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In the Requirements for Pathfinder Prestige Class (Pathfinder Delver, Pathfinder Savant, etc.) there is no input about the fact that the player is member of Pathfinder Society.

This means that a player not member of the Pathfinder Society but having the Requirements can take this kind of Prestige Classes ?

Runelord saga are setted in a relative little area (a kingdom size).
A bigger world setting will be released later ?

Christopher West wrote:

The chapel itself is made up of three tiles, while the fourth tile represents a side-structure, like a sacristy or antechamber.


Yes Christopher this help a lot

Thanks to you

I have some trouble with the maps. I can't link the map of the chapel(zones 1,2,7) and the map of the other building (zones 3 to 6). They are two separated buildings ? What are the position of 2 two zones ?