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Full Name

Rova Moonbright


HP 146, AC 27 or 28, F+18/19, R +20/21, W +16/17, Hero Pts 3


Halfling circusfolk doomsayer 10












Circus of Wayward Wonders


Common, Halfling

Strength 3
Dexterity -45
Constitution 4
Intelligence 1
Wisdom 2
Charisma 3

About Rova Moonbright

Loot sheet

[ spoiler=Status]
HP 146/146
AC 27 (28, plus physical resistance 3, when inspired)
Fort +18, Ref +20, Will +16 (+1 to all with inspire defense)
Focus Points: 1/1; Hero points: 3; Halfling Luck [][]
Battle Medicine: Rova [], Thkrull [], Kennari [], Niksi [], Prism [], Unset []; Reflection of Life []; Reflection of Water []
Effects: Hunted prey (xx)?, inspired (defense, courage: +1 status to attacks, damage)?

[ ooc]Actions: Stride, Hunt Prey, Strike, Command an Animal[/ooc]

[dice=+1 striking shortbow (deadly d10, magical, 60 foot range, reload 0)]1d20+19[/dice]
[dice=Piercing damage]2d6+2[/dice]
[dice=Hunter's edge (precision/piercing damage)]2d6+2+1d8[/dice]
[dice=Shortbow (iterative)]1d20+19-5[/dice]
[dice=Piercing damage]2d6+2[/dice]
[dice=Hunter's edge (precision/piercing damage)]2d6+2+1d8[/dice]
[ ooc]Crit specialization: The target gets stuck to an adjacent surface by the missile. The target is immobilized and must spend an Interact action to attempt a DC 10 Athletics check to pull the missile free; it can’t move from its space until it succeeds.[/ooc]

Three-action eldritch shot:
[dice=Great Groetus! (+1 striking shortbow eldritch shot, deadly d10, magical, 60-foot range)]1d20+19[/dice]
[dice=Piercing damage]2d6+2[/dice]
[dice=Hunter's edge (precision/piercing damage)]2d6+2+1d8[/dice]
[dice=TK projectile]4d6[/dice]
[ ooc]Crit specialization: The target gets stuck to an adjacent surface by the missile. The target is immobilized and must spend an Interact action to attempt a DC 10 Athletics check to pull the missile free; it can’t move from its space until it succeeds.[/ooc]

[dice=+1 Filcher's Fork (Agile, backstabber, deadly d6, finesse, thrown 20 ft.)]1d20+18[/dice]
[dice=Hunter's edge (precision/piercing damage)]1d4+1d8+5 [/dice]
[dice=Piercing damage]1d4+5[/dice]
[dice=Filcher's Fork (iterative)]1d20+18-4[/dice]
[dice=Piercing damage]1d4+5 [/dice]
[dice=Hunter's edge (precision/piercing damage)]1d4+1d8+5[/dice]
[ ooc]Crit specialization: The weapon pierces the target, weakening its attacks. The target is clumsy 1 until the start of your next turn.[/ooc]

[dice=Fort (expert)]1d20+18[/dice]
[dice=Reflex (master, evasion)]1d20+20[/dice]
[dice=Will (expert)]1d20+16[/dice]

[dice=Fort (expert), inspired]1d20+18+1[/dice]
[dice=Reflex (master, evasion), inspired)]1d20+20+1[/dice]
[dice=Will (expert), inspired]1d20+16+1[/dice]

Rova Moonbright
Birthplace: Absalom? Maybe?
Gender & Pronouns: Female, she/her
Ancestry: halfling (twilight)
Background: animal wrangler
Class ranger; Level: 10
Traits: Halfling, Humanoid, Small
Deity: Groetus
Languages: Common, Halfling

Perception: [dice=Perception (master) (+2 circumstance bonus when using Seek action to find hidden or undetected creatures within 30 feet)]1d20+18[/dice]
Special Senses: low-light vision

Hit Points: 146 (10 class, 4 Con, 6 ancestry)
AC: 27 [+1 Armor, +4 Dex, +12 trained]
Armor Leather armor (+1 AC, +4 max Dex, -1 check penalty); Buckler (+1 AC, L bulk, 3 hardness, 6 HP [3 BT])
Armor proficiencies trained in light, medium, unarmored

Class DC: 28 (expert)

Speed: 25 ft.

