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pithica42 wrote:
The relationship with Nor does come up (at least) one other time in the AP in DS3. In that module, if they have a good relationship with him, he provides some tangential help in the background. You can always switch this up to some other organization if you don't want to punish your players, but it's something to keep in mind for when/if you make it that far.

Yeah, in this book it says that this relationship affects the players in the future, but sincerely I want to punish them, just because they cease to trust anyone for simple mistakes and overreact to any situation they just simply deem not just for them, they don't ask why stuff happens nor try to diplomatically amend relationships or situations, they just start hating immediately.

.. I don't get them.

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Jason Keeley wrote:

For Dead Suns, we used the Starfinder Society as a patron because this was the first AP and we wanted to make sure the PCs knew that the Society was an important part of the setting. They exist as connective tissue for the 6 adventures to make sure the characters have an idea of what to do next if the players get stymied.

If your PCs don't like the Society, you don't have to pressure them to continue to "work for" Chiskisk. Hopefully, they are curious enough about what they found on the Drift Rock to propel them forward. If not, you can always find another patron. Is there an organization in the PCs' backgrounds that have the resources to help them out? Perhaps they made such a splash on the vids they accidentally starred in that a big reality show producer wants to continue to film them?

As for Nor, its perfectly fine if the PCs don't trust him. His motives are his own and he doesn't go out of his way to make himself the PCs' friend.

OF COURSE! One of them have a Steward father MIA after following a corpse fleet lead in the pact worlds, he trusts the Stewards, I can use that.

I can even make the Stewards ask for the contact in Castrovel to the society showing a healthy and trustworthy relationship between both organizations.

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First time posting here, I hope this is the right place to ask for this kind of advice in this situation.

I played the SFS quest arc "Into the Unkown" for my players as an introduction, as none of us have played starfinder before.

with this I played it like they were already members of the society, but after the second part of the first book, where I mistakenly didn't pay them for the job, they exaggeratedly hate the society, like, in an abhorrent way, even though they were paid handsomely for the quest arc.

Also they wanted to explore the acreon and the drift rock before finishing the second part of the book, and asked chiskisk for a ship and a permit to explore them, but I played it off as like the society couldn't get said permit in a timely manner but they were trying to get one nonetheless, so they could still deal with the investigations in Absalon Station. That gave them an image of the Society as a weak organization with no power and corrupt (I don't even know where they got the corruption from).

Now that we're about to start Temple of the Twelve and that the first conversation with Chiskisk implies that they still want to be part of the Society, I don't know how to repair this relationship, or if being part of the Society is that relevant for the rest of the adventure in general.

I cant think of another reason why they hate the Society, they just do, it's absurd.

how can I deal with this situation?

Oh, they also hate Nor for taking away the ship from them, and I don't know if I should've done it, but made it like the Commander Eskolar just got up and left with the ship as they just forgot about it and never moved it anywhere.

What I was thinking was giving a late payment for the investigation, and a plus for cleaning up the Acreon and the Drift Rock from the Society, even though that was an agreement with Nor who now they also hate too.

Or I'm just portraying these NPCs poorly?