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Kyra Sief al Kiraan wrote:
Twigs wrote:

Could you possibly outline the correct method for bringing an evildoer to justice? Is the loss of a hand or branding fitting punishment for brigands and monsters? As a priest of mercy and healing, is this too far? Would you heal these evildoers if they repented and lived according to the Dawnflower's teachings for a set period?

I'm looking to play a particularly ruthless zealot of Sarenrae, harsh and cruel as the desert, but ultimately fair. How do I stay in the goddesses favour? How far is too far in bringing evil men to the light?

Ah, Twigs. My apologies for not having the time to address your questions. Pursuing evil is not for the weak-willed. You must be strong in your faith of the Everlight, and in your resolve. You must always look to the potential that evildoers can repent, and that given a choice between good and death, good will be their choice.

Lopping off hands or burning their flesh is pointless. It only encourages spite and hatred. It is also NOT good. Also, do not "play" at being ANYTHING in the service of Sarenrae. Be serious. Be faithful. Be devoted. Show compassion. Show mercy. But be prepared to exact justice.

{I believe I can explain Twigs's comments. I come from a plane called Gaia, which has high levels of technology but almost no magic. Gaia's connection to the Spheres and other planes is fairly limited. Information can be exchanged, for instance through these forums, and some books have been written about the Spheres, but most people believe these books to be fictional. It's impossible, as far as I know, to travel between Gaia and the Spheres. However, some people from Gaia enjoy creating characters from other planes and playing role-playing games as them. One of the games, called Pathfinder, is set in the Spheres. I believe Twigs wanted advice on a character he wanted to use in Pathfinder, hence the references to games and the seemingly strange questions. By the way, anything I post that is within brackets, such as this comment, is me speaking from my own perspective. If something is not in brackets, I am speaking from the perspective of my character, an elven Sarenite cleric named Saidrenna. Hope that clears things up.}