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Shadow's Status | Force Points 7/8

About Russel Wilcox

Russel Wilcox

Destiny 1 Destruction - Force Points 8/8 Dark Side 0
Medium Human Scoundrel 4
Initiative +10; Perception +9
Languages Basic, Bothese, Boche, Dosh, Durese, High Galactic,
Defenses Reflex 19, Will 17, Fortitude 16
Hit Points 38; Threshold 17
Spd 6 squares
Melee +2
Damage Bonus +2
Ranged +6 Blaster Pistol (3d6)+2 (2d6 Stun) (Point Blank +1 to attack & Damage)
Ranged +6 Hold-Out Blaster (3d4)+2 (Point Blank +1 to attack & Damage)
Base Attack +1; Grapple +0
Abilities STR 9 DEX 16 CON 14 INT 14 WIS 14 CHA 13

Talents (Fortune) Fool’s Luck (Spend Force Point for +1 luck bonus on attack rolls, +5 luck bonus on skill checks or +1 bonus to all defenses).
(Knack) Once per day you can re-roll a skill check and take the better result.

Feats (2 feats) Point Blank Shot, Weapon Proficiency (simple, pistols), Linguist, Improved Defenses, Precise Shot, Deadeye, Extra Second Wind.

Skills (6 trained skills +1 bonus) Deception +8, Gather Information +8, Initiative +10, Knowledge: Bureaucracy +9, Perception +9, Persuasion +8, Stealth +10

Bonus Skill - Endurance +9 [Russell has had to push his body to the limits in order to survive the ordeals he has dealt with since the slaying of both of his parents].

Possessions (3000 cr) Blaster Pistol (500 Credits), Blaster Pistol License (50 Credits), Hold Out Blaster Pistol (300), Hold Out Blaster Pistol License (150), Holorecorder (100), Concealed Holster (50), Hip Holster (25), Security Kit (750), Tool Kit (250), Backpack
825 credits

tool kit composed of a full security kit and tool kit (pg139)

Racial -
Experience - 7727/10000

Age 19, Black, Male
6'4” Tall
225 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eyes Brown.
Notable Features – None.


Russel grew up in the city of Drev’starn on the planet of Bothawui. Coming from a somewhat influential family of human politicians hailing from Duro he was insulated from the world around him. All Russel knew was that his parents were important people that met with important people. Despite this Raven, Russel’s father, taught him how to fight from a young age stating that it was very important. While the other children in his inner circle were learning multiple languages and diplomacy Russel learned the art of combat. He felt foolish and ashamed for this and would isolate from his peers.
It was not until he became a teenager that the truth of his family was revealed, his parents only posed as nobles from Duro but were in fact spies and assassins owing their allegiance to an ancient order known as the GenoHaradan. The truth came at the expense of the life of Russel’s mother Leona Wilcox. She was slain after her cover was somehow blown and she was exposed as a spy. This was a dangerous time in the universe as the Clone War was raging across the galaxy.
The death of his mother was a huge blow to Russel. Though his father managed to track one of her killers still on Bothawui he was not able to determine the reason for her assassination. Russel wanted desperately to find out who had done this. Unfortunately, the search for the assassins that escaped Bothawui was delayed because of the Battle of Bothawui and no ships could leave the planet or at least none that wanted to survive. Raven Wilcox agreed to bring young Russel with him in an attempt to avenge Leona’s death knowing that if her cover was blown than an attempt on him must simply have been botched. Raven reached out to his contact in the GenoHaradan but this produced unsatisfactory results.
The GenoHaradan considered her death to be beyond the affairs that Raven should have included himself in and he was told to stay on Bothawui and resume his post. It was bad enough his contact noted that two agents had been married and had offspring, failure to comply with the current mission would be met with extreme disapproval. Raven believed that he was compromised and refused to risk Russel’s life by staying. In fact now he was unsure whether the Geno’s had something to do with Leona’s death.
Raven took Russel and began his search for answers on Duro. On the journey Raven explained to Russel that the Wilcox family is a legacy in the GenoHaradan, one of the few since its inception millennia before. The GenoHaradan are an organization that attempts to exert control over the galaxy through assassination. He was fourth in the male line to join the organization and was grooming Russel for admission into the organization. Raven began to instruct Russel on the subtle art of political intrigue and quiet assassination (only in theory though as there were no targets to hit). The search on Duro yielded a trail to Bespin from one of Raven’s contacts. That lead turned out to be an ambush that the Wilcox’s only barely survived. This was Russel’s first action and the first time he had been forced to take another’s life. At only 16 it was a harrowing but eye opening experience. Thankfully his father had taught him how to use a blaster or that may have been his first and last fight. The last surviving assassin from the failed ambush gave up a lead to Coruscant and so again across the galaxy Raven and Russel traveled.
Unfortunately the search ended there. The lead to Coruscant also proved to be a set up that took the life of Raven and the other two assassins. Russel at the age of 18 was now alone. There was no motive, nor a perpetrator that Russel could identify in the death of his parents. It was not even clear why anyone wanted them dead besides the fact that they were spies.
It was at that point that the galaxy turned upside down. Smoke and flames from high above his current position were coming from the Jedi Temple. This probably explained why there were no authorities to interfere with the blaster battle that just took the life of his father. It turned out that the Jedi were traitors to the Republic! Indeed they had tried to assassinate the Supreme Chancellor and were only barely stopped from a full takeover of the Republic. Not that Russel had much use for the Republic or the Jedi anyhow so he was not so worried overmuch about this development.
His more immediate concern was for his own life. Russel knew that if his identity was revealed the same enemies that claimed the lives of his parents may claim his as well. Russel paid for a transport away from Coruscant. He did not know if he should try to contact the GenoHardan (they may have been the ones who had slain his parents) or if he should return to Bothawui or Duro. With such a tangled weave of deception and no clear answers Russel decided to stay away from what he knew. Instead he sought out employment in the underworld since this was his only viable skill and the legacy of his family, at least according to his father. So he went off to see the galaxy and hopefully one day avenge his parents’ deaths.
His brief time in the Underworld gave him a chance to uncover more information related to the death of his parents, more specifically his mother. She was on an assignment for the Empire when she was slain. Whether by an agent of the Empire as part of a double cross or by one of their foes, no doubt the Empire was to blame.
Russel heads to Sel Zonn Station in the outer rim to collect his thoughts and figure out what to do next, after all one man could not take on the whole Empire…


