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Full Name

Rowan Darkwinter




Cleric of Bahamut 8th




5' 11"



Special Abilities

Resist 5 vs dragon breath, 1/day gain +2 to saving throw just rolled, 1/day can spend minor action to increase any healing effect cause by encounter of daily power to increase by +1d6hp


Lawful Good







Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 17
Charisma 14

About Rowan Darkwinter

Initiative rolls with base +5 included: 6th: 17, 7th: 11, 8th: 13, 9th: 19, 10th: 7.

Hit Points: 65/
Bloodied: 32
Healing Surges: 8/3
Heal: 16
Armour Class: (Delver's Scale +2, Light Shield)24
Defences (Fortitude/Reflex/Will): 18/17/20
Initiative: +5
Action Points: 0

+2 to Wisdom
Bonus at-will power
Bonus Feat/Alertness
Bonus Skill/History
Human Defence Bonus: +1 to fortitude, reflex & will

Class Abilities:
Channel Divinity: Can once per encounter either grant himself +1 to either an attack roll or saving throw or turn undead causing any undead with a close burst of 2 to suffer a +9 vs Will attack that if hits does 1d10+5pts of radiant damage pushing them up to 5 sqaures away and immoblising them until the end of his next turn.

Healer's Lore: Any healing power he uses heals an additional +3hp*.

Ritual Casting: can employ this ability and knows a number of rituals.

Healing Word: Can 2/encounter spend a minor action to heal one person within a close burst of 5 allowing them to spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6+3hp*.(Used one)

Acrobatics (Dex) 4+1+0= +5
Arcana (Int) 4+0+0= +4
Athletics (Str) 4+3+0= +7
Bluff (Cha) 4+2+0= +6
Diplomacy (Cha)* 4+2+5= +11
Dungeoneering (Wis) 4+3+0= +7
Endurance (Con) 4+1+0= +5
Heal (Wis)* 4+3+5= +12
History* (Int) 4+0+5= +9
Insight (Wis)* 4+3+5= +12
Intimidate (Cha) 4+2+0= +6
Nature (Wis) 4+3+0= +7
Perception (Wis)* 4+3+7= +14
Religion (Int)* 4+0+5= +9
Stealth (Dex) 4+1+0= +5
Streetwise (Cha) 4+2+0= +6
Thievery (Dex) 4+1+0= +5

1st: Weapon Proficiency/Bastard Sword
1st: Alertness
2nd: Toughness
4th: Skill Training/Perception
6th: Armour Proficiency/Scale
8th: Shield Proficiency/Light

Weapons: Criticals do maximum damage normally
Basic Melee Attack: +7
Dragonslaying Bastard Sword+2: +12 to hit doing 1d10+5 damage note does an additional +2d8 damage on criticals and +2d12 damage on dragons on top of above.
When fighting a dragon spend a minor action to gain +5 to hit dragon ignoring its resistances as long as hit before end of turn.
Mace: +9 to hit doing 1d8+3 damage
Dagger: +10 to hit doing 1d4+3 damage

Basic Ranged Attack +5
Dagger: +8 to hit doing 1d4 damage

Powers (* Designated as having the implement keyword, please note these do +2d6 extra damage on critical hits)

Lance of Faith*: +9 vs Reflex doing 1d8+5 damage against foe within 5 squares and any ally that can see him gains +2 to their next attack roll against the same foe.

Priest’s Shield: +12 to hit doing 1d10+5 damage and he and an adjacent ally gains +1 to AC until end of next turn.
Special Note: This is when using Crio d'astro modify the attack roll accordingly when another weapon is used.

Sacred Flame*: +9 vs Reflex vs a foe with 5 squares doing 1d6+5 damage and any one ally thats sees him gains either 6 temporary hp or make a saving throw.

Divine Glow*: +9 vs Reflex to any foe within close blast range of 3 doing 1d8+5 radiant damage and any ally in blast range gains +2 to attack rolls until end of his next turn.

Daunting Light*: +9 vs Reflex against one foe within 10 squares doing 2d10+5 radiant damage and one ally who can see you gains combat advantage against that foe until the end of his next turn.

Searing Light*: +9 vs Reflex against one foe within 10 squares doing 2d6+5 radiant damage and the target is blinded until the end of his next turn.

Daily Power:
Guardian of Faith*: Can conjure a guardian within 5 squares who can move 3 squares per round and if a creature ends up next to the guardian is subject to a +9 vs Fortitude attack that if it hits does 1d8+5 radiant damage and lasts for the rest of the encounter.

Consecrated Ground: Close burst of 1 square which can be moved 3 squares per round and enemies who start off in the area take 1d6+2pts of radiant damage, any ally or himself who start in that area however regain 3hp and usually lasts until the end of his next turn but can expend a minor action to sustain it.

Utility Powers:
Bless: Close burst of 20 squares and lasts for the rest of the encounter granting him and all allies +1 power bonus to attack rolls.

Cure Serious Wounds: Can by using a standard action heal either himself or another as if they spent 2 healing surges (+3hp*).(Used)

Equipment: Standard Adventurer's Kit, Delver's Scale Armour (+2), Holy Symbol of Life (+2), Dragonslayer Bastard Sword (+2), Mace, Dagger, Light Shield, 30 gold pieces.

Rituals Known (If acceptable): Cure Disease (Lvl 6, Heal), Gentle Repose (Lvl 1, Heal), Raise Dead (Lvl 8, Heal)and Remove Affliction (Lvl 8, Heal)

Materials to cast Rituals: 800gp worth

Rowan's Dragonslayer sword is named "Astro d'crio" it is also called "Crio d'astro" but in either case its supposed to be translated as Starchild in common since it was reputedly forged entirely from a fallen star.

Brief History:
Former soldier and a cleric, Rowan spent most of his childhood in the military before being discharged where he returned to the life of a simple healer however matters have come to a head where he needs to don his scale armour and draw forth his sword and shield to help defend the innocent from the darkness once more.