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I couldn't find this with the search function, but I doubt I'm the first one to think about this.
Item creation rules say the price for a wondrous item is 1.5 to have it without slot.

Can I have a few amulet of mighty fists that are slotless? (not two times +1 as that doesnt stack, but 1 for flaming, 1 for +1 and one for shocking for example).

This would tranform a square progression of weapons a linear progression, with the problem that you can only stack a lot of little enchantments, two times +5 is still unbearably expensive.

For calculation:
4 times +1, once with slot = 3*7.5k + 5k = 27.5k
+4 item = 32k
this is the first time it is a better deal than a weapon.

So my questions:
1. is this allowed?
2. is this intended (= balanced)?
3. does this give the long wining monk the edge he needs to kick ass and chew some bubblegum?

Another more concrete example for fun, assuming budget of 200k (+10 weapon):
Or monk can get:
speed with slot: 45k
holy: 30k
corrosive burst: 30k
shocking burst: 30k
flaming burst:30k
Icy burst:30k
and still have 5k left which almost gives us .. +1

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I bet this has already been discussed on the board, but I can't find it.

Can I make a ninja/scout? Ninja has the stuff the scout replaces.

Quotes to note:
Alternate classes are standalone classes whose basic ideas are very close to established base classes. (thanks Sangalor for the quote)

PF reference document.
A character can take more than one archetype and garner additional alternate class features,

In my opinion they seem to contradict each other.

Edit: if they can be mixed, I would suggest to errata the first quote to "they are presented as standalone classes" if it's not too much trouble.

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Sunblade: This sword is the size of a bastard sword. However, a sun blade is wielded as if it were a short sword with respect to weight and ease of use. In other words, the weapon appears to all viewers to be a bastard sword, and deals bastard sword damage, but the wielder feels and reacts as if the weapon were a short sword. Any individual able to use either a bastard sword or a short sword with proficiency is proficient in the use of a sun blade. Likewise, Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization in short sword and bastard sword apply equally, but the benefits of those feats do not stack.

I have a problem understanding when it is a light or bastard sword, to be specific, can I use it in a grapple like only light weapons can be?
Also more importantly, can I wield it in two hands and gain 1.5 my strength as damage like light weapons can't?

As a GM I know you can't have cake and eat it too, but the rules seems to go both ways at the same time.

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I got a short look into UC today.
I really like the Beastmorph Alchimist, it trades useful fluff for boring abilites.

It states he "gains x abilities listed in the beast shape y spell when using mutagen. He may select two different abilities each time."

It seems to me that you don't have to imitate 1 beast, like the spell.
If I get constrict for example, how much damage do I do? Can I constrict as any beast possible by the spell, and then have darkvision like another?

So basicly I can choose the "best" darkvision with the "best" constrict?

thanks for answers

p.s. in my opinion the pictures in the previews were very far from the best in the book, there really is very nice artwork. "anime"-style is a minority.

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I tought about a build for the alchemist to deal a whole lot of nonlethal damage. Please check for mistakes and discuss. For ease of reading, I'll only post the important stuff.

Alchemist lvl 15 - Vivisectionist (sneak attack) - Beastmorph

Str: 16 (+4 belt)
Dex: 14 (+4 belt)

Feral Mutagen (you gain bite and 2 claws)
Greater Mutagen (+6 Str)

normal two weapon fighting
improved "
greater "
double slice

Sap adapt
Sap master

Improved unarmed damage
Knockout master

the beastmorph can gain on his mutagen:
pounce, grab, constrict, rake

amulet of mighty fists: merciful + 5

Now we look what the result is
While the ennemy is flat footed we can charge him and get:
6 attacks (with claw) + 2 rake attacks + 1 bite attack + free grapple + constrict

this should give:
6 times 1d6+8+5 14d6+28 +1d6
2 times 1d6+8+5 14d6+28 +1d6
1 time 1d8+12+5 14d6+28 +1d6
1 time 1d8+8+5 14d6+28 +1d6

I'm uncertain on the rake and constrict base damage as beastmorph doesn't need a "base" monster to take them from.

This will give

158 d6 + 414 + 2d8 = 976 nonlethal damage average

Thanks to rogue eidolon who gave the initial idea.

