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I rarely post on the Paizo messageboards.

I'm DMing Expedition to Castle Ravenloft right now. We are 9 sessions into it. The PCs just entered the castle for the first time last session and I have to say all 7 of us are enjoying the adventure quite a lot. While I agree that the fluff-as-written lacks a lot of atmosphere and the NPCs are indeed two-dimensional, these faults in the adventure actually allow the DM and the PCs to inject a lot of their own story into the plot. Maybe I just have an extraordinary group, but we have yet to play a single session that wasn't filled with creepy atmosphere and a genuine sense of uneasiness (and often downright scariness).
Of course, I'm not a regular poster on these boards, so no one will probably give my opinion much merit. ;-)

In real life I have seen guys well over 6 feet tall dating girls under 5 feet tall. I am 5'6'' so I think Lidda is well within my size range. I shall therefore continue to think Lidda is hot.

By the way,
I hate oozes.

Perhaps this has been addressed elsewhere, but:
What's going to happen with the Downer strip after Dungeon #150?

The Hidden.

Hi, guys.
I don't post much but I lurk a lot.
I wanted to chime in to say that I just passed the Minnesota bar and will be sworn in on May 11.
So add me to the ranks!

An intelligent artifact great club named Arthur Fonzarelli.

Oh my.
I cannot believe had incredibly lame this discussion has become. Religion? What's next? Hey, let's discuss politics! That should be a fun little debate!

Let's move the topic away from breasts --
I love Wayne Reynolds' style. He has a real knack for drawing very pretty faces for his female characters. I also love the amount of detail he puts into all his characters' clothing, weapons, and equipment.
More Wayne Reynolds cover art, please!

And by the way,
I hate oozes.

I take your meaning.

However, I've always understood that readying "banks" your action for later.

So, the way I've played, you can move and ready. I can't find anything in the rules that says otherwise.
Of course, I could be missing something.

Here's how I thought it could work --
Move 20 ft = move action
Readying = banking the standard action, in this case an attack
-- the triggering event happens --
Attack = the standard action goes off

That way, the character gets both his move action and standard action.
The way you're conceptualizing it technically allows the character to take two standard actions in one turn.

I agree that you can't ready a coup-de-grace, or any full round action for that matter.

Ultradan wrote:

Well, first of all, readying an action is a full-round action...

Second, your fighter wouldn't need to ready an attack against your opponent should he cast a spell, cause casting a spell already provokes an attack of opportunity if your in an adjescent square.

From the 3.5 SRD:

The ready action lets you prepare to take an action later, after your turn is over but before your next one has begun. Readying is a standard action."

Has this been changed?

Also, it can sometimes be a good idea to ready an attack against an opponent should he cast a spell, because if the opponent casts successfully on the defensive, you would not get your attack of opportunity.

By the way,
I hate oozes.


Hey, remember the ending of Age of Worms, when the PCs found out that their entire campaign world is a computer simulation being used to occupy their minds while their bodies were being grown for foodstuff by a race of aliens that had long ago conquered the world?
That was awesome.
What a twist!

5'6'' and 180lbs -- Thanks to my dwarven heritage -- All BEER BELLY!

heh heh


SQ Unnatural Aura - Dogs and other canines within 60ft sense the Postman's otherworldliness. This causes the canines to fly into a beserk rage (as a badger's rage ability) that does not end until either the animal or the Postman is dead.

Turbo Gorilla wrote:

To further underscore the pure randomness of the US postal service, I'm in Minneapolis as well and have not recieved mine yet.

I think my mailman is an aberration, but that's a conversation for another thread....

Oooo.. What type of aberration? Strange abilities, bizarre anatomy, or alien mindset?

I got it yesterday.
Minneapolis MN

Played: White Plume Mountain

DM'd: Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

Man, I love D&D!

Hi guys -- long time lurker, first time poster.
Just chiming in to say that I was surprised to see the new issue on the shelves of my local gaming shoppe. I usually get it in the mail before I see it there.
Anyhoo, if I recall, it had a reddish cover with an attractive woman surrounded by webs. I think it was supposed to be an aranea in its humanoid form.