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"Honorable sir, the Silver Crusade can be just as wild in their merry making."
Says Salranna to Nagagorjo. Turning her head back to Annon, Sichelgaita, and Sheliantha she continues in common between sips of her ale.
"I care about how an individual acts and what is in their heart, genteel or not. Anyone here been to the alchemist's town Alvis? Since joining I haven't had time to go there yet. Maybe I can get Gelran to move closer."

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Laughing at Sichelgaita's look, Salranna replies
"I'm an alchemist with built up resistances to poison and I had an antitoxin before I started drinking."
After a small pause she continues in a more serious tone.
"I was raised by a dwarven alchemist named Gelran. My mother turned out to be a Erinyes that had no interest in her daughter and my father died when I was 14. Tieflings grow to maturity slower than humans. In human terms I was 2. Gelran took pity on me and raised me properly. I know right from wrong and follow right."
Then she pauses again and says with a nostalgic smile of her own
"But let's move on to more happy things. It is hard to hurt me with poisons and that includes alcohol. You can tell when I am tipsy when my dwarvish accent slips through. When I get really drunk I can bearly speak anything but dwarvish. Gelran became immune to all poison 30 years ago. He can't get drunk at all; Caiden's stein he was angry at first."
Her accent is only slightly dwarvish right now.

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"Other playing with chemicals, I love to read. I was amazed the first time I went to the libraries in Almas and the Grand Lodge. I also write to my father Gelran in Daggermark"

Salranna says while accepting her ale. Salranna also accepts the mead from Annon. A pinch of flavorspike and 30 seconds later the mead is gone and Salranna is beginning to appear the slightest bit tipsy for the first time. Interestingly enough her accent is turning Dwarven as she gets tipsy, as if Dwarven was her native language.

"fairly good mead Annon. Was the honey used in it from the Carpenden Plains? It's not as sweet as Belis honey, but it isn't inferior honey."

Smiling as she asks her questions and makes her observations, she slowly sips the Belis Ale. She seems to be enjoying it immensely. She also utters a line in celestial with a Dwarven accent.

Language changes rarely surprise me, Kyros

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"A nice Belis ale if you please. So what do you do with your down time?"
Salranna asks her new friend.

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Smiling at Sichelgaita whiole hand a small packet to Nesod, Salranna replies
"The formula to this creation is rather complex, but the theory behind it is easy. A creature's sense of taste is the chemical interaction between its taste buds and substances that it comes in to contact with. Flavor spike increases the ability of taste buds to detect those interactions."
then after pause to giggle she replies
"And yes I am popular on long journeys. No foodstuff ever seems bland. No one ever complains about carrying some of my extra supplies. I like you girl, catch!"
She tosses a small wooden jar to Sichelgaita
"Remember, just a pinch will do."

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Handing Kyros a pinch sized packet, Salranna says
"Of course you can."
the, as Sichelgaita's eye widens Salranna laughs and spats the woman on the back
"Didn't realize how much of the world you were missing did you? what you eat and drink is quite different when your taste is increased tenfold. What once bitter can be sour, what was once sour sweet. Want another pinch to bring home?..... I have a whole jug with me for any here who wants try a pinch."

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After a minute of poking around in her pouches, she pulls out antitox/alchemists kindness pellet. and shoves a mug of ale with flavor spike in it to Sichelgaita. She also puts the pellet in front of her.
with a wink she says
"Bottoms up girl!."
Should Sichelgatia drink the ale her sense of taste shale 'spike' increasing it tenfold for about 10 seconds, hence the name 'flavorspike'

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Sheliantha's suspicions appear to well founded. Salranna takes out her own mug after kindly handing a full one to Annan. After three drinks, each with their own special concoction added by Salranna, the ceramic mug she is using begins melt. Laughing she pulls out a glass flash from her pack and orders yet another drink.

"Three pinches before it melts, a new record! Before those mugs could only last 2 pinches of flavor spike. anyone want try flavor spike in ale themselves?!"

She says with a glint of amusement in her eye.

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Salranna walks into the bar with her party sense going off. Quaffing an antitoxin she cooked her self she raised a flask of beer to air says

"Looks like this is my kind of Andovran party, one where where we exocute beer by the barrel. I hate beer, in fact I hate so much I bring 3 mugs home every night and make sure that they never see the light of day again"

while winking at Corvus.

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"Jhan was looking for a fight, he found one.... and lost"

*Says Salrana in a casual tone of voice. Taking two flasks from her pouch Salrana downs one entirely, takes a gulp from the other then hands it to Ridgar.*

"This is the strongest drink you will ever try. Gelran taught me how to make it. I couldn't handle it without a dose of the other stuff, but I bet you could handle it."

*She says with slightly slurred speech*

Flask contents:
Any alchemist or VERY experience bar crawler will recognize this as 100% pure alcohol. Few bars sells it because only the hardiest people can handle it. Even most dwarves find it strong. Salrana seems slighly drunk having it even after having an antitoxin, which helps prevent drunkenness. Keen observers will realize she is drunk from the three ales she has just before she drank the anti toxin.

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"So tell me, where is the most interesting place you have been?"

*Salrana, sits back obviously expecting to be impressed, she seems interested in this veteran.*

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*Clapping, Salrana says in a native Dwarven*

"Very good Ridgar, maybe he will learn to be more polite in future. So tell me, have you ever been to Daggermark?"

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*Smirking, Salrana replies to foolish oaf*

"Well, I doubt that man will survive long if he assumes that every time a woman wants a friendly chat with a man that it means she intends to sleep with him."

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*With a quick annoyed look at Jhan, Salrana says*

"I wouldn't have accepted a drink from a man I had no wish to talk to, looks aren't everything. Besides a woman can be friendly with a man without be romantically interested"

*Then with the mischievous grin back in place she looks back to Ridgar*

"My tiefling mother seduced my human father on a whim, she lost interest in him after giving birth to me. My father raised me on his own in Daggermark in the River Kingdoms. As you probably know, we tieflings grow up much slower than humans. My father died when I was young and Gelran Hammermug, a dwarven alchemist in city, raised me. He taught me his trade. I have always hated cruelty and in the River Kingdoms we see slavery as the biggest act of cruelty. Gelran taught me that one must act on one's beliefs if one truly held them dear. Of all the nations that forbid slavery, only Andoran is the only one that actually works to stop slavery all over Golarion. Pathfinders travel to places and see things that other freedom fighters don't. So here I am."

*After a brief pause she asks*

"Well I hope I didn't bore you. What brought you to serve the blue?"

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*Smiling as she she accepts a drink from Ridgar, a disturbingly perfect skinned woman flashes a smile of teeth that are just a bit too sharp. With her golden eyes on him, the Tiefling says*

"By Cayden Cailean, it's good to know that those who fight for freedom get to live to retire. Thanks for the drink, some entertainment is on me."

*With a mischievous grins and reaches into her bodice and pulls out a cloth bag of a mysterious powder. Throwing it on the ground a burning image of a dragon drinking ale appears in the air and dissipates after a ten seconds or so, leaving nothing but a small pile of barely warm ash on the floor.*