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If you get the symbol engraved on your gauntlets, you would be able to very strongly present you symbol. As in punch them in the face with it. Now that is imagery I can support.

If you're gonna focus on charge and cheese is not a worry then there is always the "Giant" Gecko. Ceiling, and walls are now available for charges or you could just give your wolf lots of spider climb potions.

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A cleric who worships the god Plot. As in "I feel a strong pull from Plot to go down this tunnel." no Metagaming here.

yes I use Hero Labs and only have PDFs. The option of leveling up on paper and then making the hard adjustments on HL when I have net access is a solid one. I was also under the impression that pre-leveling was just as bad since you don't know that you will get credit for each game. The HL app for the IPAD does not allow leveling up currently though that would certainly solve this issue if they did. I do have paper copies of my character that I use at the table as well as the digital ones. The App has its advantages as a tool as well as the paper sheet.

Thanks for all the responses

If I play a full day (or weekend) at a Con and my character gains enough XP in the middle of the Con to level up but I do not have a way to level him up as my Laptop is not available do I have to stop playing him until I can get him lveled up or can I level him up when I get back home?

my son and I are looking to come and play all day Saturday but are currently unable to sign up for any games. Will there be open spaces at tables for walkups?

After having looked through the events listed I am not seeing PFS at A-Kon. Is anybody planning on running any PFS tables there and if so how can I get signed up to play.

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