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Hurray! Its finally out! It even has stuff I wanted for my noble.

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Wows its nearly been a week since my last post in this thread and still no sign of the AP player companion. I wonder if another week will pass by with the same results.

Or how about as a suggestion, we keep feat chains but move the feats into one feat. When you reach the requirements for the next step in the chain, you get that benefit.

-Just My 2 Copper

CHA+1 for how many magic items you can equip? Sounds like Cyberpunk, except instead of removing parts of your humanity so you can have more, your injecting yourself with more personality.

Edit: Maybe they should consider increasing that minimum to something like "3+CHA".

gustavo iglesias wrote:
Sadida wrote:

There is a build which has been gaining traction over the years where its basically charisma to everything if you know where to look for it.

to hit, damage, armor class, max dex, saving throws, negative hit points, positive hit points (5 levels only), int skills, cha skills.

Yes. And there is a class, sorcerer, which is a tier 1 class and has charisma as main stat.

And the build that gained traction for "charisma for everything" is an oracle with access to 9th level casting.

The point is not "charisma is not useful to anyone". The point is "if charisma is not a main stat for you because of your class, it's dumped without meaningful consequences".

Any attribute can be made into a dump stat, but its not the way of cookie cutter builds to do so.

IF you dump Wisdom, your Will suffer.

Ways around it.

If you dump Int, you have less skill points.

Doesn't stop every barbarian from turning it into a dump stat.

If you dump Dex, your AC sucks and your intitiative is pathetic.

Noble Scion and Oracle say hi.

If you dump Con, you die.

Not exactly. There are ways around this.

Strength, like CHA, can be dumped in plenty of classes (anyone who does not melee), and probably needs a passive bonus of some kind.

Carry Capacity, Drag, Push, Lift Overhead.

There's nothing wrong with a dumped stat. It can help to roleplay lots of characters. Also, making meaningful choices IS fun, and important. But the key word, is meaningful.


Chosing between 2 extra points of DEX or 2 extra points of CON, is meaningful. Do I want a bit more AC, Intiative and REF? Or a bit more HP and Fort? That's meaningful. That's a choice. Dumping Cha is not meaningful, it's free.

Your just creating a determent for yourself. If you want to live with 1-7 in an attribute, you can also live with things that drain or damage that attribute. Its not an ill-advised thing, but it is putting a chink in your armor.

Says wheres the option of #7?
"Paladins should have the alignment of Any Good"

Pun-Pun wrote:
Sadida wrote:

There is a build which has been gaining traction over the years where its basically charisma to everything if you know where to look for it.

to hit, damage, armor class, max dex, saving throws, negative hit points, positive hit points (5 levels only), int skills, cha skills.

Kind of like the 3.5 lord of the dance eh?

Hmm, not exactly familiar with that build.

For pathfinder though, try a: Starknife-wielding confident kobold oracle who is a noble scion and became an agent of the grave. :)

There is a build which has been gaining traction over the years where its basically charisma to everything if you know where to look for it.

to hit, damage, armor class, max dex, saving throws, negative hit points, positive hit points (5 levels only), int skills, cha skills.

A book about merchants? And its a player companion? Oh please let there be anything in there that makes item crafting more wonderful! That is all I want at this point.

The Sinister Chris wrote:
I can't find where they posted this gameplay on the Glass Canon site. Was it there and I just didn't see it?

Orthos wrote:
WormysQueue wrote:
Orthos wrote:
I know this idea is immensely appealing to a lot of people on these forums, but I gotta admit, my skin legit CRAWLED for a sec reading this.
Sorry for that, didn't want to cause any unease. Also I didn't even know people would advocate for that to happen. Contrary to you, I like Calistria very much, but I never thought about creating a Paladin of hers. Until someone in this thread used the word "laid", that is.

Hahah, no harm done. I just really don't like Calistra. Patron goddess of the Crazy Ex. Lust and vengeance are not two portfolios that ever should have been allowed to mix.

Read my review of Dave Gross's Queen of Thorns if you really want to see my uncensored take on her.

Also there is that whole thing with Calistra's followers and them unleashing wasps on those that they feel deserve it.

