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rum hog trillionaire

serious business

Snowblind wrote:
Yeah, drop the custom item nonsense. If that's fair game, then a pill of Aroden's Spellbane is fair game for the wizard. So is an item of standard action Greater Planar Ally to go get a Planetar to stomp on your fighter. It's only maybe double the cost of your A.M. pills(which are more than double the price you listed - sl6 x cl11 x 50gp=3300), and a planetar will kick most level 10 characters' asses. Custom items turns the "match" into a game of "who can think of the most broken items".

well considering that one of the things at the core of the complaint is number crunching and that people want Oliver Queen to beat Thanos (I'm totally aware they are not from the same company), I don't see a problem with this devolving in to a competition of the most broken yet cost efficient item contest, we've all but turned a roleplaying game into a math class anyways.

Wrath wrote:

man, what point buy are you using for those stats.

Also, where do anti magic pills come from?

if you're throwing custom items in mate, you're kinda not meeting the purpose of the thread or challenge I reckon.

Meh, CWheezy's call I guess. Those stats are pretty over tanked though.

like I said it's In the rules, since 3pp seems to not ever be considered when it comes to bringing balance, and everything has to be standard pathfinder, I used what was strictly hardcover paizo stuff, within the parameters CWheezy mentioned, you know letter of the law rather than spirit of the law

LoneKnave wrote:
The same way he somehow got 149 HP from rolling 89(!!!) with 10d10, and adding +40.

oh wow totally missed that, thanx. should be 129, well time to go back for other typos.

DominusMegadeus wrote:
I don't even know where to start with that 61 point buy. Like, what the hell?

I used classic (roll 4 drop the lowest) I took screen caps of the rolls but can't ad them to the message

LoneKnave wrote:

@STORM-MONARCH: I thought it was supposed to be a fighter?

Not that it matters, because that guy is going to get trounced.

@Irontruth: modern Mortal Kombat is the perfect counter example for homogenity bringing balance. Despite being waaaay more homogeneous than Guilty Gear, the balance (in tournament use at least) is way worse, since the little differences are more pronounced.

no one said it had to be a fighter per say, just a martial, also I figured I'd use gunslinger because they're just better at hitting the target when within 100 feet (mage armor and shield become useless because the revolver goes straight for the touch AC), the gunslinger's DEX is more useful as well, because it's used for AC and damage, and since we're in an arena, I lose the element of surprise (for example attacking a target in their sleep with a scythe), so I figured "an assassin doesn't get to stab you in your sleep, well then no magic for you" considering magic can't be casted in to the AM-field, and if the mage wants to melee he has to deal with the Full BAB and a 15-20 crit range (25%).

also, which guy? my guy?

since this is an arena fight not an assassination i went with a more straight foward approach, and while not designed for ASSASSINATING spell casters it can deal with most magical enemies in general. not time for fancy tricks out in the open, and no allies, so i went with taking the easy way out/ the no fun way.

lvl 10 HUMAN GUNSLINGER (vanillia)

HP 149 (89 (1d10 rolled 10 times)+ 4(CON) x 10(LV)

STR 14 [2]
DEX 22 [6] (18 (+2 HUMAN) (+1 LVL @ 4)(+1 @ LVL 8))
CON 18 [4]
INT 17 [3]
WIS 15 [2]
CHA 12 [1]

10 = 6 + 4

FORT 11 =7 +4
REF 15 =7 +8
WILL 7 =3 +4


REVOLVER x2 (4000 GP)
A.M. PILLS (anti-magic not morning after)*/** (1,800 GP to make 1)x5 =9,000 GP
TOTAL GP= 28,070

(every level)
craft firearms
craft weapons (blades?)
profession ("street phamacist")
craft alchemy

Note that all items have prerequisites in their descriptions.
These prerequisites must be met for the item to be created.
Most of the time, they take the form of spells that must be known by the item's creator (although access through another magic item or spellcaster is allowed).
The DC to create a magic item increases by +5 for each prerequisite the caster does not meet.
The only exception to this is the requisite item creation feat, which is mandatory.
In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting their spell prerequisites.

**missing anti-magic field
also it's a pill not a potion and there are examples of consumable wonderous items (elixir of love, dragonbreath, swimming etc.)
(see core rule book/ magic items/ wondrous items/ slot less and Magic item creation)
also still not a caster, cuz i'm not casting anything
also look up kiritsugu emiya

was working on a more complicated character but I figured "eh why make'em wait?", so I went with an old trick I learned from a game with a child king in one of the campaigns I played in. PC'S hate anti-magic field, which eventually team-mage killer got their hands on a formula for anti-magic pills which were way harder to get ahold of cause our one good ally kept making us do charity work, but hey I've got 62,000 GP to spend.

Wrath wrote:
CWheezy wrote:

ok dude, level 10, core +apg races, any paizo, 62k gold, no more than 25% on one item.

Leadership is banned

Change that to anything Paizo releases as free rules on the Paizo sites PRD.

D20pfsrd releases stuff from AP's and setting books that aren't actually free play. Not sure how they keep getting away with it honestly.

