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A thud is heard at the door. It slowly creeps open. BANG! A body drops to the floor.

"I put the lotion in the basket granny" a voice slurs drunkenly.

A few seconds later the dirt laden dwarf stands up and staggers over to his usual corner. He receives some odd looks from people who don't seem to recognize him.

"It's me, Rand....zzzzzz... Hey! ummm yea. Randovar Ironbear!"

His stench appears to offend some as he passes by them.

He slumps down into his chair without any regard for safety.

"Ale....zzzzz.... Ale! Please! zzzzzz...."

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Burgsrus wrote:
Ignore this dwarf wandering through this thread. Just misplaced my hammers somewhere around here, to pound some of these bumps back down.

Misplaced your hammers! What kind of dwarf are you! I mean mine are right here.... ummm... wait...

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I am Randovar of Pax Aeternum. I spend most of my time at the tavern or the brothel.

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*wakes up in a drunken stupor* heyyyy howwwz it goingsklasgalkg... *thud*

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*staggers in the door*

Hellooooo good peoples. Whhhaaat a long day... I thfink it is time ter relaxxxxx... what ddddo you thhhink....

*passes out face first on the floor*

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Nihimon wrote:
htrajan wrote:
I just run the game in windowed mode at native resolution so I can switch to a different window in that monitor if I so choose.

I do that too, when the game doesn't support "Full-Screen Windowed Mode".

It sucks to lose the screen real-estate to the title bar and Task Bar. Yes, I know I can minimize the Task Bar.

I'm really hoping PFO supports "Full-Screen Windowed Mode".

I second that. Although there are 3rd party programs that can do it for me but I prefer when it is a base option in the game itself.

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Dear Dr. Feel Good,

After a hard days work building my new home I decided to go to the tavern for a drink (or seven). While I was there I met what I thought was a beautiful woman. The next morning when I awoke and the ale goggles had worn off I found a bearded dwarf woman in my bed. She now says she is with child and it is mine!

I do not wish to be with this woman or have people know I slept with her. She is ugly!

What should I do Doc!

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Listening to it now!

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If you don't want a bounty on you constantly don't go out and kill people. You've chosen to take action, now deal with the results.

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KitNyx wrote:
Spraga "The Bird Caller" Uhuru wrote:
Any room in PAX for an impatient Gnome?
They put up with me...

We put up with everyone!

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Dak Thunderkeg wrote:
Kard Warstein wrote:
Guess this is what happens when an Elf and a Dwarf get that syrup in 'em.

Hmmmm I am not sure what this syrup is or if I want to know...

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Wow Dak! Thanks for the kind words! The sandbox element is really what got me into joining up. I was unsure about joining in on another game crowdfund but from the excitement you guys have brought out in me by your stories and comments on the game I had to jump in. Now just to make some decisions on a charater and backstory...

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Hey everyone. Have an ale on me!