Like there is a reason that this art from pathfinder is pretty much Calistria in a nutshell:

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Bloodrealm wrote:
Sadida wrote:
Bloodrealm wrote:
Sadida wrote:

How about this for an alignment restriction for Paladin...

Alignment: Any Good
That's certainly better than "any alignment", but I still think the Lawful component is important for a Paladin, as that's the manner in which they enact Good. At most, if absolutely necessary, I'd say "Good and non-Chaotic".
Would allow for more laid back characters. Like a chill CG Paladin of Cayden Cailean or NG Paladin of Shelyn.
Implying a Lawful character must have a massive stick up their ass? That's false.

Most I played with treat the Lawful as the letter, not the spirit. Not false.

AaronUnicorn wrote:
Kain Dragonhand wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Kain Dragonhand wrote:

Do you play video games?

Would you be happy if we stayed with the Xbox original instead of the Xbox One?

Or the PS2 instead of the PS4?

The problem with this argument is that yes, I would have been happy to stick with the SNES forever. Mostly because that's what I play most of anyway. The move to 3d, in hindsight, put video games mostly on a route I've discovered I don't care for as much as those older classic systems and the games produced with (or perhaps by) their limitations.

/off topic

Yeah? Let's say Nintendo stuck with the SNES while their competitors kept advancing things.

What would happen to Nintendo? It would fold.

I love the SNES as much as the next, for it's time in my life it will probably be my most cherished console. That said, games today are far better in many cases. Sure there is a lot more junk out there, but there is also a lot of good.

And the beautiful thing is that even as Nintendo switched from the SNES to the N64 and the GameCube and the Wii and the Switch, our SNES still works. The cartridges for those consoles? They can still be put into the machine and used to play a game.

There's a thriving retro-gaming market where people sell vintage systems and emulators. If you want to play Super Contra or Super Mario World? You still can. Sure, there are no new games being made for the SNES, but that doesn't mean you can't still play the games you love.

It's going to be the same with PF1. All of the books and PDFs you've purchased? They're still yours. You and your gaming group can still play PF1, even as Paizo goes on after 2019.

And there's nothing wrong with saying "Hey, I'm not buying in to the new edition. I'm happy with the games I've got."

My SNES is still hooked up. Right there next to my XBox One.

Pathfinder will still be on my shelves, right next to my 3.5 books. Right next to M&M 1e. Right next to GURPS 3.0. Right next to my WEG Star Wars, which...

Plus you don't have to worry about servers shutting down for your favorite game when it comes to tabletop games. Otherwise well said.

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Bloodrealm wrote:
Sadida wrote:

How about this for an alignment restriction for Paladin...

Alignment: Any Good
That's certainly better than "any alignment", but I still think the Lawful component is important for a Paladin, as that's the manner in which they enact Good. At most, if absolutely necessary, I'd say "Good and non-Chaotic".

Would allow for more laid back characters. Like a chill CG Paladin of Cayden Cailean or NG Paladin of Shelyn.

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How about this for an alignment restriction for Paladin...
Alignment: Any Good

And for Anti-Paladin:
Alignment: Any Evil

There can be depth within simplicity. Complexity is not a must for depth to mean something. The fallacy lies in weighing simplicity or complexity over the other as something more important rather than finding a middle ground.

- Just my 2 copper

Old Pathfinder (1st edition)
New Pathfinder (2nd edition)
Then later it all gets renamed to "Chronicles of Pathfinder".


I'm 26 years old.

I remember my Dad introduced me to AD&D when I was 8. I played that for good amount of years. Then when my dad got too busy with work, I went to the local shop which had D&D groups playing 3.5. I played that for a few years. Then Pathfinder was a thing with its original beta. Yet here I am today, still playing pathfinder and sometimes 5e with friends.

I never felt beholden or tied down to an edition, but I do enjoy them regardless even if it does change.

Just my 2 copper on the matter.

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How about we don't remove a class. Instead, how about we improve it?
Just my 2 copper on the matter.

Paladins are raging? So what happened to the barbarians? Did they become the new paladins?

Dasrak wrote:
JRutterbush wrote:
A level 1 spell cast using a level 1 spell slot should not in any way be relevant at level 16
Why not? It's still going to be weaker than most at-will abilities at that level. If you're going to prep it over a utility spell, why shouldn't it deal a decent clip of damage?

