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Horizon Hunters 3/5 *

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Wabo of the Gobclaw wrote:
I, Wabo, have just been initiated as a full Hellknight of the Gobclaw, with all the rank that comes with it. I look forward to uplifting my traditionally savage people, and giving those ancestries oppressed by some voices of Law to have a say in our orders. The Gobclaw Initiative is always recruiting those of so-called 'unusual' peoples to join the Measure and Chain! I have pamphlets right here - pictographical, if you prefer.

Hooray Wabo, Goblin Knight! *raises his silver holy symbol (mug) in toast* Riktukk hope to be Knight of Lastwall someday, proudly carry on memory of heroic sacrifice of fellow goblin Gibb Potsmasher in Golden Flame town. For now, Riktukk just sentry, but learning lots.

Horizon Hunters 3/5 *

Not much happening, Nox. Maybe we should find different bar. You got friends you can invite? Riktukk bring his.

Riktukk agrees, Desert Wind very nice. Zombie horse smelled though...

Horizon Hunters 3/5 *

Am I correct in understanding that the security system fog also provides the concealed condition to all creatures during combat?

Horizon Hunters 3/5 *

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Riktukk very proud to be Pathfinder! See many fellow goblinkind share unique skills with Pathfinder Society! Want to hear what adventures others been up to, so Riktukk start this four-room as place where many stories can be told and toasts made. Allkind welcome! Come, share stories about friends you make.

OK, Riktukk start... [steps confidently up to front of small stage in bar]

Riktukk Champion of CeeCee. Riktukk used to work at armory for not-so-nices, forced to stay for no reason. Riktukk and buddies get drunk one night, talk about how they make daring escape one day. Then, glowing longshanks appear and say he help us, trust and do what he say. Seem like good enough plan, so we does and now we free! Riktukk now travel where CeeCee says, liberate others and have great adventures.

Many good adventures so far. Meet nice pirate-captain-lady Cellophane and have great bar party. Let forest spirit dance in head and see spider-cat. Riktukk even make not-enemies with horse, to help new friends escape dead-not-deads land. It very challenging, had to muster all Riktukk's Will, but horse only eat oats and not Riktukk's hand.

What other stories we have?!

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Jared Thaler wrote:
Marc Waschle wrote:

I have read through the scenario, read through this thread and its seems that Mr. Duval intended the 5d6 damage from the checks that failed by 5 or more to be cumulative per failed check.

Am I reading, understanding this right?

I believe it is supposed to be 1 per failure, but it is also an hour long ritual, and the types of actions described it seems unreasonable that *all* of the hits would come at once. I would space them out over the in game hour.

Marc Waschle wrote:

IF it had been spelled out that way then I think our GM would have used one of the Sages to warn us that we were making matters worse and to quit our inept attempts at assisting.

I actually did have Amenopheus point out that this was a *very* difficult and complicated ritual, and that while help would be appreciated, clumsiness could weaken the ritual, not strengthen it.

I ran this the same way, spacing them out over the ritual for each effect and before others took their actions. Example:

“Crowe decides he’s feeling good about his ability to help set up a ritual and goes around cleaning debris from the area, etc. He moves a magical artifact that he didn’t realize is contributing to the overall balance of flow of magical energies that Amenopheus is trying to set up. Tahari siezes on this opportunity and sends a wave of magical feedback through the room. Everyone takes 3d6 damage. Amenopheus yells at everyone to stop mucking about if they don’t know what they’re doing. Next PC decides ‘maybe I better just assist’.”

Horizon Hunters 3/5 *

Does anyone else have an ominous feeling about the wording in the Torch's Respect boon?

"If you would die while fighting Grandmaster Torch or his agents..."

Why would Torch himself be fighting me? Why?!?! What do you know that I don't know yet!!? Tell me!! :-P

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
andreww wrote:
Justin Norvegicus wrote:
andreww wrote:
I have to say I was pleased to see an NPC finally using redacted
Casts anthaul on themselves and still needs to drag over the appropriately sized ban-hammer.
If its available to players it should be available to the enemy. It was enjoyable to have a scenario which felt genuinely dangerous.

I have no problem with that enemy having it.

players shouldn't have it, and as the new go to tactic for NPCs it would be annoying.

Plus, the spell only shows up in Tier 10-11, and the spell states "no creature of 9 or more HD can be affected...", so there's no PC danger from it unless you're the tag-along in a high tier party.

Horizon Hunters 3/5 *

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Emerald Spire: Splinterden

Faced with the two guards manning the main entrance and plinking us full of arrows whenever anyone even sets a foot around the corner, my Bard and another spellcaster decide "What the hey. Let's try something...". Both of us get off Charm Person, both guards fail their saves. The guards then, at our suggestion after convincing them that we bear no ill will, warmly invite us in and show us around the den. Introductions to everyone, sit down and have a nice warm bowl of gruel, chat with the troops. Have a nice chat with the den leader who doesn't object to us Exploring and Reporting as long as we can take care of a Gibbering Mouther problem in the holding cells.

Scenario cleared with only one combat, which was raucously cheered on by our new Splinterden friends...