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Full Name

Ranerius Bernerius


Italian (Toreador)




Five foot eight inches


Embraced at Age 35

About Ranerius Bernerius

Ranerius Bernerius
Nature - Innovator
Demeanor - Gallant
Generation - 6th
Sire - Francois Villon of Paris

Max Blood Pool /Current 30/18 (As of 9/16)
Max Trait Tating - 7
Blood points Per Turn -6

XP Earned - 116
Total unspent- 7
XP Spent - 109

XP Expenditures: (So far)to raise expression to 3, Stealth and etiquette to 2 and performance 3,Bought Awareness Politics to 2, Subterfuge to 3, Auspex to 5, Presence to 3, Willpower to 7, Bought Awareness, Celerity to 3


Physical: Str 2, Dex 3*, Sta 2

Social: Charisma 4 (Charming), Manipulation 3, Appearance 3

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3**, Wit 3


Talents (13): Alertness 2**, Athletics 1, Awareness 1, Brawl 1, Carousing 1, Empathy 3, Expression 3, Intimidation 3**, Leadership 1, and Subterfuge 3.

Skills: Animal Ken 1, Etiquette 2, Larceny 1*, Melee 1, Performance 3 , Stealth 2

Knowledge (9): Academics 2, Commerce and Finance 1, Law 1, Medicine 1, Politics 2, Seneschal 3

Disciplines: Auspex 5, Celerity 3, Presence 3

Backgrounds (10): Contacts 2 (Sirus Terzago guardsman, other), Herd 2, Influence 1 (Musical performers/buskers), Resources 4, Retainer 1 (Zuana, lovely ghoul and wife)

Virtues: Conscience 3, Self Control 4, Courage 3

Humanity - 6* (Down from 7 as of 1/26/20)
Willpower 7*

Merits: Eat Food (1) Manse (2), Sanguine Humor (2) Multilingual*(Greek, French, German)


15 Freebies spent . 5 on Attributes (Dexterity), 2 on Abilities (Larceny) 3 on Willpower, 5 on merits
GM Freebies**: --Intelligence bump to 3.

--Merit - Multilingual (Gives you 3 languages so you can pick one more beyond French and Greek).

--Intimidation 3rd dot.

--Alertness 2nd dot.


Description: A good looking Italian man of 35 winters, Ranerius Bernerius has expressive dark eyes and aristocratic features. He often dresses as a gentleman should, but is careful not to attempt to outshine his betters lest it turn away business or future allies. His voice is a rich baritone but has growing range in song.


My father was a merchant, how he loved to travel. Sometimes I even came along, in order to learn the family business. More often though, I was left alone with mama to run the household. Is there any wonder then I would learn commerce from him and maintaining a household from her? In truth, what I wanted when I was young was to learn music, but neither of my parents wanted me to explore that part of my life, not as a career anyway. And thus, it was cut off from me. Dutiful son that I was, I yielded.

I think some part of me always hated them for that, may God forgive me. I became a dabbler at best.

Yet I found a way to bring music into my life yet. Venice was the hub of trade for the Christian World, or so it seemed to me. I seized on this and realized that one didn't need to travel to enjoy the world, one could let the world come to them. So it was I scrimped, saved, and finally managed to purchase a precious bit of land in our Canal laden Venice. It was there I built the La Serenata Notturna, the Night's Serenade.

I did not intend the name to be ironic.

There, I offered a place not only of rest, but of sweet music. Musicians, it turns out, must sleep like anyone else. So I encouraged those of talent who had not already caught the eye of church or noble patrons to stay a time at my place, and play. It worked! While some inns were merely brothels in disguise, mine was
a hall of song masquerading as a place of repose. I was no artist, but I had, inadvertently, become something of a patron of them. Many found grander patrons and were plucked from me, but my grand inn became known as a place where that could happen to those who played there so yet more offered their services. The cut of their profits financed more and more renovations and I did quite well for myself.

I even had time to wed. Oh, shy young Zuana. She was beautiful, but so timid I feared she might break when I touched her, and, of course, much younger than I. Still, with kindness, I managed to earn her trust, even if it seemed I could never break her out of her shell.

Then came Francois Villon of Paris, and I had no idea of his true nature. He listened to the offerings of my inn, but he also talked to me, like a schoolmaster grilling a student. How had I managed this arrangement?

Surely there could be even greater fields of profit for one of my skills, and so forth. It seemed I could hide nothing from him, nor did I want to. I told him that the music was as dear to me as the coin, if not more so. I even confessed to him my childhood dreams, and the next thing I knew, he was demanding I try a song or two. I am very fortunate not to have embarrassed myself. He told me I had had promise, and might yet again, but that it was my love of music and the unique style I made it available to the common man that struck him most. He said he too wished to encourage the arts and had a proposition for me.

Little did I know it would lead to my death and rebirth. Within three nights, I had been embraced and risen.

I had lost some part of myself, and yet I also felt more alive, more aware, than ever I had when my heart still beat without effort. To calm Zuana's nerves, I slipped my own blood into her drink as I'd been instructed. It seemed almost overnight, my lamb of a wife became a tigress.

Mary forgive me, but I prefer her newfound boldness! She is so vibrant now. Can a man be truly good when he takes a modest wife and transforms her to a most passionate lover in private, and a force to be reckoned with in the public eye? Am I truly still good now that I feed safely from the staff and occasional guest?

I do not know. All I know is, I now have all eternity to listen to, and perhaps even learn, the music.

I must still have a soul, how could I not when it is moved so by the sweet sounds?