Especially when Illusion is right next door and is making ample use out of a 1st level spell called Color Spray.

Tiefling (Rakshasa) Oracle 1 (Heavens, Awesome Display) Sorcerer 1 (Serpetine Bloodline) / Mesmerist 14 (Cult Master) / Feysworn 4.

Where they can affect Oozes, Vermin, Plants, Undead, Animals, Magical Beasts and Monstrous Humanoids and a 50% chance for everything else, even if they are normally immune to mind affecting effects, with Color Spray and have enough Charisma to make them all go unconscious. The build can affect targets with HD of 29 or less.

Caster levels don't matter to the build aside from reaching effective level of 16-17 so it can get 6th level spells that it can just use to heighten the effects of color spray as though it were a 6th level spell.

Its basically using 2e rules. Feed big spells to small spells for greater effects.

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Frankly? Good riddance.

Whenever I optimized my evocation spells as a player, I always felt like a show stealer for the first 10 levels for the rest of the party.

Sure it starts losing steam at 11th level and onward but it still caused people to feel inadequate in the build they were originally proud of, that they start having less fun and feel less interested in the adventure. Even if your other party members did optimize.

Athaleon wrote:
What if Prestige Classes were turned into high-level archetypes? For example, a Fighter might have archetypes like Fencer/Marksman/Brawler/Etc. that alter his low-level class features, and others like Eldritch Knight/Holy Champion/Etc. that alter his high-level class features?

That would be great. Oh if I had a copper piece for every time a new archetype came out and it usually clashed with existing ones that would normally go nice with it.

So I have a question about the Quick Preparation feat.

Prerequisite(s): Ability to prepare spells.
Benefit: When preparing spells, you halve the time necessary to do so.
Normal: Preparing all of your spells takes 1 hour.

Obviously it is(/was) designed for a character with one single source of prepared spellcasting with the "Normal" wording. Yet what about someone like a Cleric 1 / Wizard 1?

A) Preparing spells from multiple classes takes 1 hour for each class and each is then halved.

B) Preparing spells from multiple classes takes 1 hour only and then that time is halved.

Has anyone played a Half-Elf character who took Arcane Training racial and selected Witch as the favored class? It allows martials access to healing options. Later wands and scrolls just require UMD.

There are healing options for everyone(*).

What I like: An ocean of non-linear yet meaningful options for brewing character builds that allows for unique options.

Distinct and cool places all over the map for settings.

Complexity that is not unnecessary, confusing or clunky in normal play. I appreciate depth in complexity, but there are times where I'm just saying to myself: "This could really be boiled down," and/or "This could be given further clarity."

gustavo iglesias wrote:

I know it's different people making those claims (for the most part).

But the vibe I get by reading the forum is:

1) Paizo should not make new core books, that's money grabbing. They should make money from Adventure Paths.

2) Golarion sucks, Paizo should not make books with golarion things on it.

Seeing how APs are Golarion based, I fail to see a business model that both keeps the forumites happy, and generate revenue for Paizo.

Honestly? You can't please them all anyway, just keep working on stuff that pleases the most people and keeps the business afloat.

After all, what we see on the boards is a small fraction of the player base and this is true for any game.

I thought that was already a thing?

People are aware that the reason that D20PFSRD name their stuff differently and remove the flavor text is to avoid problems with Paizo, right?

Archive of Nethys actually shows how "golarion-infused" everything is as all names and references remain intact.

D20PFSRD Archetype Example: er-archetypes/child-of-war-fighter-archetype/
Archive of Nethys Archetype Example:Child of Acavna and Amaznen

Or how about a really easy example:

D20PFSRD Trait Example:
Archive of Nethys Trait Exmaple: Keleshite Princess

On a glance of the d20pfsrd version it looks the same for. But when you visit the link its title is Prince/Princess. It also doesn't require you to be a Qadiran Keleshite like the original version.

Also no, neither of these examples had a reprinting.

If you are that miffed by the fact that a background, trait, feat, archetype, setting, adventure, etc is "golarion-infused" then just remove the context and get on with it.

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KingGramJohnson wrote:
BAB factors into other things besides how hard one attacks though, so that's why I'm wondering if BAB will still be a thing. Will it affect combat maneuvers and things like that?

