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THX Bzali!!!!

In the race, what is the penalty to their Race Score (if any) if they suffer a Broken Mast due to storm hazard? Technically the ship will move slower.

Hi Mr. McCreary,
Thanks for the response and clarification :)

I do agree with you and makes total sense. My concern is the severity in terms of duration and how many rolls have to be made. However, I guess that is the nature of storms.

Well, when it comes to the eye of the hurricane it takes like 1-2 hours to pass through. While in college 2 hurricane passed by and the eye passed over our building. Basically, 30 minutes exposed to hurricane force winds, like 30-45 minutes within the eye (calm weather), and then 30 minutes more exposed to the other side of the hurricane eye with force winds.

Lets put this to "perspective"

Tropical Depression
Duration/Frequency- 2d4 hours/1 per hour
Stormbound Hazard Rolls- 2 to 8 rolls

Tropical Storm
Duration/Frequency- 5d4 hours/1 per hour
Stormbound Hazard Rolls- 5 to 20 rolls

Severe Tropical Storm
Duration/Frequency- 3d6 hours/1 per 10 minutes (6 rolls/hour)
Stormbound Hazard Rolls- 18 to 108 rolls

Duration/Frequency- 4d6 minutes/1 per minute
Stormbound Hazard Rolls- 4 to 24 rolls

Duration/Frequency- 1d6 minutes/1 per round (10 rolls/round)
Stormbound Hazard Rolls- 10 to 60 rolls

I understand your interpretation (after hurricane then under the effects of STS) which is logical and accurate but then it will be very devastating.

So for every Random Weather rolled (after mod's) you will include also 1 step lower. Correct? This does not apply to Tornado.

Should I contact Mr. McCreary?

brvheart wrote:
It is in Tempest Rising, p 72. Was reading it last night. There is also the rules in Dead Man's Chest.

THX!!!!I am reading this AP too but have not gone that far :).

I posted a question on Tempest Rising regarding this :)

Quick question- I am "confused" with the modifier on page 72 (Random Weather). Tropical Storm has a d20 modifier; Severe T. Storm has it at d20+10 modifier.

What does it mean? After rolling % you roll d20 and add to %?

If I read this correctly, for a Hurricane the duration of the storm is 4d6 minutes?!?!?! If so, then a Severe T. Storm is more devastating (3d6 hrs) rolling once for every 10 minutes for Hazards!!!!!

Any good rule set for having storms? I know Wormwood Mutiny has a scenario for a storm but not hurricane. Also, I wonder how much damage would a ship take in a hurricane ("Hurricane-force winds often fell trees" PFCR p. 439). Will it loose a mast? If so how you gauge that?

Hi Mr. Jacobs.
Question: Multiattack Feat + Grab + Feed + Pull?

Creature (canopy creeper) has 4 (independent) vine range attacks (grab/feed/pull).

Round 1:
creeper uses its 4 vines to attack 4 different foes (-2 to each attack b/c of multiattack feat) and hits and succeeded in its grapple as a free action (grab). Can it use its Feed (EX) special ability in the same round to all 4 foes?

Round 2:
creeper gains the grapple condition (-4AC, etc. for ALL tendrils since I assume the penalties are not cumulative/vine). Can it maintain the grapple on all 4 foes as 1 standard action??!!??!?

If so, then the creeper maintains the grapple (and use the Feed ability again), or pins, or use its pull ability (free CM check with a successful attack). Am I confused??!??!

Basically, after Round 1 the creeper maintains grapple, Feed, and then Pull each round with each vine. Is this correct?

Or is this all wrong and the creeper only attacks 1 foe with all 4 vines?

As always....thanks!!!

Does Whalebone Pilk has the staggered condition? I do not see a SQ on page 54.

The PC's only get XP when they destroy the Bell, hence permanently putting Pilk to rest?

Hi James,
1) Spell: Spiritual Ally

If cast underwater, does it gains swim speed? Or your deity has to be an aquatic one for the Ally to be able to swim (like Besmara or Gozreh)?