Weapon proficiencies Expert in simple, martial weapons, unarmed attacks
Melee +1 filcher's fork (agile, backstabber, deadly d6, finesse, halfling, spear, thrown 20 ft.) 1d10 B, 80 ft., reload 1, hands 2
Ranged +1 striking shortbow (deadly d10) 1d6 P, 80 ft., reload 0, hands 2


Acrobatics (T, Dex)
[dice=Acrobatics (trained)]1d20+16[/dice]

Arcana (U, Int)

Athletics (T, Str)
[dice=Athletics (trained)]1d20+15[/dice]

Crafting (U, Int)
[dice=Crafting (untrained)]1d20+1[/dice]

Deception (U, Cha)
[dice=Deception (untrained)]1d20+3[/dice]

Diplomacy (T, Cha)
[dice=Diplomacy (trained)]1d20+15[/dice]

Intimidation (U, Cha)
[dice=Intimidation (untrained)]1d20+3[/dice]

Lore (Groetus) (T, Int)
[dice=Lore (Groetus) (trained)]1d20+13[/dice]

Lore (Pachyderm) (T, Int)
[dice=Lore (Pachyderm) (trained)]1d20+13[/dice]

Medicine (M, Wis)
[dice=Medicine (master, inc. +1 item bonus)]1d20+19[/dice]

Nature (T, Wis)
[dice=Nature (trained)]1d20+14[/dice]

Occultism (U, Int)
[dice=Occultism (untrained)]1d20+1[/dice]

Performance (T, Cha)
[dice=Performance (trained)]1d20+15[/dice]

Religion (T, Wis)
[dice=Religion (trained)]1d20+14[/dice]

Society (U, Int)
[dice=Society (untrained)]1d20+1[/dice]

Stealth (E, Dex)
[dice=Stealth (expert)]1d20+18[/dice]

Survival (M, Wis)
[dice=Survival (expert)]1d20+18[/dice]

Thievery (U, Dex)
[dice=Thievery (untrained)]1d20+4[/dice]

Ancestry Feats
Keen Eyes: Your eyes are sharp, allowing you to make out small details about concealed or even invisible creatures that others might miss. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus when using the Seek action to find hidden or undetected creatures within 30 feet of you. When you target an opponent that is concealed from you or hidden from you, reduce the DC of the flat check to 3 for a concealed target or 9 for a hidden one.
1st: Halfling Weapon Familiarity
5th: Halfling Luck (1st) [free] Frequency once per day; Trigger You fail a skill check or saving throw; Effect Your happy-go-lucky nature makes it seem like misfortune avoids you, and to an extent, that might even be true. You can reroll the triggering check, but you must use the new result, even if it’s worse than your first roll.
9th: Guiding Luck Your luck guides you to look the right way and aim your blows unerringly. You can use Halfling Luck twice per day: once in response to its normal trigger, and once when you fail a Perception check or attack roll instead of the normal trigger.
Archetype Feats
2nd: Medic Dedication: You become an expert in Medicine. When you succeed with Battle Medicine or Treat Wounds, the target regains 5 additional HP at DC 20, 10 HP at DC 30, or 15 HP at DC 40. Once per day, you can use Battle Medicine on a creature that's temporarily immune. If you're a master in Medicine, you can do so once per hour.
4th: Doctor's Visitation: [one or two actions] You move to provide immediate care to those who need it. Stride, then use one of the following: Battle Medicine or Treat Poison. You can spend a second action to instead Stride and then Administer First Aid or Treat a Condition (if you have it).
6th: Treat Condition: [two actions] You treat an adjacent creature in an attempt to reduce the clumsy, enfeebled, or sickened condition. If a creature has multiple conditions from this list, choose one. Attempt a counteract check against the condition, using your Medicine modifier as your counteract modifier and the condition's source to determine the DC. You can't treat a condition that came from an artifact or effect above 20th level unless you have Legendary Medic; even if you do, the counteract DC increases by 10. Treating a Condition that is continually applied under certain circumstances (for instance, the enfeebled condition a good character gains from carrying an unholy weapon) has no effect as long as the circumstances continue.
8th: Eldritch Archer Dedication
10th: Enchanting Arrow [two-actions] With a single whisper carried on the wind, you enchant your ammunition to make a foe more vulnerable to your attacks. Make a bow Strike. On a hit, the target takes an additional 2d6 mental damage. On a critical hit, the target also becomes stunned 1. The mental damage increases to 3d6 if your bow has a greater striking rune, or to 4d6 if your bow has a major striking rune.

Class Feats and abilities
Precision: You have trained to aim for your prey’s weak points. The first time you hit your hunted prey in a round, you also deal 1d8 additional precision damage. (Precision damage increases the damage you already deal, using the same type, but is ineffective against creatures that lack vital organs or weak points.) At 11th level, the extra damage increases to 2d8 precision damage, and at 19th level, the extra damage increases to 3d8 precision damage.

HUNT PREY [one-action] (concentrate) You designate a single creature as your prey and focus your attacks against that creature. You must be able to see or hear the prey, or you must be tracking the prey during exploration.

