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Sure, rules say its fine. But as you say, would the GM allow it? i count (assuming you have 2 daggers out) 8 free actions or 10 if they dont have 2 daggers ready ~ Seems like alot.

Just play devils advocate here. What would happen if a level 2 dhampir died and could be brought back with a Raise Dead?

Greetings everyone and thank you for accepting me as a VC in South Africa

My main goal at the moment is to try get in-contact with all the gaming groups within Gauteng and to 'SPREAD THE WORD'.

I've recently started a facebook page - Pathfinder Society South Africa
And make use of a meetup group - Board and table-top gaming in Pretoria

FYI - We trying to get PFS going in Pretoria.

If anyone is interested you can email me directly :