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The lion on the shield pauses carefully before answering Lovissa's inquiry. "Yes, that is my name- though it has been many years since I trusted another with the knowledge of it. Will it be you, brave warrior who bears me into freedom? Or is it you, Elf academic?"

Listening more to party's concerns, Glorymane's face saddens.

"I know not of Illiyana's son. She is held prisoner by invisible chains that are stronger than any steel. I will miss her friendship and company from this place- but you are not the first opportunity for freedom she has allowed to pass her by. Perhaps some day she will taste true freedom... but that will be her choice and her choice alone."

"Now come. The strong man is right, time is not our friend now"

The Guardian smiles broadly at Lovissa's adulation and flattery, as though basking in the respect and glory being given to him.

"Please, hold the shield up closer so that I can inspect it. Oh yes... Humm... I do believe that will work. You all have impressed me indeed! Not only is this a magical item worthy of my presence, but it also appears to have once held a similar enchantment, in some ages past."

Now, Let me hold it for a moment."

And with that, the Lion opens his mouth and allows Lovissa to gently place the shield in his mouth. His face hardens with concentration and a low, almost inaudible growl, springs forth from the Lion's carving.

The shield begins to glow slightly, and as you watch- the patina and age apparent on the shield melt off, leaving behind a radiant bronze shield. 15 seconds pass, then another. Slowly, the figure on the wall grows still while the lion on the shield begins to move about. A few moments later, a shield with a moving Lion's face rests, held gently, in the mouth of a motionless statue.

"Ahahahah! It's really going to happen! It's really going to happen!" as a laughter of pure joys echos out from the shield. "Now come! It won't do me any good to be here, if you can't get me out from this basement!" His laughter continues as he reigns it in. "I will finally be able to see the history I have learned about for so long! Don't you worry, I will do my part to defend you should the need arise- Onward and Tally Ho!"

As Lovissa lifts the shield back out of the statues mouth she notices two things. The first, inside the mouth of the stone, motionless lion, is now a solid stone key attached to the tongue. The second, written in flowing script across the back of the shield, she sees a new engraving- Glorymane.

"A shield would certainly be a fitting home for a Guardian! Yes, I believe that would do nicely indeed!"

The Lion's stare falls on Lovissa as he studies her carefully. There is a pause that last a few moments longer than "comfortable" before his voice again fills the chamber.

"Heart of the Lion indeed! The Guardian believes you a worthy bearer, albeit one without a proper vessel. I have never envisioned myself as a sword. Armor, perhaps, suits my needs- but would limit the Guardian's autonomy. No. None of those would work for this endeavor."

"Go then and search for your knowledge. I bid you return to my presence if able! You have my blessing and my friendship, each of you!"

With that, he opens his mouth- and the tongue holding the key appears again.

”Oh, glory no! The Magnificent Guardian wouldn’t be capable of inhabiting a body, even should one be presented. No, a magical item worthy of the Guardian’s sentience is all that is requested in exchange for access beyond. Or the promise to seek out such an item to provide my freedom from this dark and unenlightened place.”

Alrik Darkson wrote:

[dice=Will Save]1d20+5 +3 more vs spells & SLA's which presumably will apply here

"Nae, I'm not a Lion Blade. Just a seeker of knowledge. I'm willing to make a deal. But what exactly are you proposing?"

The lion opens his mouth in a cat like yawn and you see dangling from his tongue a silver key. His face shifts into a knowing smile and swallows- the key disappearing with it.

"You honor the Guardian with your desire of knowledge for the sake of both justice and purpose. It has awakened a spark in the Guardian that he has not felt in many ages! I wish to leave these halls, and venture out into the world - no longer reliant on others to share me history the Guardian should be experiencing for himself. Find me a receptacle worthy of my splendor and carry me with you on your quests!"

"Must you leave the Guardian so soon? I haven't had intelligent or scholarly company here in ages! Please, tell me more of the outside world and the happenings. Would this company be willing to make a deal with the Guardian in exchange for assistance with your quest?"

"If you are not Lion Blades, how then have you arrived to their secret library?"

The great carved face turns to Etna.

"The Lion Blades have been many things over the years. Prosperous. Clandestine. Misguided. Currently the Guardian would describe them as insolent and petty. The Master of Blades has decided that he, and not the Magnificent Guardian, controls these halls and has ordered no Lion Blades to speak anything to the Guardian of the outside world. He thinks that his presence outshines the Guardian- but he is mortal and will soon pass like all the others- it is then that the Guardian's current darkness will be lifted."

He also acknowledges Lovissa's observations. "Having the heart of a lion is truly a compliment. This Guardian sees many of those qualities in those who seek knowledge for noble pursuits."

Spellcraft Result:

Your knowledge of the arcane arts confirms that this isn't a creature at all; rather some other sort of intelligence/sentience imbued onto (or into) this carving.


To Solemnia:
Where you go is the role of the Fates, not that of the Guardian. However, May the warmth of spring always greet you would be the appropriate blessing, would it not?"

The lion pauses and a contemplative look washes over his face. It is a few moments before he speaks again, but when he does his tone has softened and changed.

