malgaunt: This traveling trader hails from Danor and serves as Sarya's eye on the market, in exchange she allows him to see and buy "special wares" from the Dream Merchants... Lukas can be found in Bosum Strand.

Lady Isabella: Some would ask where Sarya, a dock rat born and bred learned to dress well and fetchingly. Isabella is the answer, Sarya became her "friend" when she loaned the down and out noblewoman a parcel of gold. Now Sarya keeps Isabella primarily as a window into high society and is also helping Isabella become more..."financially sound"...

Lady Isabella can be found in North shore in a "small" (by noble standards) house which befits her stature as a member of the minor gentry.

All interactions are a two way street after all...