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About Razule Yrrum

Background skills and expanded skills (pages 46-53)
Alternate crafting and profession rules (pages 72-81)
Skill unlocks (pages 82-87) (if I can use the suggested Signature Skill feat on on page 82 since I'm not a rogue)
Wild magic (pages 147-148)
Overclocked spells (page 148; I will run this with the wild magic, so if you fail, you'll get a wild magic event)
Esoteric components (pages 150-155; the "optional" variant)
Automatic bonus progression (pages 156-157)
Dynamic magic item creation (pages 180-191)

Razule was a kid snatched up by Lamm's goons back when he was very young. Since then he's been trained and abused by the fickle man. He spent his life as a Little Lamm doing his best to take the brunt of Lamm's anger and save the younger kids from it as much as he could. As a result, he's covered in scars he's proud to have.

Years after his capture Razule found an old, battered book of alchemy recipes and tried them out in secret with the materials he could steal. He was caught trying to sell these potions and, after yet another beating, forced to make them day in and day out with less than suitable materials. He never received any thanks or payment, but he knew better than to expect any by now. His work has gotten him a sort of acquaintanceship with a local alchemist(Jerak Archecal, who is also a trained healer) that buys the potions Lamm sells.

His thievery has also gotten him noticed by two people. One is a nice even lady(Kayanna Elistairy) who owns a bakery he tried to swipe food for theLittle Lamm's from, and one is the old ex-captain of the city guard, a gruff Korvosan named Flint. Lamm shamed Flint long ago, and now no one will believe the old man's rants about Gaedren's criminal activities.

Years of work later, Razule is now accomplished alchemist despite the lack-luster conditions and supplies, Raz seeks to find some way to free himself from Lamm's control.

And that means getting the Little Lamms free first...