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Full Name

Ruprecht Scheinfelder


Advisor (Aide) Wounds:14/14 Resolve:3/3 Fortune:2/3 WS:38 BS:35 S:33 T:40 Init:34 AG:30 DEX:31 Int: 30 WP:30 FEL:38

About Ruprecht Scheinfelder

Name : Ruprecht Scheinfelder
Race : Human
Current Career : Advisor - Advisor

Personal Details:

Age : 20
Gender : Male
Eyes : Pale Grey
Hair : Golden Brown
Weight : 178
Height : 6'0''
Birthplace :
Status: Silver 4

Character Profile


WS 38 (3)
BS 35 (3)
S 33 (3)
T 30 + 5 + 5 = 40 (4)
Init 29 + 5 = 340 (3)
AG 25 +5 = 30 (3)
DEX 31 (3)
Int 31 (3)
WP 30 (3)
FEL 33 +5 2 = 38 (3) +20 with inhabitants of Ubersreik


Movement 4

Wounds SB +(2xTB) + WPB = 3 + (2x4) + 3 = 14

Resilience 1
Resolve 3

Fate Points 3
Fortune 3

Corruption: 1



Art (Dex) 31
Athletics (AG) 30
Bribery (FEL) +5 43
Charm (FEL) +5 43
Charm Animal (WP) 30
Climb (STR) 33
Cool (WP) +2 32
Consume Alcohol (T) +5 45
Dodge (AG) 30
Drive (AG) 30
Endurance (T) 45
Entertain (FEL) 38
Gamble (INT) 31
Gossip (FEL) +5 43
Haggle (FEL) +5 43
Intimdate (STR) 33
Intuition (I) 30
Leadership (FEL) 40
Melee (Basic) (WS) +5 43
Navigation (I) 30
Outdoor Survival (INT) 31
Perception (I) +10 +1 41
Ride (AG) 30
Row (STR) 33
Stealth (AG) 30


Animal Care (Int) 31
Evaluate (INT) + 3 34
Language(Classical) (INT) +5 36
Language (Brettonian) (INT) 31
Language (Wastelander) (INT) 31
Language (Reikspiel) (INT) 31
Lore (Riekland) (INT) +3 +1 35
Ranged (Bow) +5 (BS) 30


Suave +5 FEL

Just before he uttered your doom, the doomsayer died, his face frozen in a mask of horror.

Very Resilient +5 Toughness

Sixth Sense
You get a strange feeling when you are threatened, and can react
accordingly. The GM may warn you if you are walking into
danger; this will normally come after a secret Intuition Test
on your behalf. Further, you may ignore Surprise if you pass an
Intuition Test.

You are one of the rare literate individuals in the Old World. You
are assumed to be able to read and write (if appropriate) all of the
Languages you can speak.

Beneath Notice
Tests: Stealth when in plain sight
The high and mighty pay no attention to your presence, knowing
you are well beneath their notice. Assuming you are properly
attired and not in an incongruous position, those of a higher
Status Tier will normally ignore you unless your presence
becomes inappropriate, which can make it very easy to listen into
conversations you perhaps shouldn’t. Further, characters with a
higher Status Tier than you gain no Advantage for striking or
wounding you in combat, as there is nothing to be gained for
defeating such a lowly cur.

You just like talking to other folk and it seems they like talking
to you. You may reverse any failed Gossip Test if this allows the
Test to succeed.

You can blend in socially with the chosen group so long as you
are dressed and acting appropriately. Example social groups for
this Talent are: Criminals, Cultists, Guilders, Nobles, Scholars,
Servants, and Soldiers. If you do not have the Talent, those with
it will note your discomfort in the unfamiliar environment. This
is primarily a matter for roleplaying, but may confer a bonus to
Fellowship Tests at the GM’s discretion.


Character Creation
Characteristic Advances
Ag +3
T + 1
Int + 1

+5 Advances
Charm +5
Melee (Basic) +5
Ranges (Bow) +5

+3 Advances
Lore (Reikland) +3
Cool +3
Evaluate +3

Career Advances

Lore(Politics) +5 Career met
Language(Classical) +5 Career met
Perception +5 Career Met
Bribery+5 Career Met
Haggle +5
Gossip +5
Consume Alcohol +5
Perception +5

Talent: Beneath Notice

Extra xp 95xp

Ag +3 Advances 75xp Career met
Perception +1 10xp
Lore(Reikland) +1 10xp

Career Advancement : 520xp

T +4 Career Met 100 xp
Int +4 Career Met 100xp

non needed to improve

Gregarious 100xp
Etiquette(Noble) 100xp

Change careers: Advisor!! 100xp

20xp left.
Cool +2 20xp




Mail Shirt


Fine Clothing
Pouch ( Tweezer, Ear Pick , comb)
Writing Kit

Healing Draught x3
bandage x10
match x13

Morr Rose

silver ring from Osanna

Total Encumbrance : ( Max : )
Coins : 39 silver

Career Paths:

Aide - Silver 2
Characteristic Advances ; Toughness[x], Intelligence[x], Agility[x]
Skills: Bribery[x], Consume Alcohol[x], Endurance[x], Gossip[x], Haggle[x], Language(Classical)[x] , Lore(Politics)[x]
Talents: Beneath Notice[x], Etiquette(Any)[x], Gregarious[x], Read/Write[x]
Trappings:Writing Kit

Advisor — Silver 4
Skills: Charm, Cool, Evaluate, Gamble, Intuition, Lore(Local)
Talents: Blather, Criminal, Schemer, Supportive
Trappings: Livery


Campaign Notes:

paid silver to big bully to find out about mr moustache.

Nehekhara, which translates as the "Great Lands", yet is known now and forever as the Land of the Dead, was once a mighty and far-flung Human civilisation and is the homeland of the Tomb Kings.

The Vampire Counts are amongst the most legendary faction of Vampires to have ever terrorised the civilised lands of the Old World, all of whom are known to be the bearer of the unholy blood of the Von Carstein bloodline.

Common rhyme that most children learn...
Hawthorn bound and sharpened true,
Silvered blade the neck must hew,
Garlic, bloodwort, witchbane too,
Keeps thine flesh yet fair to view.
Blessed lance speared through and through
Holy verse will fiend undo.
If thou wouldst see dawn anew,
Harken well these lessons few."