The spell description (APG p. 246): "It has a speed of 30 feet, and a fly speed of 30 feet...".

2) Swarm Template

Taking a medium size or larger creature and convert to a swarm. How does the size of base creature translates to the size of the "swarm size (fine, tiny, diminutive). Is this legal for PF?


Thanks Vikingson!!!!!

Hi James,
I have spent 2 hours navigating threads about grapple/fly-by attack w/ conflicting results (including the resent post on May 2013 on this forum).

A huge dragon w/ the Imp Grapple and Fly-by Attack feats and a fly speed of 200'. NO Snatch feat.

it spots a medium size humanoid. The dragon begins its move 80' away from the humanoid. It reaches the humanoid and takes its standard action (attack w/ one claw or bite) (including appropriate fly skill checks). It hits and in addition it succeeds on a grapple.

1) What is next? Can the dragon finish its move (120') due to fly-by taking the humanoid with it??

2) The grapple condition, as you know, allows the grappler to move half its speed. So, does it mean that of the 120' left of movement the dragon only has 60' left?

3) The grapple is done with what? Bite? One claw? Two claws? (No Snatch feat).

4) Can the dragon attack with its other free appendages not used in the grapple in this example? Or the Snatch feat is needed for this?


Hi James,
I need clarification:

1) A Haunt, regardless of how it was created (haunted house, haunted chair, etc.) the only way to identify it is by casting Detect Undead and/or Detect Alignment at a -4. Correct?

2) A cursed item, in order to identify it you need to roll 10 above the normal DC. If not the PC only identifies the normal magical properties. Correct?

I have this chair item. Whoever sits on it gains the Fast Healing 2. Also, I added a Poltergeist (site bound to the chair).

How do I consider this chair. Is it a cursed item or a haunt?

Many thanks for your help.

James Jacobs wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:

Dear James,

How do templates that increase CR work with creatures whose base CR is a fraction? For example, if I have a 1st level Aasimar warrior (CR 1/3) and I apply the Half-Celestial Template, does she bump up to CR 2 (rounding 1/2 up to the nearest whole number), does she go up to CR 1/2 (one "jump" in terms of CR), CR 1, or something else?

Does the game just explode because of this question?

Also, please ignore how redundant "half-celestial aasimar" is. :-P

They increase the creature's CR by one step per +1.

CR 1/4 goes up to 1/3 with a +1 CR, while it would go to CR 1/2 with a +2 CR.

As always, though, remember to compare the final creature's stats against table 1-1 in the Bestiary, because sometimes the CR adjustment for a template isn't accurate when you apply it to some creatures.

Hi James: where in the Rule Books I can find your explanation (which makes sense).

DM's...I have some more questions.

So, far Plugg, Scourge, and Barnabas have escaped the clutches of my players. I am planning on having Plugg and Scourge return (I know Barnabas is part of the AP on book 57 I think and 60) with their own ships. Scourge/Plugg will resurface when the PC's have gained two levels so I have to bump the NPC's and give them a ship.

1) My question is: can you add Monster templates (that make sense) to NPC's (for examples the Accelerated template)?

A PC is planning on quitting the group. So, we talked and we will have her mutiny (already has influenced 3 crew members and in the near future she will gain like maybe 1/2 the crew; the current Cpt. did an unfathomable action on the ship in which the crew will learn soon enough and the PC will take advantage of that). The Mutiny in AP #55 was a bit strange but it was the PC's vs Scourge and Plugg. I know once the Cpt is defeated the morale drops and basically the ship is lost. I am planning on having this PC go rogue as another recurrent NPC with his own ship (we already came up with a name) assuming he survives.

2) My second question: when it comes to mutiny, does the foe issues a challenge against the captain?

3) My third question is: any suggestions/ideas on having the PC do a mutiny? or how to orchestrate one? I welcome suggestions :)