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Druid(Storm) 1 Hp 20/20 AC (T) 16/18, Fort(T)+5, Ref(T)+6, Will(E)+9 Perception (T)+7










Stolen Lands


Sylvan, Taldane, Druidic

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 18
Charisma 12

About Roots-Sink-Deep


Reaching down deep into the River of Souls, the Elk Father drew forth a wayward soul, dripping with courage, wisdom and pluckiness!

The Root Leshy's blue eyes manifest a single drop of a tear, which obediently hoovers suspended upon his bark-like cheek. The 3' tall Root leshy stretches his vine-like arms upward over his head.
Feeling the duty laid upon me, I did what any nature spirit would do when called upon by Erastil. I reached upwards to grab hold of His hand and...

The excited (slightly dramatic) leshy begins to shake violently. The shiny bark of his body suddenly sprouts a coat of brambly thorns!
I am born into this world as Roots-Sink-Deep!

The proud root leshy stands still, keeping his pose for a full minute, before turning his blue eyes to his audience.

Seeing that the three caterpillars' attention has since shifted to whatever keeps a caterpillar's attention, Roots-Sink-Deep smiles.
Practice, practice, practice!

Stretching his vine-like arms out to either side, the Root leshy encompasses the whole of the terrain around them. Still addressing the now attentive-looking caterpillars, Roots-Sink-Deep continues his soliloquy.
The north is mostly rugged hills that are unsuitable for agriculture. South of the massive Gronzi Forest, the Rostland Plains are rolling fertile grassland and are the breadbasket of the entire nation. This is my hunting grounds! Erastil charged me with protecting this realm from my birth!

The Druid's blue eyes roam ever-watchful out over the farms and orchards that encompass this part of lower Bevoy. His longbow leaning on a tree within his reach.
Restov has been my home for ever!

The Root leshy stops speaking, his lips still moving, as he ticks off on his fingers a few times.
Or like 2 months. Something like that!

Stepping lightly from behind the grandstanding leshy, Marianne giggles.
And a most promising 2 months it has been, but Erastil has a mission for you, Roots-Sink-Deep.

The Hunter for Erastil turns to look upon the dryad. The leshy bows respectfully.
As He wills it! Where am I to go?

The dryad smiles.
Ever hear the story of the Stolen Lands?


Ancestry Leshy Heritage Root Background Hunter
Class Druid(Storm) 1 Deity Erastil
Alignment NG Size S Traits Uncommon Leshy Plant Fey
Perception(T)+7; Low-light vision

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
AC (T) 16/18, Fort(T)+5, Ref(T)+6, Will(E)+9
+2 circumstance bonus to your Fortitude or Reflex DC against attempts to Shove or Trip you. This bonus also applies to saving throws against spells or effects that attempt to move you or knock you prone.

Resistances & Immunities
Wooden Shield Hardness 3 Hp 12/12
HP 20/20
Class DC(T) 17
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
Speed 25'

Ammunition Arrows 20/20

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
Str 10 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 8 Wis 18 Cha 12
Acrobatics(T)+6, Diplomacy(T)+4, Nature(T)+7, Survival(T)+7, Tanning Lore(T)+2
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
Ancestry Feats & Abilities
Low-light Vision
Plant Nourishment
Leshy Superstition (1st; Ancestry)

Skill Feats
Survey Wildlife (1st; Background)

General Feats
Shield Block (1st; Druid)

Class Feats & Abilities
Deity Erastil
Druidic Order Storm (1st; Druid)
Druidic Language
Wild Empathy
Stormborn (1st; Order)

Free Fey Feat
Fey Influence (Dryad) (1st; Free)

Magic Tradition
Spell Attack Roll (T) +7
Spell DC (T) 17

1. Electric Arc
2. Guidance
3. Light
4. Scatter Scree
5. Gale Blast

1st level
1. Heal x2/2

Innate Primal Spell 1/1
Summon plant or fungus (1st)

Focus Spells Focus Points 2/2
Order Spell Tempest Surge

--- -----------------------------------------------------
Gp 15/ 1 Sp 5

explorer's clothes
Adventure's Pack (1gp 5sp)
Healer's Tools
Wooden shield
Bulk Max 5