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Thanks, i will check that. It will be better if Paizo delivers the missing map

In Getting Started it is written that "Tamily produces a map from a pouch at her side, unrolls it, and shows the heroes the camp’s location. “It’s right here, about six miles down the road.” You can show the players the map on the inside front cover of this book..."
But i do not find the map inside front cover. I miss something ?

I have some difficulty in explaining the origin of the dungeon under the fishery. In the first level, there is a forgotten crypt, forgotten shrines of Gozreh and Abadar, an abandoned storeroom (for an building above but with no access), etc. Do you have any ideas about who created this dungeon or what is its origin?

In the Requirements for Pathfinder Prestige Class (Pathfinder Delver, Pathfinder Savant, etc.) there is no input about the fact that the player is member of Pathfinder Society.

This means that a player not member of the Pathfinder Society but having the Requirements can take this kind of Prestige Classes ?

Runelord saga are setted in a relative little area (a kingdom size).
A bigger world setting will be released later ?

Christopher West wrote:

The chapel itself is made up of three tiles, while the fourth tile represents a side-structure, like a sacristy or antechamber.


Yes Christopher this help a lot

Thanks to you

I have some trouble with the maps. I can't link the map of the chapel(zones 1,2,7) and the map of the other building (zones 3 to 6). They are two separated buildings ? What are the position of 2 two zones ?