When Russel returned from the mission to Felucia, Senator Organa informed him that his network may have come across a possible lead on the death of Russel's mother.

A man named Jerel Holborn, who appeared in the underworld scene of Bothawui at around the same time the Wilcox moved from Duro to Bothawui themselves. After Leona's death Jerel quickly disappeared from the underworld scene there.

The senators agents believed it was possible that Jerel was part of the GenoHaradan, perhaps even Leona's handler.

Now his name had cropped up as part of a band of slavers known as the Iron Ring. The link was tenuous at best but it was hard to pass up a new lead. Organa's agents had a cover story prepared for Russel and a way to place him within the Iron Ring so he could get Jerse, alone and question him.

The last two weeks have been quite trying, a very unsavoury time. Now Russel may finally have his chance to question Jerel as he's managed to get assigned to part of a small delegation going to visit a supplier on Cato Neimoidia.


Jerel stares at you blankly for a moment before recognition dawns on his face. "You're Leona's boy! " he shakes his head, " You're not working for the GenoHaradan are you? She wouldn't have wanted that... Ah Drek, I'm sorry kid. Your mum was doing a job for some high up in the Empire, Vanis, no... Varta. Yeah maybe that was it. Any way she got too involved with her target and ended up finding out something big, so big she didn't finish her job. S!## hit the fan and I got wind that a contract had been taken out on her. " He shakes his head again and lets out a heavy sigh, slumping against the wall. " I sent her a warning and went to ground... been hoping around the outer rim ever since. Seems the GenoHaradan are just working for the Empire now! "

"Sorry kid, I don't know what she found out, she wouldn't discuss it over the Holonet... and as far as names go I only have Varta, like I said he was a high up in the imperial navy an Admiral... maybe it was Varce... oh and her target, I remember his name, Captain Jaedon Emerys but he's most likely dead or so deep in hiding that even the best of GenoHaradan can't find him. Best just to keep your nose out of it. Don't poke the gundark..."

