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Unknown, but over 300 years


Cats do whatever they want, alignment be damned!

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Kitten, Full grown

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Ruji, v1.0:

Tiny Magical Beast/???

Hit Dice: 10d10 ( 100hp)

Fortitude: 2=2(base)+0(Con)
Reflex: 6=2(Base)+4(Dex)
Will: 1=0(base)+1(Wis)

Bab: +10 CMB: + CMD:
Languages: Most languages(can't speak, just understands), Communicates w/ Illusions,

Armor Class: 20=10(base)+4(Dex)+2(size)+4(Deflection)
Flat-Footed: 16 Touch: 20
Speed: 30ft, Fly 50ft(good)

Strength 7(5+2) Dexterity 18 Constitution 10
Intelligence 14 Wisdom 12 Charisma 13

2 Claws(1d2-2, x2, PS)+16
Bite(1d3-2, x2, BPS)+11

Acrobatics: 20=4(Dex)+5(Ranks)+8(racial)+3(Class)
Climb: 12=4(Dex instead of Strength)+5(Ranks)+3(Class)
Stealth: 33=4(Dex)+10(Rank)+4(Racial)+8(Size)+3(Class)+4(Feat)
Perception: 10=1(Wis)+6(Rank)+3(Class)
Fly: 15=4(Dex)+10(Rank)+3(Class)+4(Size)+4(Fly Speed)
Heal: 5=1(Wis)+4(Rank)

Feats: Weapon Finesse(HD 1), Stealthy(Bonus), Agile Maneuvers(HD 3), Combat Expertise(HD 5), Nimbus of Light(HD 7), Stigmata(HD 9)

Special: Scent, Poison Immunity, Darkvision 60ft, Low-Light Vision, Fast Healing 1, Alternate Form(Half-Fiendish Dire Tiger)

Family Guardian: A Family Guardian is a creature that has been sent or called to a particular family, usually to ensure it survives. Each generation, the Guardian choose one person to connect itself too, and that person will be it's new “master”, though one cannot really “own” a Family Guardian the way one would a cat or dog.

The full power these amazing creatures have is unknown, but it is believed there power is only as strong as those they choose to guard.

This Tressym(Ruji) has been the Guardian of the Antairus family for the past 300 years, and has developed the ability to create Illusions to communicate with family members. It is unknown if it was called for, sent by some higher power, or just decided to settle with them.