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OK, I think everything is set up properly now for my d20 WoG player account.

Why doesn't this one have the list of who to post as? (Morrow here again)

Morrow here. Count me in!

Karieth here, although I am entering the final stretch of a school right now and will be very hit and miss until mid June. Would love to continue, but will understand if being so iffy for a bit is too much.

Glorb is still present!

All of my d20 World of Greyhawk board players should post here as a 'roll call' so I know who is interested in continuing this adventure. Just type in the post box below and click Submit Post. All of you will be posting as a generic Player for now (like I'm doing myself with this post), until I get your character aliases (profiles) set up on this Player Account. Just tell me who you are in your post so I know who is checking in. Thanks!