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Again, a spontaneous Druid-list caster.

Artificers are awesome, but are very Eberron as well.

A class inspired by Hindu mythology somehow. I don't know much of it, but what I do know I think is awesome.


I don't know how they would do this, but a 'host' class would be pretty cool. Like, purposefully being possessed by spirits, ghost, etc and using their essence for powers.

This setting has definitely interested me. I'd like to play a Vudrani Soulknife dedicated to both the destruction of the caste system and the establishment of an order of Soulknives.

Better luck next time I 'spose. Have fun guys!

Invoker was a cool 4e concept, though I guess Oracle replaces it.

A way to make it more viable would be to include classes and equipment that fit the theme. More optional rules would not hurt either.

Well, roleplaying isn't just talking, so have more skill challenges for the rogue.

Uhm, any critique on Liam?

Then I would like to point out that I am also a first timer! And can post frequently, especially in the afternoon.

Liam/Tiberiu Valholme


Str: 13 (Years spent training with a bow have strengthened Liam up a smidge.)

Dex: 17 (Even for a halfling, Liam has always been incredibly quick on his feet.)

Con: 12 (Liam is in good shape, and has decent pain tolerance.)

Int: 14 (Liam has a keen memory and a sharp wit. He often read through texts he stole before he pawned them off.)

Wis: 7 (Liam is prone to alternating fits of melancholy and blind passion. On top of that, Liam is easily manipulated by sweet words.)

Cha: 16 (Despite looking fairly plain, Liam has a way with words and a winning smile.)

Point Blank Shot



Acrobatics: 1 Rank
Bluff: 1 Rank
Diplomacy: 2 Ranks
Knowledge (Nature): 1 Rank
Knowledge (Nobility) : 1 Rank
Perform (Oratory) 2 Ranks

How should we do starting wealth?


Liam/Tiberiu Valholme

Neutral Good Halfling Bard

Deity: Cayden Cailean

Liam was able to escape a life of servitude in Cheliax and prosper as a grifter. After several years, Liam had a change of heart and joined an abolitionist movement in the River Kingdoms. Liam now hopes to found a land to serve as a threshold for freedom against the tyranny of slavery.

Plot Hooks:
Liam left behind his family during his escape, and is still wracked with guilt over 'abandoning' them.

Liam angered some powerful figures, primarily Chelaxian and Brevian aristocrats, both as a conman and as an abolitionist.

He has no real home, and is terrified of being recaptured.

I will post the sheet proper later.

If you will have me I will gladly join the group.

I have two characters to propose.

Hjalmar the Raven, A Kellid/Ulfen blight druid. Dedicated to preserving the warped ecology of Virlych. Served the Professor as a guide as Lorrimor studied the horrors of the blight. They developed a mutual respect, and Hjalmar was shocked to learn of his death.


Oskar Haedukaar , Dwarven Monk (Zen Archer). Oskar was raised an orphan by a Dwarven monastery deep within the Five Kings Mountains. While he took to his training naturally, his drive towards benevolence hampered his enlightenment, and so he left to better life for people and find his own path. Remembering an impressive lecture he heard at the monastery given by a traveling Professor, Oskar headed to Ustalav.