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Hello all,

Please cancel my AP subscription. Thank you!


I have a question, when you use the power of teleportation School Shift (Focused Conjuration school) can you make another action in round after using your power?. Or once you've teleported conclude your turn like a dimension door spell. The ability is seen as a swift action.


The money has already been admitted back into my account. Speak with my bank to see if it is your responsibility, because every time it happens here just losing money by the exchange.
Thank you very much for your help and I will contact you if there is a problem.

I have no outstanding charges. The 30/12/2012 is by the amount of 212.75 euros ($ 273 approx) on 05/01/2012 I receive the mail from Paizo Order # 1818234 in which I notified the shipment of my order. This order is consistent with the money charged on the day 30/12/2012. But the charge of the day 10/01/2012 from 213.10 ($ 273 approx) which is the same day of the billing that would not have to 30/12/2012 is billed to my account.
I have nothing pending shipment by that value. Due to the amount charged is the same it seems that the charge has been performed twice for the same article.


In my bank account you have charged twice for the same amount.
I paid 212.75 euros 30/12/2011 and 10/01/2012 I received another payment of 213.10 euors. The first payment if it is correct for this order: 1818234 but the second payment will not understand because I've done, please give me back the money as soon as possible.

I hope news, thank you very much.

Only one thing. Mordan Spire Elf extended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!