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Cool, there was this very nice wizard at the Paizo help desk that directed me this way, hence the revival.

I am saving that link! Umm, what do I use to reference the latin numbers to other font letters. like 004A becomes what in calibri?

Sect wrote:
Does this help?

My apologies if this is explained somewhere else, but is it wrath or pride that has 2 symbols? Looking at the picture, I noticed in the top row 3 symbols but only 2 reference names with a total of 8 figures.

I like runes alot so I am really interested in knowing what they mean.

James Jacobs wrote:
Pathfinder 5's article about the Magic Of Thassilon explains that whole diagram a little better. As for virtues... these ARE technically the runes of the virtues of rule. But they haven't symbolized that for well over ten thousand years.

Question, I recently picked up the sihedron medallion at GenCon and Im trying to translate the other symbols besides the primary 7. Is there a reference source for them?