You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Perception checks when you Seek your prey and a +2 circumstance bonus to Survival checks when you Track your prey. You also ignore the penalty for making ranged attacks within your second range increment against the prey you’re hunting.

You can have only one creature designated as your prey at a time. If you use Hunt Prey against a creature when you already have a creature designated, the prior creature loses the designation and the new prey gains the designation. Your designation lasts until your next daily preparations.
Trackless Step When you move through natural terrains, you are difficult to track. You always gain the benefits of the Cover Tracks action in such terrains, without moving at half your Speed.
Nature’s Edge You always find the weak points in your foes' defenses when they're on unfavorable terrain. Enemies are flat-footed to you if they're in natural difficult terrain or in difficult terrain resulting from a snare.

1st: Animal Companion
2nd: Quick Draw [one-action] You draw your weapon and attack with the same motion. You Interact to draw a weapon, then Strike with that weapon.
4th: Monster Hunter You swiftly assess your prey and apply what you know. As part of the action used to Hunt your Prey, you can attempt a check to Recall Knowledge about your prey. When you critically succeed at identifying your hunted prey with Recall Knowledge, you note a weakness in the creature’s defenses. You and allies you tell gain a +1 circumstance bonus to your next attack roll against that prey. You can give bonuses from Monster Hunter only once per day against a particular creature.
6th: Mature Animal Companion Your animal companion grows up, becoming a mature animal companion and gaining additional capabilities. If you have the Hunt Prey action, your animal companion assaults the prey even without your orders. During an encounter, even if you don't use the Command an Animal action, your animal companion can still use 1 action that round on your turn to Stride toward or Strike your prey.
8th: Blind-Fight Your heightened senses allow you to instinctively detect unseen opponents. You don’t need to succeed at a flat check to target concealed creatures. You’re not off-guard to creatures that are hidden from you (unless you’re off-guard to them for reasons other than the hidden condition), and you need only a successful DC 5 flat check to target a hidden creature. While you’re adjacent to an undetected creature of your level or lower, it is instead only hidden from you.
10th: Incredible Companion Thkrull becomes a savage companion
General Feats
3rd: Skill Training (Religion) Become trained in a skill.
7th: Advanced First Aid: You use your medical training to ameliorate sickness or assuage fears. When you use Medicine to Administer First Aid, instead of Stabilizing a character or Stopping Bleeding, you can reduce an ally's frightened or sickened condition by 2, or remove either of those conditions entirely on a critical success. You can remove only one condition at a time. The DC for the Medicine check is usually the DC of the effect that caused the condition.

Skill Feats
Background: Titan Wrestler You can attempt to Disarm, Grapple, Reposition, Shove, or Trip creatures up to two sizes larger than you, or up to three sizes larger than you if you’re legendary in Athletics.
2nd: Battle Medicine [one-action] You can patch up yourself or an adjacent ally, even in combat. Attempt a Medicine check with the same DC as for Treat Wounds and provide the corresponding amount of healing. As with Treat Wounds, you can attempt checks against higher DCs if you have the minimum proficiency rank. The target is then temporarily immune to your Battle Medicine for 1 day.
4th: Continual Recovery: When you Treat Wounds, your patient becomes immune for only 10 minutes instead of 1 hour. This applies only to your Treat Wounds activities, not any other the patient receives.
6th: Ward Medic: When you use Treat Disease or Treat Wounds, you can treat up to two targets. If you’re a master in Medicine, you can treat up to four targets, and if you’re legendary, you can treat up to eight targets.
8th: Dubious Knowledge: You're a treasure trove of information, but not all of it comes from reputable sources. When you fail (but don't critically fail) a Recall Knowledge check using any skill, you learn a bit of true knowledge and a bit of erroneous knowledge, but you don't have any way to differentiate which is which.
10th: Advanced First Aid: You use your medical training to ameliorate sickness or assuage fears. When you use Medicine to Administer First Aid, instead of Stabilizing a character or Stopping Bleeding, you can reduce an ally’s frightened or sickened condition by 2, or remove either of those conditions entirely on a critical success. You can remove only one condition at a time. The DC for the Medicine check is usually the DC of the effect that caused the condition.

Bulk (typically 3.5 of 5; 10 max)
Magic Items
Reflection of life (resonant reflection, healing, magical) You regain double the normal number of Hit Points when resting (meaning you regain double your Constitution modifier multiplied by your level). The healing you gain from long-term rest is similarly doubled. In addition, you can focus this healing energy to accelerate your body’s natural healing processes even further. Activate [two-actions] envision; Frequency once per day; Effect You gain fast healing 3 for 1 minute. This amount of fast healing increases by 1 for every 2 levels you have beyond 5th level.
Reflection of Water (resonant reflection) Your body is infused with the essence of water and becomes adapted to its presence. You gain a swim speed of 10 feet and can breathe underwater. In addition, you can also focus this affinity to gain an additional effect. Activate [two-actions] envision; Frequency once per day; Effect You cast control water as a 5th-level innate divine spell. The area of water you control increases by 10 feet in length and width for every 2 levels you have beyond 10th level.

