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Hey all,

I'm going to be playing in a RotL campaign this summer, and I'm strongly considering taking some item creation feats (as is the rest of the party). However, I'm curious - does the module allow for sufficient downtime in order to make proper use of these feats? I'd hate to take them and only get to use them once or twice throughout the entire campaign series. Our GM is still reading over the books, and it is his first time trying to run a game, so I don't want to bug him for extraneous details on items he doesn't have a lot of experience with yet.

As a secondary question - how does the campaign (and Paizo in general) manage magic items? Don't list them or anything - I'm currently hoping to do an elven fighter with a curve blade, but I keep staring at that 'rare' adjective in its description and worrying I'll never see a magical version of it. Does Paizo generally have an 'insert party's favored equipment' magical item option, or does it stick with the 'man I hope you like magical morningstars, cause that's all we're getting' concept?

Hi all,

I've been pouring over the new book (I'm going have to change my monk... AGAIN). I'm looking at the new vital strike series - I like them! I originally avoided them for my monk because I felt they would be "silly powerful." Now? They're pretty cool.

So, my question...

Most of the new feats for attacks mention they use a standard action (cleave, gorgon's fist, etc.). Vital strike does not - it's "part of an attack action." A single attack for extra damage (woot!). The rules for charging (which are oddly placed for such a major action, btw) mention you get an attack, and seem to imply that it works like the normal attack action. As such, I am of the opinion that you can vital strike as part of a charge.

Does that seem correct or incorrect to anyone else? Anyone else want to weigh in with an opinion?


Hey all,

So my friends and I are starting up a new D&D campaign, and we've decided to give Pathfinder a go. Everyone is excited about finally playing 20 levels worth of the base classes without feeling like a doof.

I'm playing a monk! =D

So, my 10th level monk has decided to snag Medusa's Wrath - my companion will be a nice little wizard girl who will probably toss around a few status effects on my enemies, so being able to take advantage of that option seems good to me. My GM likes the feat too, but we had a question for the higher ups: Can the monk's ki pool ability to add an additional attack stack with the extra two attacks from Medusa's Wrath?

Mechanically, I don't see a reason why it wouldn't. But the wording is muddled between everything (and also if you take MW at face value, it's useless to a monk with flurry of blows anyway). Right now, we're leaning towards a 'no' just to keep my monk from making more unarmed strikes than a room full of taichi practitioners.

Thoughts from the experts? Appreciation in advance!

...over the sound of how awesome this setting is. I'm GIDDY. GIDDY I tell you. 155 pages of crunchy goodness on countries! 30 pages on religion! A bloody PLANAR DESIGN! Oh my goodness gosh I couldn't be HAPPIER to see a planar design! I am HOPPING right now. Lord, it's going to take forever to go through all of this, and I WELCOME it. I haven't been this happy since the day I thought that Eberron was a decent system. Except I don't think this one will disappoint me once my players reach level 12. I'll have a few dozen questions for the experienced people in the know (once I let this all sink in a bit more).

But for now... anyone find a reference for the cost of reloading firearms? They mention the expense of gunpowder, but no real numbers are listed. Another book, perhaps?