So what are your toughts?

p.s. I forgot to haste him, also enlarge and heroism and such. That will probably be around 1100 then.

Edit: by the way, people will be out for about a month if you hit them like that :)

After the scar hex has been called worthless and the like, the new FAQ makes it quite good.
Very good in my opinion. You can hex the creature from 1 mile away.
Anyone picturing a dozen old ladies deep in the dungeon cackling the whole day long to put fortune the whole day long on the whole royalty who have the "birthmark" of a crown on their buttox ...

Please discuss in a proper way if you like the changes or not.
In my opinion, it's good that it got technical uses, but that 1 mile hex is a bit too much.
EDIT: just wanted to say thank you Paizo for reacting to forum chatter, I don't want to discourage you from further improving some things.

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While thinking about two weapon pistols and reloading I came across a very weird rules bit that could be exploited, or is it meant to be?

While using a bow you can draw ammunition as a free action, thus multiple shots per rounds, so the important part is a free action between iterative attacks is allowed.

What stops a character to two-weapon wield the same one handed weapon? After his attack with his primary hand he "draws" the weapon as a free action (possibly with quickdraw) from the other hand.

I consider this an exploit because you only need to pay for 1 weapon, you always have a free hand (snatch arrows or new things from UC), you can reload the pistol without trouble.

Other than saying that switching hands isn't somehow a free action, I can't see why this isn't possible.

On a side note: feats like two weapon rend and double slice aren't formulated to be melee exclusive. However RaI is quite clear that it won't add your full STR modifier to the second hand while firing pistols.

Please discuss

I've searched for this thread, but couldn't find it, only a lot of sorcerors complaining that everyone gets their goodies.

What happens if a wizard takes eldritch heritage for the arcane one, only the first feat for the familiar.
The ability very clearly states that it stacks with wizard levels.

So what insane familiar would a lvl 20 wizard get?

What I think is:
38 HD
half the lvl 20 wizards hp, or does he add imaginary sorceror hp?
attack, saving throws, skills, same as HP above.

Natural armor adjustment: +19
intelligence: 24
special: ? wait for epic handbook
spell resistence: 33

If you had to guess, what improved familiar could a lvl 38 "wizard" have?
Colossal dragon? Balor?

So, is there any merit in taking twice the bonded item? (I think not, as wizard level doesn't matter)
Are my stats correct? What about HP, attack, saves ect?

What abilities would you give at epic levels?
How can you (ab)use 38 HD? My guess is poison from familiar.

Do you think this use was intended? (I doubt so, but it seems an obvious abuse)

In another thread someone had the idea of making a dwarf heavy-metal band.

I loved the idea and now I want to create one.

Arcane duelist, bard alternative (to get that guitarre flaming)

Ability scores, something like low int/dex, high Str/Con/Cha, with high being 14-16.

He has an (arcane bonded) adamantium greataxe which he uses as a guitarre (thus heavy metal music). Adamantium because it has to go through those stone stereos.
The axe will have the shocking and flaming ability because electric guitarres are cool, and he has to study the basics: playing a flaming guitarre with your teeth.

He wears a Forsaken Banded Mail, nothing says true gothic/metal/hardcore than insulting a few gods. I tought about having an unholy weapon, but as he isn't "truly" evil, that would probably be a bad idea then. Vorpal would also be pretty dark, however not very good and expensive as hell.
His helm is a real demon skull, no cheap chinese imitation.

Now has anyone got a good idea to make him more metal-y? Every clichee, every prejudice is welcome.

Please feel welcome to give fitting feats, equipment etc. I don't want a min/maxed one, however he should be playable and very true to metal.
About feats, I tought about improved sunder, however I'm not sure it fits that good.

p.s. I don't know much about metal, and altough I always tought they wear long wild beards, I can't think of a single metaller with a beard ...

Hi, this isn't very PF specific, I just collect opinions and ideas.
What can you use to generate a probability in RPG's besides dice?
What is your favorite option (dice included)?
Only rule, it should be generally easy to get.

My ideas:
Flip a coin
Playing cards
Tarot cards

From a theoretical point of view I'm aware that there are but two degrees of freedom, either you can't get the result from before (cards for example), and/or the order in which you get results matters.

Thanks for contributing and commenting.

p.s. ideas that would include the skill of the thrower are acceptable, as long as the "throwing/laying" doesn't take too long.