Combat gear: Leather Armor (2 gp, 1 bulk) , Buckler (1 gp, L bulk) , Halfling sling staff (5 gp, 1 bulk), 20 sling bullets (2 cp, L bulk), +1 filcher’s fork (1 gp, L bulk) , +1 striking shortbow (103 gp), lesser thunderstone, 1 dose cytillesh oil (10 gp) , 1 dose belladonna (5 gp)
Other gear: wooden religious symbol (1 sp, L bulk), signal whistle (8 cp, 0 bulk), adventurer's pack (bedroll, 50 feet of rope, 2 weeks' rations, soap, 5 torches, waterskin, 2 belt pouches, 10 pieces chalk, flint and steel) (7 sp, 2 bulk) -- on Thkrull, expanded healer's tools (50 gp, 1 bulk)
Animal companion gear: tack (4 gp, 1 bulk), saddlebags (2 sp, L bulk)

1,947 gp, 4 sp, 9 cp (updated after Danika's gift, then with this post)
Party loot: 1 gp


The daughter of a pair of End Times cultists, Rova grew up indoctrinated in the beliefs of Groetus and the belief that the current world is an impure predecessor to the next, clarified world. Only her youth spared her from some of the atrocities committed by the Heralds of the Incarnate Moon cultists, murders and foul rites designed to hasten the cycle so the next world comes sooner, when their souls will be part of the next cycle’s gods.

Still, as she grew older, she found that she just couldn't bring herself to live that way. Yes, the world will soon end, she knows, but instead of trying to hasten that cycle, she wanted to warn others and experience as much of the world as she could while she still could. Perhaps doing so would even identify some of the great heroes, artists, performers and others whose essence Groetus will collect and shelter to distill into purer forms to become the gods of the next world.

The realization made, she bid her parents a tearful farewell -- all agreeing it was unlikely they would ever meet again in this world -- and left them to make her way to Absalom, where she could warn more people than anywhere else (and surely would find a welcome reception for her warning). She never made it, finding instead the Celestial Menagerie and becoming entranced. This was the type of experience she wanted to have, and the circus' travels would surely let her warn more people than merely being in Absalom. She managed to earn a job as a laborer, though she soon found herself working with the animals, which she found suited her well. But as she realized the harm done by Mistress Dusklight, she realized she couldn't stay. She fled with several others (and of course Thkrull, the young elephant she'd helped raise), joining them to form The Circus of Wayward Wonders and perhaps finally get to start living a life that wasn't full of horror. At least until it ended along with the world.

Book 3:

Book 2: Legacy of the Lost God
Taking in Dusklight's circus, meeting Evora Yarket and Gigi, Fireproof Flynn, Mistdancer the pegasus, Carmine Iolara the tattooed woman, and Ufi the azarketi
Vision from Ulthadar the ghost's diadem in the Moonstone pool
Dusklight's note to Shrashek
More about the aeon orbs (under Kennari's spoiler)
The xulgaths' plan revealed; mentions of Sarvel Ever‑Hunger, Vesshak, House Shraen
Meeting Givzib the demon
Meeting Sir Ohlarik, and finding out about the entrance to Moonstone Hall
Exposition about Mistress Dusklight and the Celestial Menagerie
Meeting Constable Andera Paldreen and super-jerk Delamar Gianvin in Escadar

Chapter 3
First performance of Groetus’ Arrival
First encounter with an aeon orb
Balenni’s notes about the hermitage and Cavnakash; first mention of more powerful xulgaths in an abandoned temple underneath Escadar called Moonstone Hall
Balenni is a demon succubus!
Niksi’s version of Rova’s show
Rova envisions The End
Summoning circle in the tower
Malfunctioning magic in the tower?

Chapter 2
Harlock explains what's happened at the hermitage; more about Erran Tower, introduces the xulgaths
Harlock's journal at the Hermitage; mention of Erran Tower, xulgaths, aeon orb
Rescuing Father Nellyn in Abberton
Meeting Abberton's Mayor Jae Abber

Chapter 1
Interviewing the Rat Lady, who killed the Thunder; first mention of Balenni
Meeting Tarisia and Cannono, the grigs
The Rat Lady's camp
Fight with Nemmia the Rat Lady
We discover how the Thunder died
The rat tracks after the first performance

Rova's childhood:

Uncle Siberius