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Atalius wrote:
Indeed, how would one RP a Cleric of Gorum...?

The last character I played was an inquisitor of Gorum. She did as she pleased and let others do the same, as long as they didn't interfere with her business. She generally felt that weak people deserved what they got, but tended to confront those who abused their strength--both because she didn't like a-holes and for the chance to prove her worth to Gorum in case he was watching.

She never backed down from a challenge she had a chance of winning, which caused the rest of the party some consternation. They once stranded her on the wrong side of a portcullis, facing a giant and a bunch of orcs (Quick! Name the AP!). She didn't mind; she survived, they came back for her, and not everyone has the guts to stick things out.

tl;dr: Go watch Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time in the West". Either that or Schwarzenegger's first Conan movie; Gorum's essentially Crom, after all. You'll get the idea.

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Syries wrote:

Now granted, I haven't taken a thorough look through the familiar details but from a cursory glace, it appears that familiars don't actually have a means of actually making an attack roll to deliver the spell. I could easily be wrong but I didn't see that when I looked up familiar rules.

It's in the "Modifiers and AC" section on p. 217. They use the master's level as their modifier for attack rolls.

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I strongly considered inquisitor, but I want a more arcane feel to the character.

I hadn't thought to check out the unchained monk, though. Thanks, Kaouse!

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Something to experiment with might be to have the extra HP fade gradually; say, at 4 HP per round or so. Or, have them wait to disappear for a full round after the barbarian dropped out of rage. Would either method be all that open to abuse?