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Vic Wertz wrote:
Frayed Knot wrote:

Who should I expect to deliver my order? USPS? UPS? Fedex?

I'm in central North Carolina
I believe that most US orders will be delivered by USPS.

I really hope some deliveries in the US aren't USPS, as they apparently don't have anything scheduled to come to my house for the next 7 days... I know it isn't Paizo's fault but it still makes me sad.

Drejk wrote:

Page 294, bottom right:


When most creatures reach 0 Hit Points, they die, unless

the attack was nonlethal, in which case they are knocked
out for a significant amount of time (usually 1 minute
or more). When undead and construct creatures reach
0 Hit Points, they are destroyed. Player characters don’t
automatically die when they reach 0 Hit Points. Instead,
they are knocked out. Villains, powerful monsters,
enemies with healers or regeneration, and any other NPCs
at the GM’s discretion are knocked out like a PC as well.
Basically enemies die or are destroyed, unless they have some sort of special ability (e.g. vampires, trolls), act in intelligent groups that could stabilize and heal the fallen, or when GM simply says the particular enemy is important enough to be affected by dying rules instead.

Wow, literally 1 page from where I was looking for it...I feel dumb. Thankyou for the answer tho.

I am curious, is the dying condition just used for player characters, or are those rules also used for enemies? After reducing an enemy to 0 hp do they instantly die, or do they get knocked out? Thankyou.