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Maybe have the enemy board the craft once it hits 0 hp to ensure the pcs are dead and it's during this time the characters escape in the pods. have the fight be over a planet and have them crash down, as the escape pods are built to survive re-entry, but not much else.

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My PDF has as part of a move action, huh.

Skill focus let's them take 10 on those skills while in combat with one of the operative abilities gained at level 7.

Thank you for the official clarification Owen.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
The Sarcesian's damage is all screwed up. It says that their rifle does d810 damage, for example. I wouldn't use it as evidence for much of anything.

Seeing as the level 2 sniper rifle does 1d10 damage, it is probably just a typo there. it has a CR of 5, so a level five operative using a sniper rifle would do 1d10+5 due to weapon specialization, fits perfectly. the next higher level sniper is level 8. the dueling sword that is available at the same levels does 1d6 for the level 2 weapon and 2d6 for the level 8 weapon. The Sarcesian's dueling sword does 1d8 damage, thus fitting the idea that larger melee weapons do more damage. Sarcesians are large (tall) creatures with reach. They are about 2x taller than the core races.

I am playing a Sarcesian right now, so I have looked into this. there is nothing in the CRB, but the example Sarcesian uses a sword that is available to players and it does a 1 die higher in damage (1d6 to 1d8). so I think I can assume that my baton does 1d6 instead of 1d4. My GM agreed, so that's how I am playing it.