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Reinala, recovering after the thought of having to take a life - even that of an orc - shakes herself and says, "I'm sorry, of course, yes. This way, please, Mel."

She leads the archer to a small side room, with little more than a small bed. There's a small clay pitcher and basin on the ledge of the window. On one wall hangs a needlepoint of a key next to a bow and arrow - the well known symbols of Abadar and Erastil.

"This was Vors' mother's room, when she lived with us in her last days," Reinala offers. "A fine woman, from the city, but committed to the country by marriage. A familiar tale for me - though I didn't always appreciate how she tried to take over parenting the children. Goodwife Higgins has used it the last two nights, but she will be content by the fire for now, and then she'll be back once we are through this. Do you need something to eat? Or drink? I don't know where Vors put that whisky, but there's surely something around here if you need it."