Russel World of Darkness:
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Sloth

Intelligence 3
Wits 2
Resolve 3

Strength 2
Dexterity 1
Stamina 3

Presence 3
Manipulation 1
Composure 3

Academics 2
Computer 0
Crafts 0
Investigation 2
Medicine 4 9 Again
Occult 1
Politics 0
Science 2

Athletics 1
Brawl 1
Drive 1
Firearms 1
Larceny 0
Stealth 0
Survival 0
Weaponry 0

Animal Ken 0
Empathy 3 9 Again
Expression 0
Persuasion 2
Socialize 1
Streetwise 0
Subterfuge 1

Specialties: Riddles, Pathology, Motives

Resources 4
Unseen Presence 2 (Ghosts)
Professional Training 2
Contacts (Psychiatrists 2)

Size – 5

Health = Stamina+Size – 8
Willpower = Resolve+Composure – 6
Defense = Dexterity+Athletics – 2
Initiative Modifier = Dexterity + Composure – 4
Speed = Strength + Dexterity + 5 – 8
Starting Integrity = 7

Doctor of Medicine (Psychiatrist)
Bachelor of Science - Columbia
Doctor of Medicine - Pritzker School of Medicine
Income approximately $???

Age 35, Black, Male
6' Tall
245 lbs. (A bit overweight).
Hair Color Black
Eyes Brown.
Notable Features – burn marks on face, very old scars.

Tyrone Wilcox – Retired Police Officer – Lives in Florida
Keisha Wilcox – Retired School Teacher – Lives in Florida

Kia Wilcox-Harriman, Esq. – Clerk for Supreme Court Judge – New York City
Quentin Harriman – Asset Manager – New York City


Russell grew up in Newark NJ. As a young teenager he was involved in an incident with fireworks that messed up his face pretty badly (Low APP).
As his choices with girls shrank his interest in school grew and he managed to get into Undergrad in Columbia on a full scholarship in the Biology program.

He graduated in 3 1/2 years and went on to Pritzker School of Medicine in Chicago studying to be a Psychiatrist (partially to help himself).
Russell took a job in San Francisco where he met his wife, a young Chinese immigrant May Lee Hin.

After 4 years of marriage and 2 children things just did not work out and they parted ways. Russel headed to the east coast for am opportunity with a hospital in New Hampshire. He sees his children for an extended summer and often flies out to the west coast to see the kids.

Now Russell has his own practice but sees patients at Exeter and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center medical center a few days a week as well. To keep himself even busier, he decided to start teaching classes at Romney State University, keeping busier helps him forget the kids are not around as often as he would like them to be. Having settled in Romney as the median point between all of his jobs the part-time teaching gig just made sense. Russel has been living in Romney now for 6 years and quite enjoys it.

Russell is an amateur ghost hunter and has ghost hunting equipment. He also has a great interest in Anthropology and History (Anthropology being his minor in college).

What are his aspirations? Short 1 - Find a new love interest. Short 2 - Expand his practice so he can quit both hospital jobs. Long Term Goal - Have the children move out here with him but how?

What is the worst thing he's ever done? "Look doc, I know I need to be in therapy cause I am a therapist but I don't see how this question is... Alright alright fine. Look, my marriage didn't just break up for no reason, it broke up because I was cheating on May with a woman from work. She was attracted to me, who the hell know why with a face like mine right? I just, I couldn't resist the temptation, when I got caught I denied it, hell I still deny it to this day when May brings it up. It felt so right and I don't... I don't even feel guilty about it, Pretty terrible right?"

What is the worst thing I can imagine myself doing? "Geez doc, press much? Alright, I can imagine myself killing my ex. Not that I plan on it mind you! Just that I can imagine it to you know, get the custody of the kids back".

What is the worst thing I can imagine someone else doing? "Why does it matter? Ah because I might encounter someone like that in my practice? Fair enough, probably someone who beats kids or does something sexual to kids. That gets me really heated having kids of my own".

What have I forgotten? "I don't want to... I just don't want to talk about it alright! Silence

If you are not gonna shut up about this I'll just walk out".

After his return for his next visit.

"Still harpin on that? Alright, it has to do with my scars, I tell everybody that my face got messed up with fireworks but that wasn't it. I saw something, I don;t even really remember what it was and it saw me see it. Then it turned on me and it... it... Did this". Russel points to his face. "I can't explain it and that's all I'll say about it!"

What is the worst thing that happened to Russel? Russel has had car accidents, a major divorce, separation from his kids. Still the attack is what gives him nightmares, especially the ones he tries to forget...

How did he know Ricky Thompson? Russel taught Ricky in a Psych course, abnormal psych. Ricky was Russel's favorite student, so much so that they had dinner on occasion and Russel was going to write letters of recommendation for him. Russel did what he could to help the police on the case and still contacts the Detective from time to time to see if there is any break or any way he can help out in the case.