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5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Conventions—Gen Con

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Some exciting things here, and a great opportunity to be in the thick of things at a busy convention.

The Academy Assistant seems like it might be particularly rewarding for the right person.

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I do worry that there is a segment of the gaming population that is burnt out on online play. I know I am far less interested in logging onto a game with strangers than I was a couple years ago at the height of the pandemic. That said, being a Midwesterner, I was never going to travel to the West coast for this anyway (though I do regularly attend GenCon).

This post really makes me want to play in this game.

Dotting in for interest. I'll give some thought to a character.

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ScegfOd wrote:
Could we call him "twelve" for short? Prat seems plausibly offensive xD

Heheh. I see that there is a British meaning to this word that wouldn't paint this character in the best light with potential new player friends from that side of the world. I had to google it.

"Pratt-2112" actually comes from the annals of the rock band Rush. "Pratt" was a nickname for drummer Neil Peart. "2112" is, of course, their notable album from the mid-70's.

I may end up going with "Lerxst-2112." Lerxst is a nickname for guitarist Alex Lifeson.

By the way, bassist Geddy Lee used the nickname "Dirk."

I apologize for hijacking this thread temporarily with such useless information.

I am working Pratt-2112, android nanocyte!

Right now I'm assuming he'll be a burly front-line fighter type, but I will be open to changing him to more of a ranged striker or even a support character.

More on Pratt-2112 soon!

Just downloaded Tech Revolution.

There are some GREAT options of all of the classes.

I'm going to create a nanocyte tonight, but I might also make an operative using the new Bandit specialization.

DM Nex wrote:

@Alyson and @Quirk - Sounds good!

@Everyone - Tech Revolution came out, so wanted to say everything in there is fair game too! So if anyone wants to be that new class. Go for it!

Nothing is final till the end of the month. So if anyone wants to change their submissions that is ok with me.

Funny you should mention that.

I should have the PDF tomorrow, and I plan on taking a serious look at it.

DM Nex, do you have any idea if we could potentially be doing multiple books here, or will it likely be limited to book 1? Not looking for a commitment, just want to have an idea for purposes of long-term planning for a character.

I am still planning on submitting, likely a choice that might complement the current roster.

Technomancer, witchwarper, biohacker, and operative are all possibilities.

Just expressing some interest at the moment. I hope to make a submission next week when I get back from Gencon.

I know a little about this adventure, so I'll be planning on creating a character that embraces the setting--perhaps a soldier or operative, though I won't rule out technomancer.

Okay. Dr. Morvius signed up for 2-16. With any luck he'll be done with his current adventure soon (and with any luck--HE'LL SURVIVE!).

GM Nefreet wrote:

That would work in any other case, but "Capstone" Boons can only be applied to a character with 0xp (it is an annoying exception).

So if you think you'll earn your Wayfinder's Capstone in the next couple weeks, that would work, because it would be dated before this Chronicle.

EDIT: Is there a higher level scenario I can run for you online? I'm not far from my 4th Nova, which was actually the impetus for putting this table together.

No, I'm actually waiting for the 5 fame from an AP that I am running here on the Paizo boards. I either need that, or 3 more scenarios (along with the games I am GMing for Outpost and some for an online con this weekend).

Right now I sit at 30 fame. In the next month I'll be at 40, and shortly thereafter I should have the requisite 45.


Put me down for engineer. I am going to go with the dwarf engineer (Cletus) I already dotted in with. He'll be fun in this adventure.

Can someone confirm the following with me:

You can make any change you want to a Society character (including race, class, etc.) as long as they haven't leveled up yet, right?

With that in mind, I may make my "ghibrani", but give it a placeholder race, and change it in a month or so when I have all of the Fame in place.

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I'll sort out what to do tomorrow evening. I -might- have a character I would like to play (a mechanic). I will dot in with the mechanic for now, though I will decide for sure what to do tomorrow.

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This is a GREAT adventure, and I would love to play!

I should note I have GM'd this, but I would love to see another GM's take on it.

Perhaps I shouldn't take up a spot if you get 6 players. I'll sit tight.

It would be my intention to play a pregen, as I will have a new character soon to apply some chronicles to (I'm a whisper from having the Wayfinder capstone boon, which allows for me to create a Ghibrani).

Ohhhhhhh YES!