Well, from what I heard, maneuvers don't run off BAB. They instead run off skills, Athletics is confirmed atm, Acrobatics needs clarification.

To successfully grapple a target, an athletics check must be made which has beat the enemies appropriate saving throw bonus + 10.

For example, to disarm a skeleton, you are wanting to beat a DC of 12 (Reflex Save Bonus of 2 + Base 10).

Combat maneuvers also no longer provoke.

Combat Maneuvers take iterative attack penalties if they are not the first. For example if you punched a guy and then wanted to grapple them, the grapple check would take a -5 penalty because its an iterative attack.

Normal weapons take a penalty of 0/-5/-10 on attack rolls based on how many times you attacked that round. Agile weapons take a penalty of 0/-4/-8 attack penalty based on the same factor.

Strange it would take this long. Depending on what the benefits of something like Rising Star is, I might just opt to go for the Shahiyan (Prince/Princess) social trait instead for my noble ambassador character from Qadira.

If this is how they are going to make it more uniform, I'm fine with this.

Like I assume with Alchemist for instance, its no longer an Alchemist "Discovery" but instead an Alchemist "Feat". As it was stated that classes get "a class feat roughly every other level" which is about the same progression as normal talents/discoveries (1/2/4/6/8/etc) or stuff like revelations (1/3/6/9/etc).

I like it, but then that is because I tried hard to integrate the Simple Action system since it first came out into my 1E campaigns for my players.

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Maybe Half-[Race] will be a racial heritage option. Not for a specific race, I'd hope at least, but instead as part of a universal list.

Also possible they just keep it the same way. Got to wait till more info is released about how character creation happens.

Please do this: Make singular archetypes affect multiple classes and were the old prestige class options.

Example 1: Arcane Trickster for Rogues and Wizards.
Example 2: Champion of Irori for Monks and Paladins.
Example 3: Rage Prophet for Barbarians and Oracles.

What I really want to see is archetypes that could be applied to multiple classes. Like converting Arcane Trickster into a (Rogue/Wizard) archetype. Granting benefits based on which of the two classes took it, providing a little extra mileage if you multiclassed. That would be nice in my opinion.

Sayt wrote:
willuwontu wrote:
Is charging not a thing anymore (as in gaining a +2 to hit and -2 to AC) since you now can move, attack?
The fighter had a thing which let him move 2x his speed and make an attack as two of his actions, but I don't think there were bonuses or penalties. Didn't have to move straight either!

If I recall from the podcast, they still have a bonus on a charge.

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This could actually make the chase mechanic a lot more interesting due to the flexibility of actions.

Run to a building (1 action), leap 10ft up to an open window (1 action), jump through the window (1 action).

You are correct. The shield is only "dented" if its hardness is overcome.

Verbal and Somatic take actions. For example if you have three different spells with only Verbal components, each requiries only 1 action and all three can be cast that turn. The daily cap on spells seems to be the same.

Well using 3x attack actions can be done at 1st level, with a -5 penalty per attack roll. If you wanted to 5ft step without provoking as well for your full attack, that costs an action.

Also Rumpin Rufus is right about "agile" weapons and their attack penalty.

Shadrayl of the Mountain wrote:
Elegos wrote:
I like shields as something you actively block with. Feels like something interesting rather then a simple AC bonus

I'd prefer them to be a bit of both. Realism wise (yeah, yeah, I know) a shield is really helpful just from it's presence. So maybe a small static bonus just for having it out, plus having cool actions you can take with it?

Since there's so much we don't know, I'm withholding judgement, though. If they evened out one-handed vs two-handed weapons a bit, maybe it works fine as-is.

Oh it is still a thing in 2e. The fighter's shield in the podcast had a +2 shield bonus in addition to the reaction benefit.

Thank you KitsuneWarlock for the compiling.

So this makes me wonder: Does this mean metamagic feats like Silent and Still Spell exist? If they do exist, how does that work with the new action economy for spellcasting? Is there a limiter to how many spells could be Silent and/or Still in a given round? As the determining factor of how many spells you can cast in a round is now based on Verbal (one action) and Somatic (one action) components.

I know none here except those actually behind 2e could answer these questions, but I felt like throwing this out there.

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YAY! New edition means new brewing opportunities!