Hi, I quite like the witch, however I fail to figure out how to make a male witch that doesn't look very weird, this is mostly because of cackle. The ability is so good, I really don't want to let it go for RP reasons.

Has anyone a good idea for a substitute for cackle? For example "spell some magic words" instead, however that is a bit weird too.

Also some stylistic advice on a male witch is greatly appreciated.

I can't find anywhere why this shouldn't work, but I guess it's because the rules are too new.

Two-weapon wielding says nothing about melee and thrown only.
Reloading says nothing about the number of hands being used.

Can I create a gunslinger with two pistols, lightning reload deed (as signature deed) to attack as a full-round action?

Also can I take a free action between attacks in a full-round attack?

In short, can I get 6-8 attacks a round at lvl 11? (rapid shot, haste, and such)

It's probably WAY too late for this, but I still want to give a bit of criticism and solutions.

I think the gunslinger would be way better as an alchemist-based class, than as a fighter-based class.
Why? In sort of fluff: the alchemist is a user of self-made creations (bombs), and the fighter uses weapons other people have made and masters them. Further more the alchemist already uses more attacks against touch AC and the figher normally lacks this.
Also the range of guns (to touch AC) is closer to throwing bombs.

Problems with fighter:
- guns & blackpowder are expensive (see "too much wealth for first level" thread)
- guns get broken often enough, and the fighter doesn't seem qualified to repair them without a lot of skillpoints.
- blackpowder could be used my anyone to nuke monsters.

Solutions the alchemist could bring:
- guns could replace bombs and blackpowder could be skipped by letting the alchemist innate magic fire the bullet.
- the alchemist has enough skillpoints and alchemy skill for handling guns
- the innate magic the alchemist uses to fuel guns could explain better damage for higher levels.
- blackpowder wouldn't really exist for anyone, thus no powder kegs.

I think that guns replacing mutagens and bombs would do great.
To limit spellcasting, maybe spells that create bullets, thus the player has to give up a lot of gold or some spells per day.

The lower attacks seems reasonable for rifles, but perhaps less so for guns. But as reload takes its time.
Heavy armor together with guns somehow seems weird to me, but that's perhaps just my perception.

a minor problem that probably only will be in playtest:
a mage using major creation could probably create blackpowder. He could get very rich, and create powderkegs without problems.

Simple question that will probably use more interpretation as a firm knowledge of rules.

Can I create something with Prestigitation that bears my form? (statue of mud)

Can I create something with Arcane Mark that bears my face? (mark is my face with a big grin)

Also a question about the range of that spell, am I correct that every image of me has to be within 50ft/casterlvl ? I'm a bit confused because the spell says there could be thousands of things to hear? Does hearing 1000 conversations is more difficult?

thanks in advance

Hi, I wanted to make a prestige class for multiclass wizards and sorcerers.

I want it to be as simple as possible:
Prerequisites wiz 2 and sorc 3 (how to make this with skills and such is quite irrelevant I think) Why? so at lvl 20 he can have lvl 9 spells.

What it would get is, 2 skills like wizard, d6 hp etc, every lvl +1 casterlvl for both classes, and he gets bloodline and focused school bonuses as prestigeclass+according baseclass, and a full-lvl familiar or bond.

My guestion now, is this too powerfull? I mean he looses casterlvl for both spellcasting abilities, and a spelllvl.

I don't need any advice on additional flashy abilities like the theurge has, just plain too powerful, lower a specific lvl or highen a requirement or something,thanks.

Hi, first time I start a thread:
So I've got this character concept in mind for quite some time, and now Paizo has given a class that can play it (thanks for Inquisitor and Alchemist Paizo):

So I want to play an Inquisitor, probably Half-Orc, who seeks to destroy all evil. But he does this, without regard for the innocents, if he can kill the great evil wizard, but killing a few unimportant innocents, he will do so.
In addition to this, he is brutal (orc descent), but to make a point. So the evil clergy will get beaten to death on the street.

So in short, someone who attacks all evil, wherever it is, while using methods that are in fact evil, what alignement has he got?

LG is probably out of the question with killing innocents.
LE however, even if realistic, would make him want to kill himself.
So is LN the way to go?

EDIT: advice on deity and domain is also appreciated