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my group just got to halfway through book one. it's kind of funny though our druid was "ill prepared" to deal with environmental hazards whereas all of us were. I've heard some combats are pretty group almost got killed before I joined. I wasnt able to participate in the first session, I think it's fun though.

ok, I just ran Goblins a couple weeks ago, setting up jade regent.(I wasn't really satisfied with it) My groups role playing wasnt the best and the FINAL encounter Vorka didnt wake up and the Rogue goblin just up and killed her, She missed her Fort save by 1! I didnt do so great running it either I was not as prepared for it as I thought I was.

Anyways, I'm running the Brinewall Legacy within a month, and one of my players is playing a Garuda blooded monk...I know that Yamabushi Tengu are fascinated with Garuda and a Garuda blooded ought to be something that Kikonu is very fascinated with. Beforehand, I wasnt going to do much with Kikonu, but now I want to make the encounter memorable especially for the player whos playing the Garuda blooded. I just thought I'd ask for some ideas of how Kikonu would view this particular PC.

I also wasnt sure whether I could go with something from Taldor which didnt seem good. I love the Slavic names, I liked the name Ilona, but I kinda wanted something unique, I do appreciate the name help.

well I did some combining I was trying to go with something along the lines of biblical but still fantastic so i combined Lynette with Naomi, Lynomi.

I'm playing a member of the Knights of Ozem in the Carrion Crown adventure path and I'm having trouble coming up with a name for the character.

They are a female and a member of the Tilernos family, I cant find good names on character from Lastwall. A list of names to choose from would be helpful.

Hi, I'm looking for the Interactive Maps that are in the First part of this adventure, the 4th books are easy enough to draw, so I'm not overly concerned there but the Dragon's cave just has me baflled. I'm sure that I can try to run the Necropolis without little confusion.

Which is why I'm here because I am completely confused about the Dragon's Lair. I assume that the cave drops into the Glacial Rift which means the PC's will be hanging on ropes, helpless as the dragon attacks them, that or she attacks in her lair area of the cave which is an enclosed space. Unless the PC's drive her outside but I just don't know how to run it and was seeking advice.