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Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:

One has to wonder what happens if brown mold gets dropped into a volcano.

There has to be some state at which brown mold goes dormant or otherwise stops growing. Otherwise you have entire deserts blanketed with brown mold in an afternoon and active volcanoes clogged with the stuff like very large magma-filled zits.

It should also be determined what level of mundane cold will kill it. Alchemists with alcohol and mercury thermometers in cold climes would have samples exposed and see at what temperature it dies.

Probably the best solution for the "brown mold covers the planet" scenario is to make it so that brown mold is not immune to its own cold, so once a colony reaches a certain size, it freezes itself to death.

That's probably why it's stated as coming in patches of 5' diameter, because if it gets too large it starves/freezes itself to death.

Also, Deserts get pretty cold at night, so that would kill it or at least slow its spread.

How about stuff for Half-Elves?

Thanks guys, I've got a few great ideas now.

I'm working on my BBEG for a campaign I'm running. The PCs have met the BBEG before and know that he can cast teleport, so they plan on Dimensionally Anchoring him at the start of the fight.

I'm trying to make the BBEG still be able to teleport around the battlefield after being dimensionally anchored to keep the party on their toes. So far the only things I have come up with is Shadowdancer's Shadow Jump and maybe Abundant Step.

I wanted to make sure that Supernatural Abilities like Shadow Jump are not stopped by Dimensional Anchor. Also, I was wondering if someone using those abilities could use them such that only they go along (in case he gets grappled) like a level 20 wizard choosing to only shoot one magic missile.

Francis Kunkel wrote:

1. So just to clarify, a fighter with a reach weapon threatens all X...

and concequently does not get an AoO if an opponent approaches his diagonal.
2. Cool, you guys are awesome! Thank you so much for the quick answer!
3. I don't really understand. If a mage took a five foot step back, a fighter with a reach weapon threatening that mage would only get to step up 5' to maintain threat, right?

e.g. if F=Fighter O=blank spot M=Mage
Start -> mage's 5' step -> step up

w/reach weapon
w/o Reach weapon
FM -> FOM ->FM

Still only a 5' step?

I'd probably house rule that he can AoO when someone approaches diagonally because they would be passing through a 10' circle threatened by him. He doesn't threaten the corner squares because a 10' circle doesn't even reach into those squares. AoO's on someone standing in the corners just seems silly if the weapon won't reach into those squares, but if someone passes over the 10' line to get to you, then you should get an AoO.

Big Stupid Fighter wrote:

You need a rogue, and you need a heavy duty frontliner, so split the difference.

Strength 17 +2 Human=19
Dexterity 16
Constitution 13
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 11
Charisma 9

1-Fighter-Power Attack, Weapon focus- Greatsword, Dazzling Display
3-Rogue-Intimidating Prowess, Rogue Talent -Trap Spotter
5-Rogue-Skill Focus-Intimidate, Rogue Talent- Bleeding Attack
7-Fighter-Cornugon Smash, Shatter Defenses
9-Rogue-Iron Will, Rogue Talent- Slow Reactions
11-Rogue-Improved Iron Will, Rogue Talent- Surprise Attack
Onwards- Whatever you prefer

First ability point into Strength, next Constitution, then all Strength.

Full movement speed and skill use in Mithral Full plate courtesy of Armour Training, and you need no flank to sneak attack. Using Cornugon Smash you make your opponents flat footed with your power attacks, and cut them to pieces in melee with your sneak attacks.

This kind of character is a thug, and an interesting change from the typical frail duel wielding rogues people like to use.

Oh also, your monk friend will LOVE you, since all the foes you are making flat footed automatically trigger his Medusa's Wrath feat, meaning he will destroy in combat as well.

**Edit** Hells, just noticed Core and APG only, Cornugon Smash is in the Pathfinder Cheliax companion, is that accessible to you?


Alchemist can tank, but he would have to build into it to be good at it. A Monk is not good enough damage dealer to be your main one.

I know it's a long way off, but when you make the staff try to have a very specific idea in mind for its purpose, like why its listening to you and what it wants to do(assuming the DM lets you pick it). If it wants only to protect you, what will it decide to do once it realizes you are going to die someday? Will it try to turn you into a Lich or a Vampire? If its got a big enough ego it might even try to make you build a large easily defensible castle to sit in for the rest of your life while unseen servants farm and bring you food.

Shouldn't Block Chakra's be WIS based instead of CHA based? That's what stunning fist and most monk abilities are based on.

Make his ki pool to over come damage (eg ki pool(adamantine)) progress at least at the same rate as a normal Monk, because that only makes sense.

Maybe give him Diamond Soul at high levels because a normal Monk would be getting it around that time and it helps him to deal with spellcasters he can't counterattack.

Just ready Light targeting his weapon, (I'm surprised no one mentioned this earlier) then he chooses between HiPS and a weapon. Faerie Fire, Glitterdust, Blindsense, or lighting him on fire would also do the trick.

EDIT: or target his shirt with light

One time my Wizard friend cast Fly, Greater Invisibility, and Polymorphed me into a giant whale, so that I would fly 10 feet above an enemy and drop as a free action to deal max falling damage every round. If you set your wizard up to work with a bodyguard you can do just about anything.

The same wizard also got a 4th level fighter loyal to him from the Deck of Many Things and he used Create Greater Undead to turn him into a Wraith. Keep in mind you could always use Create Greater Undead to turn your bodyguard into undead if he ever dies, or just get a bunch of low level followers loyal enough to die for you and make your own undead army.

EDIT: When you have a level 13 cohort following you you can have up to a total of 48 low-level followers as well. You could turn one of them into a shadow and have that one attack all the others one by one and turn them all into shadows, or wait until you're level 16 to make them into fairly stronger wraiths. (Shadows are only CR 3, but 48 of them makes CR~14)

I would suggest getting 4 levels of monk, maybe alternating every other level for a bit. Ki pool is very useful and you can at least use the AC boost ability.