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Sarsczek Male N Tiefling Slayer 6 / Living Monlith 3, Level 9, Init 3, HP 74/74, DR 1/-, Speed 30


AC 20, Touch 13, Flat-footed 17, CMD 26, Fort 11, Ref 10, Will 8, CMB +13, Base Attack Bonus 8


Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Ancient Osirion, Sphinx

About Sarsczek

PFS# 4249-3
Male Tiefling Slayer 6 / Living Monolith 3
N Medium Outsider (Native)
Senses: Perception +10, Darkvision (60 ft.)

Occupation: Food Taster
Faction: Scarab Sages
Experience: 26.5

Fame: 46
Prestige: 0

Current Expenditures:

Description: 30 years old, 5'11", 160 lbs, a bizarre monsterous looking Tiefling with a scaley scalp sporting a pair of ridges that appear to be horns which never penetrated the skin, a long thin tail, clawed hands and feat, and a somewhat disturbing fanged smile. He wears a long chain shirt, torn leather overshirt, tattered loincloth, and a thick rawhide belt. His head sports a tarnished crown with a bladed pattern on it, and around his neck hangs an amulet with a clawed sigil. Three spears are carried on his back, hooked to his backpack. His odd proportions change what should be a frightening creature into a comically mismatched physique, and his awkward demeanor does little to help.

Character Sheet


Chronicle 1 = 3-07: Sewer Dragons of Absalom
Chronicle 2 = PaizoCon 2013 Player Boon #15
Chronicle 3 = 5-12: Destiny of the Sands, Part 1 (GM)
Chronicle 4 = 5-13: Destiny of the Sands, Part 2 (GM)
Chronicle 5 = 3-01: The Frostfur Captives
Chronicle 6 = 5-21: The Merchant's Wake
Chronicle 7 = 4-01: Rise of the Goblin Guild
Chronicle 8 = 5-16: Destiny of the Sands, Part 3 (GM)
Chronicle 9 = 5-99: The Paths We Choose
Chronicle 10 = Risen from the Sands
Chronicle 11 = 4-09: The Blakros Matrimony
Chronicle 12 = Season 6 Boon #6
Chronicle 13 = 6-19: Test of Tar Kuata
Chronicle 14 = 6-11: The Slave Master's Mirror
Chronicle 15 = 6-21: Tapestry's Toil (GM)
Chronicle 16 = We Be Goblins Free!
Chronicle 17 = The Hellknight's Feast
Chronicle 18 = You Only Die Twice
Chronicle 19 = Wonders in the Weave Part I
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Sarsczek remembers little of his youth, and knows nothing of his parentage. As best as he can remember he grew up in the Mwangi Expanse with a pack of Velociraptors as his only family. While the likelihood of being raised by such creatures is slim, the only known fact by his rescuers is that he spent a considerable amount of time either in their care or captivity, with his otherworldly gaze and unnatural toughness as the only things that kept him from becoming a meal. Most evidence points to his tribe having been killed or displaced by the creatures leaving a nearly feral Sarsczek to fend for himself. He was found as a youth by a group of Pathfinders researching the Mwangi Expanse's links to ancient Osirion and taken into their care. Sarscek, being easily influenced by those who show him honesty and kindness, decided to help the explorers by employing his skills as a survivalist, and eventually joined in their cause. He returned with them to Modern Osirion to make a new home for himself. He is fiercely loyal to anyone who he thinks of as a friend, and while he is easily influenced, he lets it be known that he can smell deception and will punish it with tooth and claw.