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NobodysHome wrote:
OMG! You made Raesh post! I think you just won the intranets!

*stony face*

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ZZTRaider wrote:

Well, if nothing else, it means I can stop checking until then :P

Seriously though, I appreciate you taking the time to actually post this. It has been a wonderful read, and has given me plenty of good ideas to use in my own campaign.

My frustration that I can't just stay up all night to finish reading the story (as I'd normally do with a good book) is really just a testament to the quality of both your sessions and your write ups.

Thank you, ZZTRaider. Such kind comments certainly help to alleviate the sense of drudgery associated with putting my experiences to paper (so to speak). I shall endeavor to keep up with the pennings of the dauntless NobodysHome with some alacrity.

May the sun shine brightly on your back and never in your eyes.

- Rae'Sheleth

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The last time someone said that to me, the result was a beheaded demon. Writing is less pleasant.

*resigned sigh* I shall fetch a pen...

Misroi wrote:

God, I love Raesh. She totally owns her paladinhood. "Fifteen-foot tall demon, huh? Alright, Halek, give me a boost - I'll need to stand on your shoulders so I can cut its damn head off."

Thank you for your praise. You are most kind.