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Full Name

Rangnir Gudrunson


Dwarf [ST:3 TO:3 AG:2 INT:4 WIL:4 FEL:3 Wound:14]


Apprentice Runesmith [Fatigue:0 Stress: 0 Def:0 Soak: 6 Active Def: Block] {Party Sheet:Glory Hounds [][][][][][][][]}







Special Abilities

see stats


The honored ancestors of the dwarven people

Strength 3
Dexterity 2
Constitution 3
Intelligence 4
Wisdom 4
Charisma 3

About Rangnir Gudrunson

20p Skills 3, Wealth 3, Talents 2, Actions 1

Dwarf / Azgaraz
- Children of Grungni
- Grudge
- Sturdy
- Night Vision

Career Name:

Apprentice Runesmith
Career Traits:
Academic, Basic, Runesmith, Specialist
Primary Characteristics:
Intelligence, Willpower
Career Skills:
Discipline, Education, Intuition, Observation, Tradecraft
Action: 1
Talent: 3
Skill. 2
Fortune: 1
Conservative: 2
Reckless: 0
Wounds: 1

Focus: I seem to recall...
Exhaust this card to add two fortune dice to any intelligence check
Focus: Well read
Gain one fortune die on Folklore and Education checks
Career Card:
Appretice Runesmith

Spend 1 or more fortune points to enhance the attack with the rune-inscribed weapon, gain +2 damage

Increases Soak Value of Armor by 1


Strength: 3
Toughness: 3
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 4
Fellowship: 3

Wound Threshold: 10+3+1=14
Fortune Points: 1
Basic Skills:

Athletics (ST)
Ballistic Skill (AG)
Coordination (AG)
Intimidate (ST)
Resilience (TO)
Rid (AG)
Skulduggery (AG)
Stealth (AG)
Weapon Skill (ST)+
Charm (FEL)
Discipline (WP)
First Aid (INT)
Folklore (INT)
Guile (FEL)
Intuition (INT)
Leadership (FEL)
Nature Lore (INT)
Observation (INT) +
- Minute Details
[spoiler=Advanced Skills]
Education +
- History
Tradecraft (0)


Education – History
Observation – Minute Details

Action Cards:

Assess the Situation
Guard Position
Melee Attack
Perform a Stunt
Ranged Attack
Saga of Gazul

Special Abilities:

Name: Hand Weapon (Axe) Damage: 5 Critical: 3
Name: Dagger Damage: 4 Critical: 3 Special:fast


Name: Chainmail Defence: 0 Soak: 3 Enc 6


Fine, sturdy clothes
Writing tools
Some sparse dwarven waybread

Encumberance 15
Critical Wounds
Gold: 4

3 Conservative / 1 Reckless

Career Advances
Action Card:
Skill Training or Specialty:
Background and Personality:

Rangnir is the spawn of a proud family from clan Morgrim. Even the name of the family, Gudrunson, is worn with a certain pride, as it literally means ‘good rune’ and is was the name of one of the few female runesmiths of reknown.

Rangnir however proved to be a challenging child. Besides following the footsteps pf his family as a future runesmith, he has a second obsession that he follows with at least the same fervor – he is a scholar of dwarven history. Not that there was anything inherently wrong with that – but in his case, the obsession brings forth some quirks that many dwarves find irritating (dwarves! Most humans probably would not notice the difference from other scholary, obsessed dwarves…)

- Rangnir is obsessed with age and history. An ingot or a coin minted before the War of Vengeance might be as precious to him as the work of the finest goldsmith. His interest still would not be the vulgar greed for gold, but the admiration of the subtle, sometimes unseen artsmanship of time and history themselves – while a master dwarven goldsmith may spenda hundred years perfecting a piece of jewelry, only master time can spend thousands of years subtly changing texture, color and soul of even the most basic piece of metal.

- He reveres Grungni, of course, but the great deeds that make him shine beyond the shores of his time to him are not his great craftsmanship or the knowledge of the runes, but rather the fact that he taught the dwarves this skills.

- Sometimes clashed with the priests when he questioned traditional songs and stories in the light of ancient writings and common sense. He sees it as the greatest honor for the ancestors to try to find and remember their true stories.

- His master is irritated by his thirst for knowledge beyond and sometimes even regarding the traditions of the clan and the stout folk. He (wrongly) fears Ragnald may disregard traditions (while he really hopes that the knowledge about the roots and history of traditions will strengthen their hold in the dwarven mind and heart). In consent with Ragnalds family he thought of a ‘cure’ for Ragnalds questioning attitude, that most dwarven minds will understand as wise and insightful. He decided the young Apprentice was to be sent to the realms of men, where his eyes and mind might learn to value the traditions of dwarvenkind by witnessing the faults of a culture with all the potential for greatness but devoid of the roots that gives the dwarves their strength.

- While normally no Runesmith would be interested in crating the same set of runes twice, for Him there might be an exception. Lets assume he created a mighty warhammer with a perfect set of three runes, but later learned about a legendary runesmith who created an axe lost in the mists of history after turning the tide of a battle still remembered by his proud scions, he might be tempted to lay the same set of runes into a perfect replic of such an axe, not from the ignorant notion of recreating the original weapon, but to get closer to a moment in the history of his clan.