Anyho, if this is a challenge on the rules Paizo releases as core game, it shouldn't include setting only content. Since the rules cater for all settings, not just Golarion.

Doubt that will change much in what you're hoping to achieve, but it removes blood money at least. Probably a whole bunch of other stuff that can abused easily when taken out of context and setting as well.

good point

CWheezy wrote:

ok dude, level 10, core +apg races, any paizo, 62k gold, no more than 25% on one item.

Leadership is banned

how long is the span of the battle, is this head to head arena style combat, or a no rules just kill the other guy.

Aratrok wrote:
Grenades do at most 3d6 damage (which scales into worthlessness) and explode after 1d3 rounds. It's trivial to just walk 10 feet away from them while they're sitting on the ground and be totally unaffected, too, since you get at least a full round of actions before they explode.

stuff a bunch in a crate, get your most annoying rouge to act as bait, whip out your green arrow style alchemist fire arrow and set it off. But apparently only mages are allowed to get creative.

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houstonderek wrote:
And, considering this debate is as old as third edition, with people that understand math on one side, and people that play NPCs like parodies of Bond villains on the other side (that is, dumb), why not just keep lobbing grenades?

grenades work wonders on unsuspecting mages, but even better is a back pack full of grenades and alchemist fire.

wait I got it....for all the people saying screw fantasy lets rely entirely on physics.....get smaller lances

CWheezy wrote:

I hope that guy comes back who said he had a mage killer, that would be sweet.

Anyway most people want it slightly better, instead of the worst balanced game ever made, with a tier for literal gods and a tier for peasants.

here I am to steal your garden veggies

also with my tendency to be a bit on the chaotic stupid side I do enjoy sticking explosives on the enemies. honestly it just seems like there should be more thought put into peoples martial build.

and if your D/GM is cool with it there are plenty of cool 3rd party things.

then as mentioned before the is the mixed character.

my current character (a new campaign) is a level 1 wizard (fire elementalist)/ level 4 fighter, with a (super) meat cleaver (using the rules from the weapon master handbook) with a fire version of the ray of frost cantrip, and a couple of 3rd party feats, that let me set multiple people on fire with that cantrip, most characters catch on fire if you build your character right. and since my int is high I'm going to become a duelist and get the monkey style feat.

or you could get gud.
I made a fighter that focused on things like called shots, craft alchemy, and ranged weapons.
"oh you need to speak to cast, there goes your throat"
"oh look at those hands you don't have"
"oh there's a group of you, pellet grenade + alchemist fire + crossbow"
get fleet and run and when they give chase, run like a punk, hide then jump out and shoot them in the legs.
just create a character who's got one good trick that can be used in several different situations (improved unarmed strike, catch off guard, and throw anything are usually pretty good).
I was like batman in justice league doom, and that's before I got ahold of magic items.

and a melee character with the disruptive feats and an 18-20 crit range + improved critical makes a great mage killer, especially as a rouge, we were part of a four man group, imaginatively called team mage-killer, and if you couldn't guess we killed lots of mages, who would sometimes for groups of mages higher leveled than us and would hut us down. 2 fighters and 2 rouges vs a sorcerer and 4 wizards, the mages lost most of their faces an limbs before casting a spell.

mind you we went based strictly on the rules in the book so when a stat got ridiculous we used it anyways, so even if it wasn't "realistic" if the dice said it happened, it happened.

dude you need to grow more arms and grab more lances, and get some insect looking armor for you and your horse, and give all your lances flaming.

but really I see no reason you can't, you can hold the lance in one hand while mounted, right? clearly you are strong enough to do it in one hand why not the other, your horse is doing most of the work anyways. if I pick up a 50 lbs. weight can I not lift another 50 lbs. weight? can I suddenly not ride a horse?

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TheIronGiant6 wrote:

Hello! I'm running an evil wizard (And am posting about it a lot. Have a lot of questions :P) and was wondering your opinions of the Lich. There's quite a few things to love about it, including immortality, all the nice undead immunities, a natural armor bonus (meaning huge AC's for wizards now, weehee), DR, a nice +2 to all three mental scores, and loads of resistances. Plus, you can't be killed unless your phylactery is destroyed.

However, being undead can be difficult in many different ways. While you just sort of minded your own business in your dark tower before, now every clergyman and adventurer across the continent is at your door. More undead for your army, but still. You can be controlled, though it is difficult. You are also rotting, and need an alter self spell every so often to keep yourself from looking like a corpse. You draw quite a bit of attention to yourself and though you have gained quite a few immunities, you have gained quite a few glaring weaknesses to holy water, positive energy, and spells that target the undead.
My question is if lichdom is worth it for wizards, and if it is, how do you get around those weaknesses? Getting first in initiative is likely, but not guaranteed. Even if you contingency yourself outta there, you will have to deal with the lich hunt eventually. Opinions?

bro clones are better you don't look like a monster and you can be young again or change what you look like

just carry multiple weapons. Ja Ja Ja Ja.