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My guild-mates and I don't seem to have the goblin squad membership tagged on our forum posts. I can't seem to find anything on my account page to fix this.


How will shipping be handled? The shipping costs charged to my account assumed my full order. Now next month will be heavier as well. I wouldn't be so annoyed had I not been charged on the 7th. At least I've got my pdfs for it I guess.

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This system of support worries me (The comment that you could train lvl 7 but only support lvl 5 of the other classes). I understand the need to focus settlements, but in the long term a settlement will want a good mix of classes. Not being able to have high levels of every class living there can be a issue. And the support system seems to force people of certain classes to want to leave their cities to places that can hold them. Potentially breaking apart groups logistically, in the worse case it can push people to jump settlement to settlement as the support may not hold them.

My understanding is that nations will solve this. So it becomes a matter of will the support levels be tame enough to avoid driving people to that in EE.

This is what I see happening:
Morphius the wizard travels to learn scorching ray.
Morphius gets the Ray!
Morphius gets home and loses ray cause his settlement is crafting based...
Morphius quits company and moves so he can keep his ray.
The other combat classes get this as well and leave, now the crafters are open to attack.
Supporting all the roles is a good start. But maintaining at a level or 2 lower promotes segregation of classes by settlement.