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I am considering buying the full version. However I use two computers, my desktop for internet/downloads and my laptop for games, work, everything else. I have a 2 GB thumb drive. Will the download file/folder fit on the drive?

I won't bother downloading it if I have to play it on my desktop (its almost 7 years old, and so isn't the greatests).

I've been looking forward to 4th edition and have been making plans to update my campaign. If this product provides enough info on the rules for the new races and classes to allow me to start on this long process 3-4 months early, I'll be buying it.

If it is all fluff and a history lesson on earlier editions of the rules (remember when elf, dwarf and halfling were classes, and there were no races), then I will not be buying it.

And my thoughts on the new 'Dungeon' and 'Dragon' virtual magazines are that they suck. The articles are no more helpful than was previously available on the wizards website for free. They are not actually magazines, you cannot print them out or even view them as a PDF, they are a series of articles on separate web pages. I remember fondly the days when we had awesome feature for free on the website anyway (Four Corners of the World and Mind's Eye were my favourites). It looks like they are being replaces with articles that we will have to pay to view.

Edit: On the subject of artwork, about 50% of the time they use all the images from a book anyway; either as an art gallery article or in some sort of web-enhancement article or preview (if we show this cool picture, people will buy the book).

First off I love the first pathfinder. I will most likely never use it as an adventure, but it was a fascinating read (kinda like a good book), and I was able to grab some traps and creatures that I will use for upcomming adventures.

Personally I love dark so it didn't bother me, but it definately wasn't suitable for younger children. Maybe a rating in the product description?

While copying the stats for an adventure later this week I noticed something: The goblin snake has an initiative modifier of +8. Dex gives a +2 and no feat or special abilities are listed. Is this a typo or was some ability that granted it a +6 initiative accidently cut out?

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place, but I don't know of any errata page/file for pathfinder products.

Same here. Received 359 with no poster (just over a week ago, I think) and no issue 358. I don't remember seeing any kind of note with it though, and I throw the bag out as soon as I get it.

As to the One Ring, all it did for FRODO and BILBO was make them invisible. They had no magical ability. It could have allowed about half of the elven characters (like Galadriel or Elrond) to rule all of Middle-Earth.
I'm certain Gandalf could have used the One Ring and the ring of fire that he had (I'm not sure which book it mentioned that in but Gandalf had the elven ring of fire, I think it was mentioned in the Silmarilion) to rule the world, but he was afraid of being corrupted by its power.
Even in the hands of Frodo, it also hinted at some other powers however. Remember that it altered the senses, I would suggest that it allowed the wearer to see invisible and ethereal objects/creatures. It also made the wearer more susceptible to the ring-wraiths attacks, possibly because it altered their substance, making them more like the ring-wraiths (maybe something like the ghost touch ability?)

Found it, it was in issue 339 page 92 (Class acts)

I am working on compiling all magic weapon and armour special qualities for my campaign into one file.

Unfortunately I am unable to remember which issue of Dragon a set of weapon special abilities was in. I'm sure I have it (somewhere). It was an article that presented weapon abilities specifically for hexblades.

If anyone could tell me which issue of Dragon it is in, it would be very helpful (and save me hours of flipping through my stacks of issues).