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Joana wrote:

Only for newly-released maps during your subscription, however. That's not going to help him get this map.

@RunDM, Paizo's policy is to provide free digital copies only to GameMastery Maps subscribers, and only for new releases, not older maps. This encourages subscriptions, which helps them plan their releases and provides them with a steady monthly income that allows them to continue publishing. I'm afraid you'll either have to ignore the SAMPLE or pony up the price for the PDF if you want a clean copy.

I'm trying to keep more monthly income.. I taped mine to the wall and took a picture of it with my digital camera. I don't see why they couldn't include a smaller map sheet with the mat, or at least include both sides on the packaging image. Thanks for the reply! :)

jwood314 wrote:

How about multi color, magnetic bases, so we can easily attached conditions to them, or somehow easily attach conditions? My two cents. Not sure that it would work do to the size constraints, but who knows.

How about a pack of 400, to go with the three Pawn sets I just pre-ordered? I'd buy 2!! Of course, there'd be different sizes to include the larger models too. :)

I purchased this at Amazon.. is there any way I can get a thumbnail without the "sample" smeared all over it? I'd like to use them to plan new advenures... I know, the PDF, but I'm not a bank. :P Maybe in my downloads, please?

Would love to see bases for the Pathfinder Pawns for purchase, or are they already available, and my search skills need an upgrade?