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Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day....I hope.

Anyone able to give a general overview of the Relic Hunter archetype for the inquisitor? What it gives up and what it gets in return.

I just wish mine would ship already so I could look at the the shipping soon email over a week ago.

Any word on when the PFS Chronicles will be available? I have some guys waiting to run it, but I don't want to do it before I can give them chronicles when they complete the first part.

FabioMatt wrote:
It's a shame that we can't get a Player's Guide out early so that I can entice my players and get them thinking about characters prior to the arrival of the first book!

The People of the Sands includes the player's guide.

Hoping for some new stuff for my default character choice: Inquisitor in service of Pharasma.

I was thinking about making a Sin Eater, Kinslayer, Preacher Dhampir Inquisitor. Preacher is just kind of thrown on there at the end. I like the Kinslayer aspect for backstory and end goal to hunt to his Vampire father. The sin eater works really well with the dhampir's Resist Level Drain.