Add me to the list of those interested.

Thank you so much Wolfauer. I had a great time with this.

Looking forward to getting this halfling leveled--thinking he may be a bit more interesting at 2nd level.


I have it in my cart.

I am very excited about this, and hoping I can get into a few games.

In these uncertain times, this is one of the bright spots. Thanks to the volunteers making this happen.

Thanks Wolfauer. This is one I have always wanted to play. Looks like I'll most likely be using a new character, as all of my low level characters are wrapping up Outpost adventures right now. I'll fill in the rest of the information after I create a character later today.

Signed up with a low-tier character. Thanks Shifty!

Quirk slips quietly into the water to await the jinsul, turning on his environmental protections and getting down low in the water to hide.

He readies his laser pistol.

stealth: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (3) + 19 = 22

I have sad news.

Quirk will have to drop from this. I'll be needing this character for a convention the first of April to play in 2-00.

My apologies to everyone.

I'll be watching for your games, Zoomba. Looking forward to what you have in store next.

I'm hoping to submit a character in the next couple of weeks.

Leaning toward a biohacker, but also intrigued by some other possibilities.

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I'm very much hoping this includes errata.

It seems very sandbox-ey. I think this could be enjoyable. I have been looking for something that adheres to Starfinder's published lore, yet goes in new directions.

Very intrigued. I'll be hanging around to learn more!

Here's a short addendum to my character idea:

In the spirit of many of us using new options from the Character Operations Manual, Pratt Bivens will be choosing the ambusher fighting style from the new book. I think this goes with his concept as an opportunistic dirty fighter when there are no other ways (though he would usually rather talk his way out of a potentially violent situation).

I have jotted down a few notes and some basic information on Pratt. I'm still aiming for him being an outstanding captain during starship combat.

How DARE you denigrate Jeremy Irons' magnificent performance as Profion?! :P

Alright. I'll give you that. He wasn't bad. The rest of the movie was a cheesefest with occasional bits of eye candy.

By the way, it looks likes the GM just needs some basic ideas about your character by the 20th (Wednesday). I think there's a post up there with what constitutes "the basics". :)

PRATT BIVENS is a human soldier smuggler (I'll probably use the pirate theme). He is somewhat flamboyant, and a former member of the Free Captains. He never really found the heavy-handed tactics of most Free Captains appealing, and he tended to favor missions favoring smuggling sensitive items rather than outright piracy. He now seeks his own ship and some smuggling work (perhaps even legitimate honest shipping) outside of the Free Captains.

It was a recent smuggling job that helped him make Cedona's acquaintance. Pratt was able to make a sensitive delivery that benefited Cedona. Cedona mentioned that there may be other work in the future.

I would think Pratt could be an outstanding Captain for this crew. I'll build him with secondary starship roles as well.

I rather enjoy starship combat, so I would be glad to build a ship for us, though of course I would enjoy guidance from the GM and my fellow players.

I'm modeling Pratt off of the head of the thieves guild from the first Dungeons and Dragons movie (expertly played by Richard O'Brien). He was probably the only cool character in that awful movie.

Edit to add that I could also see Pratt as a Witchwarper if there is other muscle in the party.

Made a little mistake thinking my mystic was going to level up. This will only be my 2nd experience point, so I'm joining Ashtif at level one. Hopefully my healing abilities and a nice piece of gear or two will help me. Dotting in as Brookwillow momentarily.

It's looking like I will go with a level 2 Mystic. I would have loved to use one of my level 3's, but it looks like their game day adventuring is going to go late into the week.

I can be flexible, though one of my characters might not be done with games day adventuring by next week. I have a couple level 2's, and a level 3 envoy.

Would love to try Duskmire Accord once my characters involved in Games Day adventuring are free (won't be long, another 10 days or so).

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Conventions—Gen Con

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This is the best thing on the internet today. I'll be driving down for GenCon tomorrow.

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Conventions—Gen Con


Perhaps Cedona is a friend of the Society, and let them know about the
crash site? Of course only Cedona, and possibly a few others, know the exact location of the crash site, so the PC's have to jump through all of the hoops at the beginning and middle of the adventure before they can head for the crash site.

(I know there may be holes in that, as I have only skimmed the adventure, but I bet it could be a possibility).

Any indication when these will be back in stock?