"The Guardian cares not if you are Lion Blades. You seek knowledge which is noble enough. The Lion Blades keep little information in this chamber- the rare texts rest beyond these doors". He turns his head to either side, indicating the chamber doors to beyond this wall. "Where exactly, I do not have the power to see- but the Lion's protect and hide their most valuable possessions behind locks, keys, and other defenses."

"There is one other in the Library... Iliyana is the caretaker beyond this wall. Her history with the Lion Blades is an unfortunate one that has cost her her freedom, her family, and her eye-sight. Her allegiances and motivations are complicated, difficult even for the Guardian to determine"

As Etna speaks, the Lion's face twists into almost a smile- further enhanced during the exchange between Rorrim and Etna.

"No, please. Do continue! It has been many moons since I have heard word of the outside world! The Guardian would find great joy in hearing more about these events. As for the shinning crusade..."

His voice trails off before the back wall of the library (directly opposite of the Lion) erupts in a gigantic visual image of a great battle. A grand woman is rallying her troops against an amassed army of undead and the tide of battle is turning in her favor.

...The Battle of Vaishali Pass. Before Iomedae stood the quest of the Starstone to ascend in Aroden's place, she won a great battle against the Lich King- where even Arazni had failed before her. Are these things the information that you seek?

The image flickers, and is gone.

Spell Craft, DC16:

The battle scene was a result of the spell silent image


The lion shifts his focus to Lovissa and his demenor brightens with the awe and respect given by the human. "The Guardian has seen the age of which you speak, though perhaps not seen but known. Your Taldane... Your common... it lacks the beauty and subtlety of the languages of old."

The lions eyes wash over the empty pews in front of him, and sadness crosses his face. "There was a time when these pews were filled with those seeking knowledge. Those ages are past. Now, those that use these halls view the Guardian with contempt! The fools think they control this place but they do not. Like all mortals, their time will pass, and the Guardian will still remain."


You do not have a historical recollection of this creature. Though, if you would like to make a seperate spellcraft check...


As the Lion is talking, a brilliant flash of magical energy fills the room- encompassing all of the pathfinders.

All-Please make a Will Save as your first roll of your next post

Will < 14:
You are affected by Zone of Truth

Will 14+:
You made your save against a zone of truth. You do not have to tell the truth, but any lies or deceit is handled normally (against an opposed skill check)

"You bring the Guardian contentment. You do not act like the other mortals who use this place. There is much knowledge contained in these halls- but little in this room. Now tell me: You who enter the Library of the Lion... Are you Lion Blades?"

Lovissa Linguistics: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Lovissa and Solemnia:

The root of the language sounds very familiar to each of you (Lovissa's known languages more than Solemnia). If you didn't know better, the Lion was speaking in Ancient Azlanti. Of course, that is silly since no one has spoken that language in almost a millennia...


As Rorrim approaches and unwinds the silks from his face- the Guardian's attention is diverted to the half-elf.

"The living are cruel to their own. By what circumstances do you inherit these wounds?"


"Etna, you speak of the worldwound. Tell me- do the wardstones still stand? What of Mandev? Of Sky Citadel?"



You notice little about the Guardian other than what is easily perceived through the conversation. You sense that he is incredibly vain, but noble and sincere. Based on his questions you feel confident that he prioritizes knowledge and history above "guarding" the library.


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The guardian's eyes glow blue and focus intently on Rorrim, despite his caution. "Who are you that thinks such an item would be of use against the Guardian?" His lips snarl exposing the long and sharp teeth. "Don't be a fool, mortal"

Etna wrote:
Name's Etna, a pleasure to meet you Sir Guardian. May I ask what is a chiseled creature such as yourself doing here in such a secret place?"

"You may Etna, but it is an incorrect question. Perhaps you should try asking why this place was built in my presence! I have been here since the beginning- from the very first brick!"

He watches the undine approach, but doesn't appear to react to the words she muttered. "Speak up if you expect to be heard!"

Solemnia wrote:
"I'm not sure if it is the grandest, per say, but I am always happy to meet someone who surrounds them self with great literature." she extends her hand to shake and then awkward realization dawns.

पालक बर्याच पिढ्यांसाठी ऐकत नसला तरी ती इतर भाषा बोलते.

You may roll a linguistics or Know(History) if you wish to try to identify the language spoken by the guardian. It is not one that anyone in the party speaks (that I was able to tell)

He enthusiastically awaits a response, and slowly his mood dours with the realization that Solemnia wont respond.

"Literature? These are historical accounts of great battles and noble pursuits! Who needs literature when you have history! Still... It is a pleasure to meet one who cares about books for the books themselves!"


"I have met Etna, and a scholar of some sorts. Who are you that visit the library of the lion? Step forward and tell me your purpose in this place! The Guardian wishes to hear of your story"

I can’t find a good avatar for Mr Lion. See slide 3 for a better representation

”Who gave you permission to approach the Magnificent Guardian, human? Now, step back that I might better observe you! Tell me, who it is that has the grandest pleasure of meeting the Guardian of this hall?”

His eyes move to each of the others in the room before returning to the human in front of him.

Please update your tokens to where you are in the room when this exchange is happening. Thanks!